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SHERBORNE, a parish and market town, is located in the hundred and union of its name, 117 miles W.S.W. from London, 22 S.E. from Blandford and 18 respectively E.S.E. from Beaminster, and N.N.W. from Dorchester, the latter being a railway station. It is under the jurisdiction of the county magistrates and contains about 1000 houses, with a population estimated at 5000, and the rateable value of property is assessed at £16,979 10s. 5d.

This very ancient town and once the seat of an episcopal see, the parent of Salisbury, Bath and Wells, Exeter and Bristol, stands in the fruitful valley of the Yeo, upon the right or northern bank of the river and upon a gentle slope. The streets, which are paved and lighted with gas, though irregular, are for the most part of tolerable width and the town contains an unusual extent of garden ground and open space favourable to the salubrity of the atmosphere. Few towns can boast equal natural advantages, or are capable of being rendered more cleanly and healthy at so small an expense; it is built upon the inferior oolite, excepting near the river, where there is a tract of silt and loam, and other alluvial deposits. The Yeo at Sherborne marks nearly the junction between the Fuller's earth beds and the inferior oolite. The cutting of the Dorchester road near the town, intersects successively the corn-brash, forest marble, Bradford clay and fuller's earth.

During the Saxon era this town was particularly distinguished for its importance; it was then denominated Scire-burn, from two Saxon words, viz.: scire, clear, and burn, a spring. At a later period it was written Shire-burn, thence modernized to Sherborne. Though in an agricultural county and district, Sherborne is chiefly supported by its manufactures of silk, there being four silk throwing mills in the town. A good deal of 'gloving' is also taken in from Yeovil. Prior to the Reformation the woollen trade flourished here, subsequently came button making, to this succeeded haberdashery, lace and small wares, all of which have long been discontinued, and now, as before stated, silk throwing is carried on extensively and no doubt, successfully, in fact it is the staple trade of the town, employing some hundreds of persons, the majority being females.

The chief architectural attraction in this town is the parish church, a magnificent structure dedicated to St. Mary, erected by Adhelm, the first of the twenty-six bishops of Sherborne, where was a see from A.D. 705, for a period of 360 years. The diocese contained the counties of Dorset, Berks, Wilts, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. On the removal of the see to Sarum, it became the Conventual, and at the dissolution the parish Church. This large and venerable edifice exhibits various styles of different eras, and possesses great architectural beauty. From the centre of the building rises the tower, which contains six fine bells, the largest weighing 6000lbs., was a gift from Cardinal Wolsey. The interior of the sacred edifice is light, lofty and spacious, having the roof supported by numerous groins, springing from the side aisles, where a number of shields, bearing different cut devices, are exhibited; among them are the arms of the Bishops, Neville and Langton, and the letters H. E. connected with a lovers' knot, supposed to be the initials of Henry VII. and his queen. In the south transept is a very superb monument, composed of various kinds of marble, to John, Earl of Bristol, who died in 1698. Near this is a tablet to the memory of William, Lord Digby, with the beautiful lines by Pope:- "Go, fair example of untainted youth," &c. And here also 'after life's feverish dream,' all that remains of royalty repose, Ethelbald, king of the West Saxons, and Ethelbert his brother, grandson of Egbert, lying in their quiet, long, last resting-place. The Church is now undergoing a thorough restoration, which it is calculated will cost about £18,000. Besides the parish Church there are Chapels for persons of the Independent and Wesleyan persuasion, as well as a place of worship for Primitive Methodists. A free grammar school was founded by Edward VI in 1550, the instruction comprehends a complete course of classical tuition to which are now added modern languages and mathematics as an integral part of education. There are also schools for poor youths upon the British and National systems, likewise a Blue School for boys and for girls, both of which are endowed; the churchwardens and overseers for the time being have the privilege of sending 3 boys from this school to Christ Church Hospital, London. An excellent alms-house founded by Henry IV. and incorporated by Henry VI., exists here, and provides every necessary for 16 men and 8 women. Under the poor law amendment act Sherborne was constituted a union and a suitable building has been erected for the paupers; the union comprises 30 parishes and embraces an area of 61 square miles. The market days are thursday and saturday, for butcher's meat; that on thursday is also for corn and cattle, and there are 4 fairs annually, viz.: May 13, July 18 and 26, and the largest one, called "Pack Monday fair," takes place on the first monday after the 10th of October.

