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AMLWCH is a market town, seaport and parish in the hundred of Twrcelyn, Isle of Anglesey, and the terminal station of the Amlwch and Gaerwen branch of the London and North-Western railway, 262 miles north-west from London, 20 north-west from Bangor, and 20 north by east from Holyhead, situated near the northern extremity of the island, and commanding, in clear weather, a view of the Isle of Man and a part of Cumberland, in the second division of the county, head of a petty-sessional division, county-court district of Llangefni, rural deanery of Twrcelyn, archdeaconry of Bangor and Anglesey, and diocese of Bangor. The church is dedicated to St. Eleth. The registers date from the year 1633. The living is a vicarage, with a net yearly value of £286 and residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Bangor, and held since 1888 by the Rev. David Lloyd-Jones of Queen's College, Birmingham. There are chapels for Baptists, Independents, Calvinists, and Welsh and English Wesleyan Methodists.

Previous to the mining operations, which commenced on the Parys Mountain, about the year 1768, this place was only a small fishing village, but since the period referred to, has continued to increase in population and buildings, until it has arrived at the rank of a market town; having many good dwellings, shops and inns - of the latter, the Dinorben Hotel, in the Market place, may be mentioned as an excellently conducted establishment.

During the most flourishing state of the mines, it has been ascertained that from sixty thousand to eighty thousand tons of copper ore were annually extracted, but at present they are not worked. H. Hills & Sons' alkali works are carried on near the port. For the accommodation of shipping, the Anglesey Copper Companies excavated a basin or dock in the solid rock, which, though dry at low water, can receive vessels of six hundred tons burden with the flood; it is, however, greatly exposed and dangerous of access during high northerly winds, which drive a heavy sea up the creek of the harbour; a breakwater, however, contributes greatly to the safety of the shipping.

About the year 1798, an Act of Parliament was obtained to enable the trustees to enlarge the port and levy harbour dues. The chief branches of trade are the manufacture of ochres and colours and brewing. There are also three establishments for the manufacture of tobacco.

National and British schools, and a Literary and Scientific Institution are established here. The market is held on Saturday. Fairs are held on the 1st Monday in January, 1st Monday in April, 1st in October, and last Monday in December.

The area comprises 9,271 acres, of which 82 are water; the population in 1891 was 4,443.

POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE & SAVINGS BANK, Parys Lodge square.-Owen Dew, postmaster. Letters arrive from all parts of England & Wales at 7 a.m. & 5.45 p.m., & are despatched to all parts at 7 a.m. & 7 p.m. Letters should have R.S.O. Anglesey added

SUB-POST, MONEY ORDER & TELEGRAPH OFFICE, Amlwch port.-William Williams, postmaster

POST OFFICE, Rhosgoch.-John Edwards, postmaster. Letters are despatched at 7.20 p.m. Amlwch is the nearest money order & telegraph office, 3 miles distant. Letters should have R.S.O. Anglesay added.

Dinorben Hotel.

A court is held on the 3rd friday in each month
The following places are in the district :-Amlwch, Bodewryd, Llanwenllwyfo, Llaneilian, Llanbadrig, Llanfechell, Llanrhwydrus, Llanfairynghornwy, Llanfflewyn & Rhosbeirio

Magistrates, Hugh Roberts, Pembol-isaf; John Matthews, Bank house, Mona street; Owen Lloyd Jones, Samuel Hughes, David Hughes, Chris. F. Priestley
Clerk, John W. Paynter

Amlwch Conservative Club, Benjamin Rossiter & Richard W. Pritchard, secretaries

Liberal Club, 7 Bull Bay road, John R. Thomas, sec.

Assembly Rooms, Market street

Infectious Hospital, Llancarw

Assistant overseer & rate collector, William Jones, 38 Market street

Amlwch Gas & Chemical Co.'s Works, Tanyfynwent, Richard Bridson, sec.; Thomas H. Chambers, mangr.

