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POOLE, is a corporate and parliamentary borough, market town and seaport in the hundred of Cogdean and union of its name, 27 miles E. from Dorchester, 30 S. from Salisbury, 34 S.W. from Southampton, and 123 W.S.W. from London, via the Southampton and Dorchester railway; a branch from that line - about 2 miles in length - terminating at Hamworthy, a distance of about half-a-mile w. from the town.

Poole derives its name from the Bay, near which it is situate and the harbour washes three sides of the town. Poole is built upon a point of land, something in the shape of a flat-topped pyramid, jutting horizontally into the harbour; the town consists of several good streets, running nearly parallel to one another, with numerous minor streets and lanes branching from them; these streets are mostly well paved and lighted. Many of the houses, both ancient and modern, are fine substantial brick buildings and have a truly respectable aspect, but several of the older tenements are of but mean appearance when compared with the more comfortable-looking modern erections. About the centre of the town is the Guildhall, a handsome and commodious structure, two stories high, erected in 1761; on the Quay is the Custom house and the Town house, the latter a neat and convenient erection was rebuilt about 20 years ago. Some few years back a substantial wooden bridge was thrown over the northern part of the harbour, this was chiefly effected through the instrumentality of Lord de Mauley and is a great convenience to the public, as by its construction a new thoroughfare to the westward has been opened, saving two miles in distance. A literary, scientific and mechanic's institute was established in 1848, for the instruction of its members in science and general knowledge, by means of lectures delivered at stated periods. The institution contains a library of about 800 volumes, a Museum, and a Philosophical apparatus, and classes are formed amongst its members, who number about 160.

Poole was not only incorporated by Queen Elizabeth, but like Southampton, formed into a county of itself, bearing the title of the 'town and county of the town of Poole.' It elects a sheriff annually. By the provisions of the Municipal Reform Act, it was divided into two wards, the corporation consisting of a mayor, 6 aldermen and 18 councillors, who are styled 'the mayor, bailiffs, burgesses and commonalty of the town of Poole.' Quarter Sessions are held before the recorder and the magisterial functionaries; and a court of record weekly; this is also a court town under the recent 'County Court Act,' for recovering demands not exceeding £50. The elective franchise was granted as long back as the 14th Edward III., since which time (with only one exception), it has returned two members to parliament; the Reform Act only interfered so far as to considerably enlarge the boundaries of the borough. Poole has long been noted for its foreign trade, much of which is with Newfoundland, and a general one has latterly sprung up also with the British and American colonies; the imports from those climes being vast quantities of fish and oils, besides large numbers of skins and furs; other countries send provisions for ships, timber, flax, tar, hides, corn, wines, fruit, &c. A considerable coasting trade is carried on, particularly in the transfer of corn, which has become an article of great import and export at this harbour; the quantity of Purbeck clay shipped here is enormous, upwards of 120,000 tons of this plastic material being annually sent off to the potteries of Staffordshire, and other parts of the kingdom. Formerly there was an extensive oyster fishery here which in the spring of the year employed many sloops, but this source of marine profit has not only been materially impaired but almost destroyed by allowing the fishermen to dredge without restraint. There are manufactures of cordage, fishing nets, sails, sail cloth, and the usual requisites for shipping; these with rope making and ship and yacht building, - particularly of the latter craft, some of the finest and fleetest vessels of that description having been constructed here - furnish a large amount of employment. The Harbour, which offers superior advantages, contains an area of about 10,000 acres, being land-locked on all sides, the entrance to which on the south-east is both easy and safe: ships of upwards of 300 tons burthen, drawing 16 or 17 feet of water, are constantly and readily admitted into the harbour, with their cargoes, and can lie with perfect ease and security alongside the quays. One remarkable feature in connection with this port, is that about two hours after the ordinary time of high water, the tide flow, again for about an hour; thus affording all the advantages of a second high water in twelve hours. In short the greatest facilities exist for all the purposes of general commerce, independently of the many evident capabilities of improvement. The Church (St. Jamess) is a handsome edifice, erected in 1820, at a cost of upwards of £20,000. At Ham is a new Church, built upon the site of one destroyed during the civil wars. Neat Churches have also recently been constructed at Longfleet and Parkstone, two parishes, adjoining Poole, and forming part of the borough. At Poole are places of worship for Baptists, Independents, Unitarians and the Society of Friends; and in the West Quay road is a new Roman Catholic Chapel. The public charities are a Free School, now conducted upon the National system, and some alms-houses; several sums of money have been invested in the funds by benevolent individuals, the dividends arising therefrom to be expended in bread for the poor. The Poole Poor Law Union comprehends 8 parishes and embraces an area of 38 square miles. Henry III. granted a market and two fairs to Poole, the former is held on thursday and the latter on May 1st and Nov. 2nd; each of the fairs continuing nine days. The population of the town and county of Poole, which includes Longfleet, Parkstone and Hamworthy is about 10,000.

