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THORNCOMBE, a village 5¾ miles N.E. by E. of Axminster, Devon. The parish comprises 5550 acres, and in 1841 had a population of 1425. Post Office, at Richard Williams's. Letters come via Chard, and are despatched thereto daily.

Bragge Rev. John, (vicar)
Bragge Lieut.-Col. William, Sadborow house
Hitchcock Mr. William, Hewood
Marsh Rev. John, (curate)
Miles George F. W. esq. Ford abbey
Smith Mr. Joseph
Acreman Francis G. dairyman
Alpin Jas. beer retailer & butcher
Aplin James, farmer, Ford Abbey farm
Bennett James, farmer, Little pk.
Bennett John, baker
Bennett Jonathan, carpenter, Ilewood
Bentley John, farmer, Hewood
Bentley Thomas, farmer, Holditch
Berry George, farmer, New house
Biddlecombe Mary, grocery dealer
Boon Joseph, grocer, Hewood
Bowditch James, farmer, Westford
Bowditch Richard, dairyman
Boyland William, dairyman, Westford
Burrige George, farmer, Marlin
Chaffey Mrs. spinning mills
Chard John, farmer, School house
Coleberd Robert, farmer
Cook John, blacksmith
Cook William, dairyman
Coombes Samuel, grocery dealer
Daw Joseph, dairyman, Elmore
Denning Henry, farmer, Broadbridge
Drake William, miller, Westford
Ebdon John, grocery dealer, &c.
Fooks Charles and Job, farmers, Elmore
Fowler John and William, farmers, Ford grange
Gibbs Robert, blacksmith
Hallett Jacob, farmer, Gribb
Hallett Wm. farmer, School house
Hawker James, carpenter
Hawker James, farmer, Hereditch
Hawker Matthew, thatcher
Hitchcock John, baker
Hunt George, tailor
Hutchings John, boot & shoemaker
Jeffery George, 'Royal Oak'
Langford Thomas, thatcher
Lumbard James, farmer, Cogins
Morris Thomas, beer retailer, Holditch
Ousley James, butcher
Ousley Thomas, parish clerk
Page Thomas, farmer
Park Joseph, dairyman, Grange
Phillips Barnard, stone mason
Phillips Mary, baker
Phillips Thomas and Mary, bakers
Phillips William, farmer
Phippen Richd. farmer, Holditch
Powell Thomas, farmer, Holditch
Read Wm. farmer, Holditch court
Richards Thomas, dairyman
Sawyer Wm. carpenter, Holditch
Staunton Heber, carpenter
Stuckey Thomas, 'Golden Lion' and builder
Studley John, farmer
Swaffield Charles, tailor
Trenchard Hugh, farmer
Trenchard Hugh, farmer, Chaffey
Trenchard William, farmer, Marlin
Turner Fanny, milliner and dressmaker
Turner Job, carpenter
Warry Samuel, butcher
Welch James, farmer, Holditch
Welch Wm. and Charles, farmers, Hewood
White Joseph, farmer, Holditch
Wilde George, tailor
Wilde Sarah, milliner and dress maker
Williams Richard, draper, grocer, &c. and Post Office, and agent to the West of England Fire and Life office

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851