Cemetery, Cemmaes road

Coast Guard Station, Amlwch, Chas. Waters, chief officer Custom House, Amlwch port, David J. Davies, principal officer

Dry Dock, Amlwch port, William Thomas & Sons, proprietors

Life Saving Apparatus Station, Charles Waters, chief officer

Lighthouse, Point Lynas, Richard Roberts, keeper

Literary & Scientific Institution, School road, J. Matthews, secretary & treasurer Market Hall, Tanyfynwent

Police Station, Wesley street, Wm. Hughes, sergeant

St. Eleth's Church, Dinorben sq. 10.30 a.m. (Welsh), 3.15 p.m. (English), 6.0 p.m. (Welsh). Chapel of Ease, Amlwch port. 10.30 am. & 6.0 p.m. (Welsh). Rev. D. Lloyd-Jones, vicar; Rev. David P. Davies, curate

BAPTIST: Salem street, Rev. G. Williams, 10.0 a. m. & 6.0 p.m
INDEPENDENT: Amlwch port, Rev. Thomas Evans. 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Calvinistic, Peniel square, Amlwch port (ministers various). 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Calvinistic, Bethesda street, Rev. Owen Hughes. 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Calvinistic, Pentre Melin, Adda, Penmynydd, Burwen, Rev. Owen Hughes. 10.30 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Wesleyan (English), Wesley street (ministers various). 10.30 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Wesleyan (Welsh), Burwen (ministers various). 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Wesleyan (Welsh), Wesley street, Rev. Thomas N. Roberts. 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m

A School Board of 7 members was formed on 24th July 1882
Clerk, George M. HughesBOARD:-
Amlwch, John Matthews, master; Mrs. Ellen Matthews, mistress; Miss Mary Jones, infants' mistress. Built in 1860 for 500 children; average attendance, 105 boys, 110 girls, & 60 infants
Amlwch port (infants), Margaret J. Williams, mistress. Built in 1894 for 100 children (mixed); average attendance, 60
NATIONAL SCHOOL: School road, John R. Roberts, master; Mrs. Jessie Roberts, assistant mistress. Built in 1821 for 120 children (mixed); average attendance, 100

Railway station, Salem street-Chas. Noble, stationmstr

Railway station, Rhosgoch-John Edwards, stationmstrBull Bay, a favourite place of resort for visitors in summer, is a small village on the coast, about 2 miles west. There is a lifeboat stationed here, also public baths, and a good hotel, lately enlarged.

Baths, Bull Bay
Lifeboat Station, Owen Chard, coxswainRhos-y-Bol is a small village, 3 miles south, situated on the road to Llanerchyrnedd. A good school, under the Amlwch School Board, is well attended by children of both sexes. Christ church, consecrated in September 1875, is a neat stone building, built at a cost of £850. The living is a vicarage in the diocese and gift of the Bishop of Bangor, of the gross commutation value of £300, in the present occupancy of the Rev. James Smith. There is also a chapel each for Baptists, Calvinists and Independents.

POST OFFICE, Rhos-y-Bol.-William Williams, sub-post-master. Letters arrive from Bangor & all parts at 6.30 a.m. & are despatched at 6.40 p.m. The nearest money order & telegraph offices are at Amlwch & Llanerchymedd, distant 3 miles respectively

Christ Church, Rev. James Smith, vicar. 10.30 a.m. (Welsh) & 6.30 p.m

Baptist, Rev. Evan E. Jones. 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Independent, Rev. Wm. Davies. 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m
Calvinistic Methodist, Rev. William Roberts. 10.0 a.m. & 6.0 p.m

BOARD SCHOOL: Thomas Pritchard, master. Built for 120 children (mixed); average attendance, 60