BROWNSEA, formerly known as Branksey island, is a small island in the parish of Studland, lying at the east end of Poole harbour, about 3 miles S.E. from Poole; it is nearly 1½ mile in length and the greatest breadth is about 1 mile. The soil is sandy and most of the island being overrun with heath, furze and fern, is considered hardly worth the expense of improving, though some attempts of the kind have been made - on one part a tolerable crop of barley has been raised, and there is also some little pasture land. At the eastern portion of the island is Brownsea castle, the seat of Sir Augustus Foster, Bart. to whom the island belongs; the castle occupies the same site as did a block-house or small fort, erected in the reign of Henry VIII. for the purpose of protecting Poole harbour, the only other building upon the island is a coast guard station.

LONGFLEET is a continuation of Poole to the northwards, and forms part of the borough; it is a parish in the tything of Great Canford. Many new houses grace this locality as does also a Church in the early English style of architecture, affording accommodation for about 400 persons.

PARKSTONE is a picturesque village, 1 mile E. from Poole, it stands partly in a valley and partly on an acclivity, the latter commands some fine views of the English Channel, with its islands of Purbeck and Wight; the castles of Brownsea and Corfe; and the well sheltered harbours of Wareham and Poole, with their floating wealth completely locked in by the land. The village forms a most agreeable suburb to Poole and its healthy and pleasant site is studded with pretty houses and handsome mansions; the land hereabouts is generally heathy and poor, but has been much improved by cultivation. In 1833 a neat Church (St. Peter) in the Gothic style of building was erected, and a parochial district (for ecclesiastical purposes only) assigned to it; here is also a Chapel for persons of the Independent persuasion.

POST-OFFICE AND MONEY ORDER OFFICE, Market street, Postmaster, Benjamin Yerbury. Letters are delivered at 7 a.m. in summer & 7 30 in winter and at 5 p.m. DESPATCHES.
London and all parts (Nightly Mail) at 10 8 p.m.; box closes at 9 35, but letters may he posted to 9 55, by affixing an extra 1d. stamp. (Day Mail) at 10 55; box closes at 10 35, but letters may be posted to 10 45, by affixing an extra 1d. stamp.
Dorchester, Wareham and Weymouth, at 3 p.m.