The suburbs of the town are open, and on the whole extremely beautiful; on the west are the rich meadows of the Yeo; on the south and south-east the opposite slope of the valley forms Lord Digby's beautiful park, and the domain of the ancient castle of Sherborne; on the north, within 1½ miles of the town, is the escarpment of the oolite, the view from which includes the rich vale of Taunton Dean, and extends as far as Glastonbury and the Mendip hills, with the misty outlines of Glamorgan's mountains rising in the distance.

At the eastern portion of the town is the parish of CASTLETON, a suburb deriving its name from an ancient castle, which, when Sherborne was a bishop's see, formed the episcopal residence, this castellated mansion stood on a rocky eminence and is now in ruins, nothing remaining to indicate its original magnificence, but a lofty ivy-mantled tower; this feudal fortress, in its pristine glory, was garrisoned by Charles I., but was stormed, dismantled, and eventually shorn of its ancient grandeur by the parliamentarian army. In the beautiful grounds contiguous is the modern Sherborne castle, the seat of Lord Digby, which was originally built by that distinguished scholar and statesman Sir Walter Raleigh, but since whose time has been considerably altered to suit the tastes of the various occupants, the ground-plan singularly and perfectly forms the letter H; the interior contains some excellent paintings, one being a representation of the procession of Queen Elizabeth, to return thanks at St. Paul's Cathedral for the defeat of the Spanish armada. This lovely seat is encircled by beautiful gardens and an extensive park, bounded by majestic woods and solitary valleys; in the park is a fine sheet of water, of considerable width and more than a mile in length; a handsome stone bridge three arches bestrides this lake at its eastern boundary.

POST OFFICE AND MONEY ORDER OFFICE, Long street. Postmaster, Walter Rutter. Letters are delivered from London and all parts at 7 a.m., from Bristol. the North and West of England at 9 a.m. and at 7 p.m. DESPATCHES for London, &c. at 6 45 p.m. Box closes at 9, letters may be posted to 6 40 by affixing an extra 1d. stamp. For the North and West of England at 4 10. Box closes at 3 45, but letters may be posted to 4 by affixing an additional 1d. stamp.

Nobility, Gentry & Clergy.

Allford Wm. Naish, esq. Long st.
Ashford Miss E. Westbury
Babington Mr. Wm. Westbury
Blake Mr. Thomas, Newland
Boswell William., esq. Cheap street
Brook Mr. Charles, Parade
Burnett Miss Mary, Half moon st.
Chandler Benjamin, esq. Long st.
Cocerham Miss Mary, Newland
Cosens Charles, esq. Westbury
Cowell Mr. Matthew, Westbury ho
Crawford Mrs. L. Greenhill
Creswick Mrs, Newland
Croft Rev. Edwd. (Curate of Sandford Orcas) Sandford Orcas
Davies Rev. John Hamilton, (Independent Minister), Newland
Dawe Capt. Charles, Long street
Digby Rt. Hon. Earl of, (Lord Lieut.) Sherborne Castle
Ellis Mrs. Amy, Long street
Falwasser J. Fredk. esq. Cornhill
Gould Mr. Samuel, Abbey street
Gray Mrs. & Miss, Greenhill
Hammond Capt. Ts. J. Abbey house
Hamer Mrs. Newland
Harding Mrs. Ann, Newland
Harper Rev. Hugo Daniel, M.A., Grammar School, Church lane
Hellyer Misses, Cheap street
Henley Cornish, esq. Long street
Henning Mrs. Mary Ann, Greenhill
Hoddinott Mrs. & Misses, Cheap st
Hope Rev. Henry P. Greenhill
Hutchings Charles, esq. Greenhill
James Rev. Thos. M.A. Market st
Job Rev. Jephaniah (Wesleyan minister) Acreman street
Kay Sir Brook, bart, Abbey
Lagden Rev. Richd. Castleton
Macrae Mrs. Jane, Westbury
Macready Wm. Chas. esq. Sherborne house
Mason Rev. S. C. Castleton
Melliar Mrs. Cheap street
Morgon -, esq. Newland
Morris Michael, esq. Newland
Parsons Rev. Jno. Vicarage house
Parsons Miss, Hound street
Penny Mr. Daniel, Long street
Penny Mr. Wm. Webb, Market st
Percy Miss Maria, Newland
Pride Mr. Walter, Trendle street
Prisk Mr. Richard, Cheap street
Radford Mrs. Church yard
Ridout Mr. James, Cheap street
Rowlandson Mrs. Sarah, Cheap st.
Rutherfurd Capt. Js. R.E. Greenhill
Scott the Misses, Long street
Symes Mr. Job, Greenhill
Thomas Mr. Champion, Newland
Thorne Mr. William, Long street
Trim Rev. William Hewlett, (rector) Sandford Orcas
White Mr. Wm. Hound street
Williamson John, esq. Newland
Worsley Mrs. Elizabeth, Castleton

Miscellany of Traders, &c.
ot arranged in the succeeding Lists.