Private Residents.
Brindle John, 11 Pary' s Lodge sq
Brindle John H. 59 Mona street
Davies Rev. David P. (curate) Sea view, Llewellyn st. Amlwch port
Davies Rev. William (Independent), Rhosgoch
Evans Mrs. 34 Chapel st. Amlwch port
Evans Mrs. Mona lodge
Evans Thomas Fanning, Mona lodge
Evans-Williams Mrs. Rose cottage, Amlwch port
Fanning William, Waen fair
Guy Eli A. 54 Salem street
Hobday Charles H. 62 Mona street
Hughes Rev. Owen (Calvinistic), Glan Aber, Bethesda street
Hughes E. Morgan, Fairview, 35 Mona street
Hughes Mrs. Fron
Hughes Mrs. 8 Llaneilian rd. Amlwch port
Hughes Owen, Madyn Dzsu
Hughes Robert, 76 Bethesda street
Johnson Mrs. Glan don, Bull bay
Jones Rev. Evans E. (Baptist) Rhos-y-bol
Jones David, 6 Bethesda street
Jones Griffith G. L.R.C.P. & S. L.M.
Brynhyfryd, Mona street
Jones Henry, 24 Mona street
Jones Hugh, 62 Salem street
Jones John, 3 Market street
Jones Mrs. 64 Salem street
Jones Owen E. 4 Mona street
Jones Robert, 66 Salem street
Jones Thomas E. L.R.C.P. Glanrafon
Judd Mrs. 53 Mona street
Lemin Mrs. Mona view
Lewis Mrs. Bryntirion, Amlwch port
Lewis William J. 16 Pary's Lodge sq.
Lloyd-Jones Rev. D. Amlwch vicarage
Matthews Jn. J.P. Bank ho. Mona st
Morgan Thomas, Brynllwyd, Burwen
Mostyn John, Mostyn house
Mostyn William, Brythonfa
Owen Hugh, 70 Salem street
Owen Mrs. 49 Bethesda street
Owen Owen, 21 Mona street
Owen Richard, 27 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Owen Robert, 41 Mona street
Paynter John Wynne, Bryntirion
Paynter Mrs. Maesllwyn
Pritchard Miss, 16 Well st. Amlwch port
Pritchard Mrs. 6 Ednyfed hill, Amlwch port
Pritchard Mrs. Frondirion
Pritchard Thomas, De Borah house
Roberts Rev. Thomas N. (Wesleyan), 73 Mona street
Roberts Rev. William (Calvinistic), Rhos-y-bol
Roberts Hugh J.P. Pembol-isaf
Roberts Misses, 52 Salem street
Roberts Shadrach, 56 Salem street
Roberts Wm. Bryntirion, Amlwch prt
Robinson George, 25 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Rowlands David, 16 Salem street
Rowlands William, Bryan villa
Smith Rev. James, The Vicarage, Rhos-y-bol
Smith Sam. H. Old Bank ho. Mona st
Thomas Mrs. 51 Mona street
Thomas Wm. Hugh, Parys cottage, Market street
Treweek Miss, Brynednyfed, Amlwch port
Williams Rev. G. (Baptist), Amlwch port
Williams E. Lloyd M.B. 37 Mona st
Williams James, 68 Salem street
Williams John, 21 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williams Mrs. 1 Bull Bay road
Williams Mrs. 18 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williams Mrs. 58 Salem street
Williams Robert, 22 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williamson James, Llwynon