Gentry, Clergy, & Independent Residents.
Absolam Mrs. Mary, High street
Adey Mr, Stephen, West street
Adey Mrs. Elizth. Longfleet
Adey Misses, Seldown
Arlett -, esq. Parkstone
Balston Mrs. Jane, Longfleet
Barnes Mr. Thomas, Longfleet
Barrow Rev. John, (curate of St. James's) Market street
Bartlett Ms. Charles, Longfleet
Beach Mr. John, Longfleet
Billows Rev. George, (Independent minister), Parkstone
Binns Mrs. Market street
Blunt Rev. Edward, (Incumbent of St Mary's, Longfleet) Stanley green
Bowles Miss, Ponsonby place, Parkstone
Brice Nath. esq. R.N. Parkstone
Brine John, esq. R.N. Holy cottage, Parkstone
Bristowe Mr. Henry, Parkstone
Brown Admiral Philip, Parkstone
Bryant Francis, esq. Blake hill, Parkstone
Bulgin Rev. Samuel, (Baptist minister), Longfleet
Churchill Mrs. West street
Coham Mrs. Ann, Parkstone
Conder Rev. Eustace, (Independent minister), Longfleet
Coward Miss Elizabeth, Longfleet
Coward Miss Mary, Longfleet
Cox Mr. George, Longfleet
Cox Mr. Thomas & Miss, Longfleet
Dalton F. Grant Dalton, esq. Frogmore Castle, Parkstone
De Esterre C. V. esq. Springfield cottage, Parkstone
Dummett Joseph P. esq. Longfleet
Durant Mrs. Weston's lane
Durell Mrs. Dorothy, High street
Durell Mr. David, New Orchard
Gaden Misses, Longfleet
Gosse Misses, West street
Green Mrs. C. Old Orchard
Hatchett John, esq. Longfleet
Hiley Charles, esq. Planefield house
Humfrey Richard Morgan, esq. Parkstone
Jenkins Mrs. Longfleet
Johnson Mr. Thomas, Longfleet
Jolliffe Mrs. Anne, Longfleet
Jolliffe Rev. Peter W. M.A. (perpetual Curate of the parish of St James's, Poole), Sterte, Longfleet
Keates Miss Sarah, Seldown
Kemp James, esq. High street
Kemp Mrs. High street
Kemp Mrs. Hunger hill
Ledgard Richard, esq. High street
Ledgard Mrs. High street
Moore Mrs. Martha, Union bldgs.
Naish Thomas, esq. Hill street
Nichols James Thomas, esq. R.N. Parkstone
Overell Mr. Wm. Longfleet
Parr Rev. James, M.A. (Incumbent of St. Peter's), Parkstone
Parr Robert Henning, esq. Castle eve villa, Parkstone
Penney Mr. George, Longfleet
Pretty Mr. John, Loscombe, Parkstone
Prior Mrs. Richard, Longfleet
Reason Mr. Wm. Parkstone
Revely Hen. Willey, esq. Parkstone
Ridout Rev. John H. Parkstone
Robins James, esq. Tower cottage
Rogers Frederick, esq. R.N. Highmore, Parkstone
Rountree Rev. Mark (Unitarian minister), Parade
Seager James Gaden, esq. Longfleet
Seymour Mrs. Hunger hill
Selby Mr. Thomas, Longfleet
Slade Misses E. & F. Longfleet
Slade Mrs. Crescent, Parkstone
Slade Mr. Robert, Thames street
Smeeth Rev. James, (Wesleyan minister), Longfleet
Smyth William, esq. R.N. Parkstone
Stanley Mrs. Lucy, Parkstone
Steele Isaac, esq. High street
Street Mrs. Susanna, High street
Talbot Miss Mary, Parkstone
Thompson Miss, Longfleet
Tuck John, esq. The Elms, Parkstone
Thompson Miss Sarah, High street
Turpin Mr. John, Longfleet
Waterman Wm. & James, esqs Longfleet
Waterman Mrs, Elizabeth, High street
West Miss Elizabeth, Longfleet
Williamson Mr. John, High street
Wilson Rev. Robert Otway, (Incumbent of St Paul's), High st
Woollett Rev. Herbert, (Roman Catholic Priest), West Quay road
Wuitz de Countess of, High street
Yerbury Mr. William, Longfleet

Miscellany of Traders, &c.
Not arranged in the succeeding Lists.