Baveystock John, rope maker, Newland
Bennett J. H. nurseryman, Acreman street
Clarke Peter, glover, Parade
Coles Joseph, chimney sweeper, Back lane
Davis Job, turner, Green hill
Edmunds John, miller, Castleton
Gas works, Market st. manager, Rendell Job
Gent Samuel, Bath chair owner, Long street
Langdon Robert Sampson, relieving officer & registrar of births and deaths, Long street
Lawrence E. A. agent for Crocker's vans, Cheap street
Lloyd Rich. parish clerk, Long st.
Mayor Edward, inland revenue officer, Cold harbour
Miles William, fishmonger, Long street
Percy James, superintendent of the town weighing machine, Churchyard
Powell Joseph, eating house keeper Market street
Poyner Robert, road surveyor, Newland
Quan Joseph, superintendent of police, Market street
Ruegg Louis, stamp distributor, Long street
Sharpe Thos. millwright, Cheap st
Union Poor house, Horsecastle ln. master, Swanson George; mistress, Swanson Susan
West Charles, registrar of births & deaths, Acreman street
Willis John, coal agent, Green hill

Architects & Surveyors.

Austin & Shout, Cheap street
Goodridge Anthony, Newland
Haggett William, (land) Long st.

Auctioneers & Appraisers, House & Estate Agents.

Gent George, Cheap street
Poole James, (& land surveyor) Cornhill
Rutter Walter, Long street
Smith Charles, Cornhill


Bishop James, Newland
Chaffin Thomas, Newland
Cooper Thomas, Acreman street
Dodd Mary, Newland
Foot Charles, Half Moon street
Hillary Richard, Cheap street
King Lawrence, Cold harbour
Plumer Richard, Long street
Winter Martin, Long street


National Provincial Bank of England, Long street; manager, Goldsmith Thos. G.; draw upon London and Westminster Banking Co.
Wilts and Dorset Banking Co. Long street; manager, Stokes Charles; draw upon London & Westminster Banking Co.
Savings Bank, Cheap street; open on thursday from 11 to 1; actuary,, White William

Basket Makers.

Cooper William, Westbury
Lawrence Christopher, Cold harbour
Matchem George, Cornhill

Beer Retailers.

Adams Wm. Long street
Aish John Hyde, Westbury
Croad George, Newland
Hayward Harriet, Westbury
Ings William, Hound street
Sugg Ruth, Bristol road
Williams John, Westbury
Willis James, Cold harbour

Berlin Repository.

Dodge Hester, Parade

Blacking & Ink Makers.

Cowell Geo. & Co. Westbury house


Chapman George, Hound street
Garrett Isaac, Westbury
Hodges John, Westbury
King William, Yeovil road
Vincent Thomas, Newland
Whitmore George, Newland


Cooper Samuel, (& account book maker & machine ruler) Cold harbour

Booksellers and Stationers,
Marked thus * have Circulating Libraries.

Kingdon Edward M. (& printer), Cheap street
*Lavender & Moody (& printers), (late Toll) Cheap street
*Penny Wm. Simon, Half-moon st

Boot and Shoemakers.

Adams James, Yeovil street
Baveystock Philip, Market street
Burrows Joseph, Green hill
Dodge William, Parade
Gent Henry, Hound street
Gent Israel Watts, Cheap street
Goddard John, Westbury
Grimes Thomas, Parade
Haskett Robert, Church lane
Hayes Samuel, Cheap street
Hazard Robert, Cheap street
Lemon William, Acreman street
Lewis Isaac, Cheap street
Minifie Henry, Trendle street
Morris William, Cold harbour
Newport George, Westbury
Stone William, Cheap street
Walters John, Newland
Wittridge William, Cornhill
Woolley Joseph, Trendle street


Bingham William, (& corn dealer) Cheap street
Ffooks John, Long street
Whittle Abel, Trendle street


Down Charles, Cheap street
Green John, Castleton
Guppy John, Cheap street
Harris Benjamin, Westbury
Staples John, (& contractor), Abbey


Avery Thos. (pork) Cheap street
Day John, Cheap street
Parsons Daniel, Gainsbro' hill
Sherrin Mark, Cheap street
Watts Benjamin, Hound street
Watts Job, Newland
Way John, Halfmoon street
Westover John (pork) Parade

Cabinet Makers.