Amlwch Brewery Co. (R. Bridson, manager), brewers & mineral water manfs, Quay street, Amlwch port
Barton Edward, car proprietor, 38 Bethesda street
Brindle John, photographer, music dealer & boot maker, 13 Market st
Collins Ellen (Mrs.), hair dresser, 36 Market street
Davies David J. customs officer, 36 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Davies Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer &c. 18 Market street
Edwards Daniel, master mariner, 43 Mona street
Edwards Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer & chemist, 6 Mona street
Elias Rowland, brewer, Pary's Brewery, Salem street
Ellis Solomen, master mariner, 26 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Evans E. James, grocer, draper & dress maker, 10 & 12 Mona street
Evans Margaret (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 7 Market street
Evans, Morris, butcher, Mona terrace
Evans Owen, greengrcr. 32 Market st
Evans Richard, master mariner, 29 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Evans Thomas F. lime burner & merchant, color manufacturer & ship owner, Mona lodge
Evans Wm, grocer &c. 61 Machine street, Amlwch port
Evans Williams, milliner & dress maker, tailor & draper, 47 & 49 Mona street
Fanning William, solicitor & vestry clerk, clerk to the highway board, & insurance agent, Bull Bay road
Griffith Ann (Miss), coal dealer, 26 Well street, Amlwch port
Griffith John, master mariner, 10 Well street, Amlwch port
Griffith Josiah, grocer and baker, 62 Machine street, Amlwch port
Griffith Robert, master mariner, 19 Llaneilian road
Griffiths Elizabeth & Ellen, china, glass & earthenware dealers, Rhos-y-bol
Griffiths Robt. butcher, 20 Wesley st
Griffiths Thomas, master mariner, 23 Well street, Amlwch port
Griffiths vVilliam, grocer, 35 wen street, Amlwch port
Griffiths William, grocer &c. 40 Wesley street
Grimes Thomas, seedsman, 14 Pary's Lodge square
Hannah David, painter, 38 Salem st
Hills Henry & Son, chemical manure & chemical manufacturers & ironfounders, Mona fndry. Amlwch port
Hole John, grocer, 44 Bethesda st
Hughes Ann (Mrs.), grcr. &c. Bull bay
Hughes Ann (Mrs.), grocer, 6 Queen st
Hughes Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, Rhos-y-bol
Hughes Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 29 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Hughes Elizabeth (Miss.), temperance coffee house, 1 Salem street
Hughes E. Morgan, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, Mona street
Hughes George M. insurance agent & clerk to the Amlwch school board, 69 Mona street
Hughes Hugh, grocer, 59 Bethesda st
Hughes Hugh, blacksmith, Rhos-y-bol
Hughes Hugh, bookseller, stationer & grocer, 8 Market street
Hughes Jn. Windmill P.H. Market st
Hughes John, master mariner, 4 Ednyfed hill, Amlwch port
Hughes John, corn & flour merchant, mining & insurance agent, Frondeg
Hughes John, wheelwright, Machine street, Amlwch port
Hughes John, butcher, 22 Mona st
Hughes John, mining agent to the Mona mine Co. Parys mine
Hughes Lewis, master mariner, Bryn Llewellyn, Amlwch port
Hughes Marguret (Miss), grocer, 40 Mona street
Hughes Mary J. (Mrs.) grocer &c. 22 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Hughes Owen, ship owner &c. Upper Quay street, Amlwch port
Hughes Owen, car proprietor, 20 Salem street
Hughes Owen, baker, 23 Mona street
Hughes Samuel, boot & shoe maker, Tan-y-Fynwent
Hughes Sarah (Mrs.), grocer &c. 21 Salem street
Hughes Wm, blacksmith, Rhosgoch
Hughes Wm, boot and shoe maker, 24 Wesley street
Jenkins Margaret (Mrs.), Adelphi P.H. 3 Quay street, Amlwch port
Jones E. & Co. grocers, Dinorben sq
Jones & Owen, brewers, Parys Lodge square
Jones & Thomas, hatters, tailors & drapers, 4 Queen street
Jones Daniel, watchmaker & jeweller, 9 Mona street
Jones David, bookseller, printer & paper-hanging dealer, 3 Queen st & 6 Mona street
Jones Elizabeth (Miss), grocer &c. 57 Mona street
Jones Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, 12 Parys Lodge square
Jones Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 60 Bethesda street
Jones Ellen (Mrs.), grocer &c. 15 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Jones Geo. confectioner, 11 Mona st
Jones Grace (Mrs.), Royal Oak P.H. Upper Quay street, Amlwch port