Bird Mr. John, landing & coasting waiter, Parade
Bromby Thos. boat builder, Westshore
Collins John, bailiff, Parkstone
Dominy Thos. Witt, receiver of the droits of admiralty, High street
Furmage Robert, drilling master, Brown's bottom, Parkstone
Galton Wm. eating house, High street
Gallop Henry, wood turner, Towngate street
Graves John, town sergeant, Longfleet
Gray Charlotte, dairykeeper, Parkstone
Haines Henry, butter factor, Market street
Hayward Robert, basket maker, Market street
Hobby Joseph, gardener, Parkstone
Hore John, carrier, Parkstone
Hurdle George, letter carrier, Parade
Jenkins George, engraver, Longfleet
Lilly William, parish clerk, Market street
Osborne David, parish clerk of Longfleet; Parkstone
Rogers Francis & George, tanners, Tatnam
Rollings Walter, assistant overseer, West street
Tribbett & Mate, bookbinders, West street
Whitt Thomas, dairyman, Parkstone
Wills James, ship chandler, High street


Barter Joseph, (custom house), Thames street
Bloomfield John., (general), Quay
Bristowe James, (custom house & notary), Hill street
Buck Richard, (to Lloyd's), Quay
Buckley James, (shipping), Quay
Fricker Samuel, (to Whiteway, Watts & Co. clay merchants), Quay
Hill Christopher, (commission), Quay
Kite Charles, (ship, & agent for Myers Bonville's coals & for Lipscomb & Co. railway carriers), Quay
Martin John Wills, (ship), Quay
Oakley Edmund, (commission), Quay
Patzcker Edward, (commission), Quay
Penney Geo. (& custom house & to Fayle & Co. clay merchants), Quay
Penney George Neave, (commission & ship), Quay

Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Nicholl Thos. Franklin, (& land surveyor), High street
Waterman & Habgood, High street


Bargery Samuel, Market street
Boyt James, Market street
Burden James, Union buildings
Green Geo. (& ship biscuit), 112, High street
Hancock James, Waterloo buildings
Hunt Elijah, High street
Ings Thomas, Lagland street
Lacy Frederick, Taylor street
Lacy John, Strand
Lockyer John, High street
Longman Joseph, Skinner street
Milledge George H. Longfleet
Milledge Mary, West street
Moore Moses, Hill street
Riggs James, New street
Sampson Alexander, Thames street
Vacher Josiah, King street
Wicks George, Hill street


National Provincial Bank of England, High street. Manager, Edgerley John F. Draw upon the London Joint Stock Bank
Poole Town & County Bank, (Ledgard & Sons), High street, draw upon Rogers, Olding & Co. London
Savings', Bank, Market street; actuary, Adey John, jun.; auditor, Scott Samuel. Open on Mon. from 10 to 12 a.m.

Beer Retailers.

Allen Mary, Nile row
Ballard Thomas, High street
Bastable William, Parkstone
Belbin Isaac, Longfleet
Buttress John, East street
Clapcoat James, Green lane
Collins Chas. West Butts
Davis George, Baiter
Dibben John, Quay
Down David, Thames street
Easton John, Parkstone
Foster Joseph, Strand
Gardner John, Lagland street
Geary Bartholomew, Quay
Gray William, West shore
Hurst James, Lagland street
Oxford Geo. High street
Palmer Harriet, Parkstone
Pope Thomas, Quay
Randall Joseph, Quay
Saunders John, Longfleet
Weeks John, High street
West Joseph, Hill street


Barnes Thomas, West Quay road
Biles John, Longfleet
Brixy William, Hill street
Burt George & Wm. (& ship & anchor smiths), Thames street & Ham side
Curtis Paul, Longfleet
French Robert, Parkstone
Morgan Martha, Hill street

Booksellers, Stationers, and Printers.

Justican James R. High street
Lankester John, High street
Sydenham Richard, 105, High street

Boot and Shoemakers.