Geake Thomas, Cheap street
Guppy John, Cheap street
Rawlings George, Cheap street

Carpenters and Joiners.

Hoddinott John, Cold harbour
Percy Richard, Cold harbour
Smith Charles, Cornhill
White Silas H. Westbury

Chemists & Druggists.

Longman Robt. Cheap street
Rogers John, Halfmoon street
Worsley Richard, Cheap street

China, Glass, &c. Dealers.

Hawkins Richard (& carver and gilder) Cheap street
Tolbort John, Cheap street
Tulk Thomas, Church lane
Coach Maker, Hill Richard, Town's end

Coal and General Merchant.

Goodridge Saml. Emanuel, Newland


Green William, Westbury
Withye John, Cheap street

Curriers and Leather Sellers.

Ashman Thos. Nathl. Cheap street
Jeans Maria, Westbury

Dyers and Scourers.

Cowell Geo. & Co. Westbury ho
Ladson George, Castleton

Fancy Repository.

Cowell Geo. & Co. Long street


Best John B. Oborne road
Coate Henry, Newell water
Crocker John, Clatcombe farm
Ensor Henry, Barton farm
Hoddinott James, Newland
Humber William, Hyle farm
King Charles, Coombe
King Lawrence, Acreman street
Miller Thomas, Oborne road
Stiby Robert, Acreman street
Symes Mary, Coombe farm
Toop Thomas, Limekiln farm
Webber John, Acreman street

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.
Thus * denotes Fire; thus § Life.

*§ Atlas, Slade & Vining, Cheap street
*§ Church of England, Longman Robert, Cheap street
§City of London, Cowell Geo. & Co. Long street
*County and § Provident, Stokes Francis, Halfmoon street
County Hailstorm, Cowell Geo. & Co. Long street
§Eagle, White Wm. Hound st
§Economic and *§Sun, Chandler Benj. jun. Long street
§European & *Essex Economic, Fear Ezekiel, E. Greenhill
*§General, Penn Thos. F. Cheap street
*§Globe, Ffooks, Wm. & Thomas Greenhill
*§Guardian, Brook Chas. Cheap street
*Kent Mutual, Cowell Geo. & Co Long street
*Law, Melmoth, John Young, Church yard
*§Legal & Comml. Hallett Thos. Market street
*§Norwich Union, Penny Thos. Cheap street
§Pelican & * Phœnix, Haggett Wm. Long street
*§Royal Farmers' & § Standard, Stokes Chas. at the Wilts and Dorset bank
*§Royal Exchange, Brittan Joseph, Long street
*§Scottish Union, Goldsmith Thos. G. Long street
*§Star, Kingdon Edward M. Cheap street
§United Kingdom, Lavender & Moody, Cheap street
*§West of England, Penny Wm. W. Market street

Grocers and Tea Dealers.

Coate & Sarell, Halfmoon street
Cowell George & Co. Long street
Day Thomas, Cheap street
Gosney Geo. Halfmoon street
Harding Robt. M. Halfmoon street
Scott Alexander, Green hill
Stokes Francis, Halfmoon street

Grocery and Sundries-Dealers in.

Brown George, Long street
Down Rhoda, Castleton
Dyer James, Churchyard
Hazard Robert, Cheap street
Hillary Lodwick, Cheap street
Ireland William, Cornhill
Jeans Maria, Westbury
Loader Mary, Trendle street
New Martha, Greenhill
Plumer Richard, Long street
Porter Joseph, Cheap street
Ryall Susan, Cheap street
Sharwall Richard, Newland
Thompson Thomas, Newland
Tuck Jane, Greenhill
Wills John, Westbury


Dibsdall Paul, Long street
Dibsdall Thomas, Parade
Garrett Isaac, Westbury

Hair Cutters.

Minifie George, Cheap street
Pearce Gideon, Halfmoon street
Webber John, Cheap street

Inns and Public Houses.