Jones Griffith G. L.R.C.P. & S. L.M. surgeon, Brynhyfryd, Mona street
Jones Gwen (Mrs.), Queen's Head P.H. 9 Queen street
Jones Hy. currier & leather seller & tanner, 26 Mona street
Jones Hugh, master mariner, 62 Salem street
Jones Hugh, Wheat Sheaf P.H. Bull Bay road
Jones James, tailor & draper, 46 Mona street
Jones Jane (Mrs.), grocer & draper, Burwen
Jones John, coal dlr. 40 Bethesda st
Jones John, miller & baker, Llewellyn street, Amlwch port & Bethesda st
Jones John, corn & flour merchant, 3 Salem street
Jones John, joiner, Rhosgoch
Jones John, tailor & draper, Pentre Melin Adda
Jones Lewis, shoe maker, 72 Bethesda street
Jones Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 64 Salem street
Jones Mary (Mrs.), grocer &c. 27 Salem street
Jones Mary (Mrs.), boot & shoe dlr. & grocer, 1 Llaneilian rd. Amlwch port
Jones Owen, insurance agent (Prudential Life), Amlwch port
Jones Owen, Liverpool Arms P.H. Amlwch port
Jones Owen, joiner, 1 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Jones Owen, mineral water manufacturer, Rhosgoch
Jones Richard, relieving officer & registrar of births & deaths, Rhos-y-bol
Jones Richard, grocer, 36 Well street, Amlwch port
Jones Richard, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 10 Market street
Jones Robert, butcher, 15 Mona st
Jones Robert, corn & flour merchant, Rhos-y-bol
Jones Thomas E. L.R.C.P. & S. L.S.A. surgeon, Glanrafon
Jones Wm. coal dealer, 25 Salem st
Jones William, ironmonger &c. 1 Queen street
Jones William, grcr. &c. 24 Salem st
Jones William, master mariner, 18 Well street, Almwch port
Jones William, miller, Mona mill, Amlwch port
Lemin Jane (Mrs.), Eleth P.H. 2 Dinorben square
Lewis Thomas & Co. grocers &c. Lewis's buildings, Market street
Lewis Hugh, Bull P.H. 12 Market st
Lewis William J. master mariner, 16 Parys Lodge square
Mona & Parys Mines (copper, zinc & ochres); T. F. Evans, proprietor
Morgan E. & Co. tobacco & snuff manufacturers, 5 Market street
Morgan Catherine (Mrs.), grocer &c. 36 Wesley street
Morgan Richard, tobacconist & hair dresser, 4 Dinorben square
Morgan Thomas, cart & lorry builder &c. Machine street, Amlwch port
Morris William, clog maker & coal dealer, Chapel street, Amlwch port
Mostyn William & Co. tobacco & snuff manufacturers, Madyn works
National Provincial Bank of England Limited (branch) (John Matthews, manager), Mona street; draws on head office, London
Norris Lucy Ann (Mrs.), Castle P.H. 20 Mona street
Owen J. & M. builders &c. Mona st
Owen Mary C. & Ellen (Misses), milliners & dress mkrs. 19 Mona st
Owen David, chemist, 14 Salem st
Owen Elizabeth (Miss), grocer, 8 Well street, Amlwch port
Owen Ellen (Miss), grocer & draper, 2 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Owen Hugh, King's Head P.H. 16 Salem street
Owen Hugh, stone mason, Llewellyn street, Amlwch port
Owen Hugh, tailor & drpr. Rhos-y-bol
Owen John, ironmonger & nail maker, 17 Salem street
Owen Mary (Mrs.), Marquis of Anglesey P.H. Rhos-y-bol
Owen Owen, master mariner, 21 Mona street
Owen Richard, master mariner, 27 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Owen Rt. master mariner, 41 Mona st
Owen Thomas, blacksmith, Parys Lodge square
Owens Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 18 Salem street
Owens John, Blue Bell P.H. 19 Quay street, Amlwch port
Owens Owen, Waterman's Arms P.H. 4 Quay street, Amlwch port
Parry Ellen (Mrs.), George IV. P.H. 4 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Parry Henry, butcher, 23 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Parry Hugh, Marquis P.H. 15 Salem st
Parry Thomas, master mariner, 39 Mona street
Paynter W. C. & Co. ship owners & timber merchants, Amlwch port
Paynter John Wynne, solicitor & magistrates' clerk for the Amlwch district of the second division of the county of Anglesey & commissioner for administering oaths in the Supreme Courts, 25 Mona st
Phillips J. & Son, tailors & drapers, 67 & 69 Machine street, Amlwch port
Pritchard Catherine & Elizabeth (Misses), grocers, Bethesda street
Pritchard David, carrier, 44 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Pritchard Griffith, grocer, 58 Machine street, Amlwch port
Pritchard Martha (Mrs.), grocer &c. Quay street, Amlwch port