Allen Joseph, Parkstone
Barnes Richard, Longfleet
Bascombe Benjamin, West street
Case John, 72, Market street
Cox Charles, 113, High street
Goffe Geo. & John, New Orchard
Gray William, Parkstone
Horn Thomas, Parkstone
Keating John, Parkstone
Mootry Thomas, Parkstone
Notting James, High street
Notting Joseph, Market place
Oates John, West street
Osment John & Son, High street
Robins Joseph, Seldown
Hawkes Joseph, High street
Sydenham James, High street
Trim Joseph, Longfleet
Turtle James, Quay
Turtle John G. High street
Weeks John, High street
Wheatley James, Parade
Whitchell James, Market street


Ballard Thomas, High street
Buttress John, East street
Gardner John, Taylor's buildings
King Joseph & James, Towngate st
Rickman Tom, Market street


Bayley Henry, Parade
Vernon James, (& bath brick & oil stores), High street


Blanchard John, East street
Curtis William, West Quay road
Dunford James, West street
Eaton Joseph, (& cement merchant), West Quay road
Knight John, Carter's lane
Padley Thomas, Market street
Stevens Stephen, West Quay road
Wheeler Charles, Market street

Marked thus * are Pork butchers.

*Dawson Henry, New street
Duffett Anthony, 151, High st
Duffett John, Fish street
Foot George, Market place
Frampton John, Market street
*Haine George, Market street
Hatcher John & Henry, Market st
*Hatcher John, Market street
*Hatcher John, jun. do.
Keynes Charles, Market street
Keynes John, Market srreet
*Pottle John, Hill street
Ridout John, Market street
Ridout Richard, Hill street
Taylor Richard, Parkstone
Topp Edmund, New Orchard
Topp John, New Orchard

Cabinet makers & Upholsterers.

Gollop George, Bell lane
Jenkins James, High street
Randall Robert, 42, High street
Reeve William, Market street
Seymour Richard, Parade
Waterman William, 112, High st


Baine John H.P. Lagland street
Cookman Hendry B. Parkstone
Gollop George, West Quay road
Gollop William, Bell lane
Hunt Wm. Towngate street
Randall Robert, High street
Street John, Parkstone
Stickland Thomas, Love lane
Talbot John & Henry, Lagland st
Wise Richard, Parkstone

Chemists & Druggists.

Atkins Thomas W. 104, High st.
Bloomfield Joseph B. High street
Hamilton James B. & Son, 101, High street
Miller William, Market street
Mullett Edward, High street

Chimney Sweepers.

Eyers Jas. & John, Towngate st
Frampton Robert, Lagland street

China, Glass, &c. Dealers.

Ballard Thomas, jun. High street
Buckley James, 144, High street
Clayton Edward, Longfleet

Clothiers & Woollen Drapers.Inkpen Benjamin, 146, High st
Smith Henry B. High street
Maitland Wm. High street
Whitchell James, Market place
Yerbury Benjamin, Market street

Coach Makers.

Butler William, Towngate street
Lance Edwin, Hunger hill & West Butts

Coal Merchants.

Adey William & Co. Quay
Bound William, Quay
Conway George (& slate), West Quay road
Frampton George, Quay
Hancock & Co. Quay
Lacy John, Quay
Street Fabian, West Quay road
Whittle John, Baiter
Wood James, Quay


Hanover, Barter Joseph, Thames street
Prussia, Patzcker Edward, Quay
Sweden & Norway, Bristowe Jas. Custom house
Spain & Portugal, Adey John, jun. Market street


Saunders Robert, Fish street
Richards Henry, Quay
Wadham Robert, Thames street

Corn & Flour Merchants.

Belbin Geo. & Son, (& millers) Quay
Bound William, (& seed), Quay
Hill Christopher, Quay
Oakley Edmund, (& seed), Quay, retail stores, Fish street
Patzcker Edward, Quay
Rickman Tom, Strand

Curriers & Leather Sellers.

Cadie James, Fish street
Hodges Tito Durell, 71, High st
Whitchell James, Market street

Dyers and Scourers.

King Anna, West street
Western William, Market street
Wren John, Parade


Baker John, Parkstone
Bird George, Parkstone
Duffin James, Parkstone
Easton John, Parkstone
Foot George, Parkstone
Hiley Haviland, Parkstone
Hiley Peter, Parkstone
Kelly James, Parkstone
Oates John, Parkstone
Wareham George, Parkstone

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.
Thus * denotes Fire; thus § Life.