Angel Inn, (commercial & posting) Greenhill, Baker John
Antelope, (commercial & posting) Greenhill, Preedy Fredk. E.
Black Horse, Newland, Loveless John
Castle, Long st. Tompkins Wm.
Cross Keys, Parade, Baker Mary
Crown, New well water, Chisman John
George, Cheap street, Day John
Greyhound, Cheap street, Watkins Thomas
Halfmoon, Halfmoon street, Sherwood William
King's Arms (family, commercial, & posting) Halfmoon st. Mees John
Mermaid, Market street, Whittle James
Plume of Feathers, Halfmoon st. Bowring Benjamin
Sun, Cheap st. Loxton W,.
Swan, (& Inland revenue office) Cheap street, Crocker Jas.
Wellington, Long street, Plumer Richard
White Hart, Cheap street, Parker John


Parsons William (wholesale) Market street
Penny Thomas, Cheap street
Rowe William (furnishing & bellhanger, whitesmith, &c.) Halfmoon street

Linen Drapers, Silk mercers, &c.

Coate Alfred, Halfmoon street
Dingley Wm. & Samuel, Halfmoon street
Ensor Thomas, Cheap street
Lock Robert, Parade
Penn Thomas F. Cheap street
Rawlings Charles, Long street

Livery Stable Keeper.

Johnson Chas. (& post horse proprietor) Newland


Bingham William, Cheap street
Ffooks John, Long street
Loveless John, Newland
Whittle Abel, Trendle street
Withye John, Cheap street

Match Manufacturers.

Cowell George & Co. Westbury house

Milliners and Dressmakers.

Bord Charlotte, Long street
Borkwood Sarah M. Cheap street
Guy Mary Ann, Cheap street
Lock Kate, Parade
Penn Mrs. Cheap street
Ryall Susan, Cheap street
Whitemore Jane, Newland


Sherborne & Yeovil Mercury, published on tues. proprietor, Brittan Joseph, Long street
Sherborne, Dorchester & Taunton Journal, proprietor, Penny John, published on tues. by Hallett Thomas, Market street

Painters and Glaziers.

Aish Robert, Long street
Allen Richard, Cheap street
Blake Charles (& plumber), Cheap street
Matthews William, Cornhill
Thomas John, Cold harbour
Tolbort Edward, Cheap street

Pastrycooks & Confectioners.

Hillary Richard, Cheap street
Sharp William, Cheap street
Tuffin Richard, Church lane

Pianoforte and Music Sellers.

Vincent James, (& professor of music), Parade

Pianoforte Tuners.

Grimes Thomas, Cheap street
Vincent James, Parade

Plasterers & Slaters.

Aish John Hyde, Westbury
Aish Simon, Long street
Gill Joseph, Acreman street
Hamblen Joseph, Newland
Taylor Robert, Newland
Warr Charles, Yeovil road

Plumbers & Glaziers.
See also Painters & Glaziers.

Rendell Job, Cheap street
Tolbort John, Cheap street
Upsall James, Newland

Saddle and Harness Makers.

Bishop John C. Cheap street
Miller John, Half-moon street
Norman Frederick Winsor, Cheap street

Marked thus * take Boarders

Blue, Back lane, master, Ellaway James
British, Long street, master, Kimm William
*Charlton Mary Ann, Newland
Cocks William, Market street
Dunning Jane, Westbury
Endowed (girls), Westbury, mistress, Hughes Miss
*Hilliar Caroline, Newland
Infant, Newland, mistress, Boswell Mary Ann
King Edward's, Church lane; head master, Harper Rev. Hugo Daniel, M.A. second ditto, James Rev. Thomas, M.A.; assistant masters, Day Maurice, B.A.. & Morgan J. Holdsworth; French & German master, Phillips Villars Monsieur
Morgan John, Market street
National, Abbey; master, Lloyd Richard
Towers Betsy, Long street

Silk Throwsters.

Rawlings Joseph B. Abbey mills
Willmott John & Robt. Westbury


Chandler Benjamin, jun. Long st
Ffooks William & Thomas, Green hill
Ffooks Wm. (firm as above) clerk of the Peace for the County
Ffooks Thomas, (firm at above) clerk to the lieutenancy of Dorset and coroner for the liberties of Sherborne and Yetminster
Garland John & Fear Ezekiel Evans (& advocates in the county court) Green hill
Melmoth John Young (& clerk to the magistrates to the commissioners of taxes, to the trustees' of the Sherborne division of turnpike roads, to the board of guardians & superintendent registrar) ChurchyardNewman & Lyon, Long street Slade & Vining, Cheap street

Spirit Merchants.