Pritchard Owen, foreman, 30 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Pritchard Thomas, grocer &c. 39 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Pritchard William, master mariner, 21 Well street
Roberts Ann (Miss), Dinorben Arms hotel, Dinorben square
Roberts Cath, (Mrs.) draper & boot maker, 9 Quay street, Amlwch port
Roberts Grace (Mrs.), grocer & draper, Rhos-y-bol
Roberts Griffith, draper & grocer, 53 & 55 Bethesda street
Roberts John, saddler, 44 Mona st
Roberts John, ironmonger &c. 2 Market street
Roberts Margaret (Miss), dress maker, 55 Mona street
Roberts Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 41 Salem street
Roberts Owen, chemist & druggist, 2 Mona street
Roberts Owen Hugh, watch & clock maker, Wesley street
Roberts R. Mostyn, solicitor, 1 Salem street & at Carnarvon
Roberts Rich. blacksmith, Rhos-y-bol
Roberts Robert, tailor, 41 & 42 Bethesda street
Roberts Robert E. Gardeners' Arms P.H. Groeslon
Roberts Shadrach, master mariner, 56 Salem street
Roberts William, joiner, 32 & 37 Bethesda street
Roberts William, grocer & agent for W. & A. Gilbey Limited, wine & spirit merchants, 5 Queen st
Roberts William, master mariner, Bryntirion, Amlwch port
Roberts William, painter & glazier & temperance ho. Mona cafe, Mona st
Roberts William, grocer & draper, Pentre Melin Adda
Robinson George, master mariner, 25 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Roose John P. coal merchant, 10 Pary's Lodge square
Roose Margaret (Miss), Stag P.H. 18 Mona street
Rowlands Charles, baker & grocer, 6 Dinorben square
Rowlands David, master mariner, 16 Salem street
Rowlands Edward R. Rhosgoch hotel, Rhosgoch
Rowlands Mary (Mrs.), butcher, 24 Market street
Sellers Henrietta (Miss), school, 50 Salem street
Smith Saml. H. manager of Williams & Co.'s Old Bank & treasurer to Amlwch highway board
Thomas William & Sons, ship builders, owners &c. Amlwch port
Thomas Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer &c. 23 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Thomas Evan, blacksmith & joiner, Rhos-y-bol
Thomas John, boot & shoe maker, 8 Salem street
Thomas Owen, blacksmith, Parys Lodge square
Thomas Owen W. grocer, 11 Salem st
Thomas William, paint & varnish dealer &c. 26 Wesley street
Thomas William, grocer &c. 48 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Thomas William Hugh, manager, Parys cottage, Market street
Williams & Co.'s Old Bank (branch) (Samuel H. Smith, manager), Mona street; draws on Robarts, Lubbock & Co. London
Williams R. & Son, drapers & milliners, London house, 28 Mona st
Williams T. & R. ironmongers &c. Mona street
Williams Ann (Miss), dress maker, 18 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williams Benjamin, mariner, 34 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williams David L. joiner, 34 & 35 Bethesda street
Williams Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 74 Bethesda street
Williams Ellen (Miss), temperance house, 9 Market street
Williams E. Lloyd M.B. surgeon, 37 Mona street
Williams Evan, clog maker, 11 Market street & 52 Machine street, Amlwch port
Williams Grace (Mrs.), grocer, 74 Bethesda street .
Williams Hannah (Mrs. ), grocer, 54 Bethesda street
Williams Henry, cabinet maker, fancy repository &c. 36 & 38 Mona st
Williams Hugh, butcher, 5 Salem st
Williams Hugh, coal dlr. Rhosgoch
Williams James, master mariner, 68 Salem street
Williams John, master mariner, 21 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williams Jn. H. tailor, 1 Dinorben sq
Williams John Thomas, Railway P.H. 14 Salem street
Williams Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & draper, 7 & 9 Well st. Amlwch port
Williams Mary (Mrs.), Clock inn P.H. 26 Market street
Williams Owen, grocer &c. 13 Brickfield street, Amlwch port
Wil1iams Owen, boot & shoe maker, Rhos-y-bol
Williams Rchd, auctioneer, Bull bay
Williams Robert, master mariner, 22 Llaneilian road, Amlwch port
Williams S. A. Murphy (Mrs.), Bull Bay hotel, Bull bay
Williams Sarah (Miss), baker, 52 Machine street, Amlwch port
Williams Sophia (Mrs.), draper, 8 Queen street
Williams Thomas, timber merchant &c. Machine street, Amlwch port
Williams Thos. grocer &c. 13 Salem st
Williams Thomas, grocer & draper, Pentre Melin Adda
Williams William, grocer, draper &c. 13 Chapel street, Amlwch port
Williams William, grocer & draper, Rhos-y-bol