§Alliance, Durant John, Hill street
§Anchor, Norton George, High street
*§Atlas, Penney G. Neave, Quay
§Argus, Welch Martin Kemp, Market street
§British Commercial, Aldridge Henry Market street
§Clerical, Medical & General, Rollings Walter, West street
§Crown, Roberts John, Quay and East street
§Equitable, Hoskins Richard, High street
*§General, Lankester John, High street
*§Guardian, Lilly William, Church street
*Hants, Sussex & Dorset, Yerbury Benjamin, Market street
*§Imperial Lankester Jn. High st
§Legal & Commercial, Ellis Thos. West street
§Metropolitan, Moore Henry, 27, High street
*§Monarch, Patzcker Edward, Quay
*§Norwich Union, Millett Edward, High street
*Phœnix, & §Pelican, Aldridge Hen. M. Market street
*Phœnix, Roberts John, East st. & Quay
§Professional, Colborne John H. High st & Dominy T. W. High st
*Reliance, Durant John, High st
*Standard, Edgerley John F. High street
*§Sun, Welch Martin Kemp, Market street
*§West of England, Moore Henry, High street; Dickinson Henry William, Weston's lane

Furniture Dealers.

Hunt William, Towngate street
Knight Mary Ann, High street
Randall Robert, High street
Woolfrey Adolphus, High street

Grocers and Tea Dealers.

Ballard Thomas, High street
Barnes John, Market street
Charlton George, 25, High street
Hopkins Richard, (& tallow chandler), High street
Hunt Elijah, High street
Lawrence Arthur, Market street
Moores Benjamin, High street
Norton George, High street
Palk Thomas Hen. High street
Street Joseph Fabian, New Orchard
Taplin Edward, High street
Whicher Thomas, High street

Grocery and Sundries - Dealen in.

Anning William, Parkstone
Atkins Elizabeth, Church street
Atkins Mary, Carter's lane
Balne John H. P. Lagland street
Boyt James, Market street
Burden James, Union buildings
Burne Sarah, Lagland street
Davis Maria, West street
Eastment Elizabeth, Fish street
Godwin Thomas, New Orchard
Habgood Mary, Parkstone
Habgood Haviland, Parkstone
Harvey John, Lagland street
Hescross Eliza, Lagland street
Hunt William, Towngate street
Hosier Charlotte, King street
Horder Emily, Parkstone
James Stephen, Longfleet
Gardner Elizabeth, Lagland street
Lincoln Nathaniel, Parkstone
Milledge Mary, West street
Richards Henry, Quay
Satchell Elizabeth, Parkstone
Sampson Alexander, Thames st
Short Elizabeth, Longfleet
Ubsdale Mary, Baiter
West Charles, Market street
Wilkins Ann, Baiter
Wilkins Charles, Hill street
Wills Henry, Longfleet
Wills James, Salisbury street
Young Thomas, Market street

Hair Cutters.

Bush John, High street
Leamon John, New street
Paul Walter, High street
Ralfs Chas. Hy. (& perfumer) Market street
White Wm. Salisbury street

Inns and Public Houses.