Balster John (& wine) Cheap st
Harding Robert M. Half Moon st

Stone Masons.

Chapman Wm. Hound street
Croad James, Acreman street
Hunt Henry, Bristol road
Penny James, Bristol road
Thomas John (& statuary & marble mason) Cold harbour
Walters Henry, Newland

Straw Hat Makers.

Andrews Sarah A. Acreman street
Dibsdall Lucy, Westbury
Hammond Adeline, Long street
Pearce Matilda, Half Moon street
Ryall Susan, Cheap street


Fussell Ernest, Long street
Highmore Nathaniel, Newland
Highmore Wm. M.D. Green hill
Williams William Henry, M.D. Cheap street
Turner Edward, Long street


Arnold James, Cheap street
Dingley Wm. & Samuel, Cheap st
Down Job, Market street
Hewlett James, Long street
Hewlett John, Long street
Hodges George, Long street
Rawes James, Westbury
Roberts David, Horse Castle lane
Whiffen Samuel, jun. Long street

Tallow Chandlers.

Bowring John, Cheap street
Harding Robt. Maber, Half Moon street

Tea Dealers and Drapers

Goldie Wm. Town's end
Shiell John, Cheap street

Tinmen & Braziers.

Rendell Job, Cheap street
Roberts Henry, Cheap street
Watkins Thomas, Cheap street

Veterinary Surgeon.

Gillard Uriah, Long street

Watch and Clock Makers.

Bishop John (& silversmith & jeweller), Cheap street
Cole John, Half-moon street
Peaty David, Newland
Pollard Edwin, Cheap street


Davidge Thornas, Westbury
Down George (& machine maker), Acreman street
Foot George, Trendle street
Foot John, Acreman st.
Smith Charles, Cornhill
White Silas H. Westbury
Williams John, Westbury

Whitesmiths & Bellhangers.

Garrett Isaac, Westbury
Chapman George, Hound street
Hodges John, Westbury
Dibsdall Paul, Long street
Dibsdall Thomas, Parade
Sherring Charles, Castleton

Woollen Drapers & Outfitters.

Dingley William and Saml. Cheap street
Edgar Robert, Half Moon street


BATH, John Bull or Wellington, from the Angel and King's Arms Inns, one of these daily at 11 30 a.m. and Omnibus from the Half Moon Inn, Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 9 a.m.
BRISTOL, Omnibus, from the Half Moon and Angel Inns, at 9 a.m.
DORCHESTER, Royal Mails, from the Angel and King's Arms Inn, at 8 30 a.m. and 6 45 p.m.
SALISBURY, Telegraph, from King's Arms Inn, at 8 a.m.
WEYMOUTH & DORCHESTER, John Bull or Wellington daily, at 5 p.m. Royal Mail daily, at 11 30 a.m. from Angel & King's Arms Inns.
YEOVIL, Royal Mails, at 6 45 a.m. and 5 p.m., Telegraph, at 7 p.m


LONDON, Crocker, from Cheap street (agent E. A. Lawrence) to Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate street, and the Van Inn, Giltspur street; Ford and Co., from Market street, to Blossoms Inn, Lawrence lane, and 17, Old Change; Smith and Dawes, from the Antelope Inn, (agent Richard Wooldridge) to 69, Old Bailey; all daily
BRISTOL, Crocker, from Cheap st. to 13, Temple street; and Ford and Co., from Market street, to Thomas street; both three times weekly, forwarding goods also to all parts of the North
CREWKERNE, Brown, from Hound street, Wed. at 9 a.m.
EXETER, and all parts of the West, Crocker, also Ford and Co.; both daily.
WEYMOUTH & DORCHESTER, Doddimead's van, from the Half Moon, Mon. Wed. and Fri at 9 a.m. WINCANTON, Brown, from Hound street, Wed. 9 a.m.; Knighton, from the Sun Inn, Thurs, & Sat.
YEOVIL, Brown, Mon. and Fri. at 10 a.m.; Sparks, from the Castle, Mon. Wed. Fri. and Sat.; Winter, from the Castle, Wed. Fri. and Sat.

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851