Marked thus * receive their letters through Rhos-y-bol.
Marked thus † receive their letters through Rhosgoch.
Davies Mrs. E. Tyddyndai
Edwards Daniel, Pylla heiryn
Evans John, Tyddyn bach
Evans Owen, Tyddyn barma
Griffith David, Penrhyn mawr
*Griffith Mrs. Elizabeth, Felin trysglwyn
*Griffith William, Dryll-y-brych
*Griffith William, Rhiwmoel fawr
†Griffith William, Rhosengan
*Gruer William J. Peny gwydd
Hughes Edward M. Llechog-isaf
Hughes John, Frondeg & Nantglyn
Hughes John Petters, Hafodonen
*Hughes John, Tynewydd
*Hughes Mrs. Trysglwyn-isaf
Hughes Mrs. Mary, Maesllwyn-isaf
Hughes Mrs. Mary Ellen, Llaethty mawr
Hughes Owen, Bodednyfed bach
*Hughes Owen, Rhiwmoel bach
Hughes Owen, Madyn dysw
*Hughes Richard, Maesmeridith
Hughes Samuel, Bodednyfed fawr
*Hughes Thomas, Tynyeaeau
*Hughes William, Trysglwyn fawr
Johnson Mrs. Emma, Glandon
*Jones David, llafod-y-gors
Jones Hugh, Hafodllin fawr
Jones Hugh, Ty-nycoed
*Jones James, Genfron-isaf
*Jones John, Tanrallt
*Jones John, Ty-newydd
Jones John, Costog
Jones Lewis, Ysgellog
*Jones Lewis, Ty pridd
*Jones Mrs. Ann & Robert, Gorslwyd bach
*Jones Mrs. Ann, Refail-newydd
*Jones Mrs. Catherine, Cefn pali
*Jones Mrs. Mary, Pentregwian
Jones Mrs. Mary, Hafodllin fawr
Jones Morris, Pilwrn
Jones Owen, Rhosgoch
Jones Owen, Ynys Gadfa
*Jones Owen, Penparc
Jones Owen, Bodhynod & Trogog isaf
Jones Owen, Maesglas
†Jones Owen L. Gwredog & Penyciw
*Jones Richard, Bryngolen
Jones Richard, Pare mawr
*Jones Thomas, Plas newydd
*Jones Thomas, Taldrwst bach
*Jones William, Penybryn
Jones William, Twrgwyn
*Lewis John, Gorslwyd fawr
Mitchell Thomes, Penrallt
Morgan Thomas, Brynll wyd
Owen John, Bryntirion
Owen John, Ty-gwyn
Owen Miss Mary, Burwen fawr
Owen Mrs. Dorothy, Rhydygwir
*Owen Mrs. Mary, Pentregwian
*Owen William, Gwaenycwr
Owen William, Caeau
Pritchard Mrs. Hannah, Trogog-uchaf
Prytherch Hugh, Madyn
Roberts Griffith, Werthyr
†Roberta Hugh, Pembol-isaf
†Roberts Hugh D. Ynysyrhwch
Roberts John, Glas graig fawr
Roberts Miss Ann, Tredath & Garreg fawr
†Roberts Mrs. Elizab. Pembol-uchaf
Roberts Rowland, Lastra
Roberts Thomas, Gaerwen
Roberts William, Madyn
Roose Owen, Bodgadfa
Roose Solomen, Llaethdy bach
Rowlands Mrs. Hannah, Ty-newydd, Nantglyn
*Rowlands William, Plasmain
Thomas John, Porthyrhwch
Thomas Michael, Panty-gaseg
Thomas Robert, Penpark
Richard, Llechog-uchaf
Thomas William, Plas candryll
Thomas William, Porthwen
Thomas William, Ty du
Williams John & Mrs. Catherine, Glasgraig-isaf
†Williams David R. Four Crosses
Williams Edward, Castell
Williams John, Hafodlin bach
Williams John, Glanllyn
Williams Miss Ann, Bull Bay road
*Williams Miss Elizabeth, Glasgraig bach
*Williams Mrs. Martha, Penrhyn-newydd
Williams Richard, Rhosgoch
Williams Robert, Brynteg
*Williams Thomas, Pwllcoeh-isaf
*Williams Thomas, Pylla
†Williams William, Rhos wen
Williams William, Tyddyn crythor
Williamson Mrs. Grace, Parys
Wrench Hugh, Llechog-isaf

Transcribed from Slater's Directory of North & Mid Wales, 1895