Angel Inn, Market place, Best Henry
Baker's Arms, Strand, Lacy John
Bell, Fish street, Lacy John
Bell & Crown, High street, West John Harden
Blue Anchor, 28, Market street, Cobb William
Brewer's Arms, Towngate street, Marder John
Britannia, Parkstone, Barrett, G
Coach & Horses, Strand, Foster John Shave
Crown, Market st. Carroll Michael
Eight Bells, Quay, Cook John
George, Longfleet, Stickland Charlotte
Globe, High st. Simmons Samuel
Greyhound, Market street, White William
Harbour View, East quay road, Lacy Frederick William
Jolly Sailor, Quay, Wheeler Jas.
King's Arms, (Comml.) High st. Green Henry
King and Queen, East quay road, Ellis Robert
Lion & Lamb, Salisbury street, Wickham George
London Tavern Hotel, (commercial and posting) High street, Furmage William
Lord Nelson, Quay, Brett Reuben
New Antelope, New street, Gilbert Elizabeth
Nero Inn, Thames st. Starks John
New Inn, Longfleet, Saunders Samuel
New London Tavern, Lagland street, Frampton Elizabeth
Old Antelope Hotel, (commercial & posting) High street, Knight George
Old Inn, West st. Foster Charles
Poole Arms, Quay, Fricker Saml.
Port Mahon Castle, Longfleet, Purton George
Portsmouth Hoy, Quay, Dunford George
Rising Sun, Fish st. White Edw.
Royal Oak, Baiter, Short Job.
St. Clement's, Thames st. Allen Eli
Ship, Salisbury st. Webb Elias Ivy
Sloop, Parkstone, James Joseph
Star, West st. Dunford James
Swan, Lagland st. Weeks James

Iron Merchants.

Fornell Henry K. High street, and West quay road
Furnell, Joyce and Co. West quay road

Ironmongers, Braziers, &c.

Barling Joseph, High street
Blanchard John, 142, High street
Colborne Samuel, 102, High street
Pearce Wm. (and ironfounder and agricultural implement maker) 77, High street

Knit and Guernsey Frock Maker.

Blanchard Thomas, Fish street

Linen Drapers.

Barnes William, Market street
Colborne John Hayward, High st
Davis James, High street
Dennett Henry, 155, High street
Fryer Richard, High street
Hodges Angel Symes, High street
Hussey Samuel, High street
Keats Charles, High street
Kerr Wm. (travelling) West street
Squibb Esther, 143, High street
Squibb Esther Ingrain, 115, High street
Thicks Henry, High street
Trew Anthony, Market street


Adey John jun. Market street
Bound Wilham, Quay
Buttress John, East street
King Joseph and Jas. Towngate st
Rickman Tom. Market street

Marked thus * trade with Newfoundland.

Adey William & Co. Quay
*Cox William & Co. Fish street
Frampton George, Quay
*Fryer, Gosse & Pack, Quay
Kite Charles (general) Quay
Martin John Wills (& dealer in Hamburg provisions) Quay
Patzcker Edward, Quay
Penney George, Quay
Penney George Neave, (tea and provision) Quay
*Slade John and Co. Thames street
*Slade Robt. (execs. of) West shore
Slade Thomas & David, Quay
Stone Chas, John, New street
Wanhill Thos. and Jas. M. Quay

Milliners and Dressmakers.

Cox Sarah Penny, High street
Moore Elizabeth, Market street
Moore Elizabeth, Parade
Oliver Elizabeth, High street
Oliver Sarah, High street
Stevens Ann Dove, West quay rd
Tucker and Watts, Longfleet


Poole Herald, published on wed. by Tribbett Jas West street

Nursery and Seedsmen.

Piper James, Parkstone
White Robert, Parade

Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers.

Baker Henry, Towngate street
Jenkins George, Longfleet
Moores Joseph, Church street, and Quay
Morris David, North street
Morris George, Parkstone
Oake William S. Longfleet
Short Joseph, High street
Watts Wm. High street

Pawn brokers.

Gardner Geo. Henry, Lagland st
Jacobs Isaac, Church street

See also Surgeons.

Raymond de Gustave, High st


Blundell Robert
Blundell Wm.
Cains George
Hart James
Hart Samuel
Hart Samuel W.
Harvey Thomas
Hixon William
King John
King William
Palmer William
Stone John
Tilsed John
Wills John

Professors & Teachers.
Marked thus * teach music.

*Baker Robert, Old orchard
*Duncan Thomas Joshua (& organ builder) market street
Meadus Wm. Geo. (artist) 156, High street
*Sturmey Jas. Barber's piles
Wadham Thos. (drawing) Baiter

Pump & Block Makers.

Cole Absalom, High street
Gater Charles, High street
Knight & Co. Quay


Parr Wm. (superintendent of births, deaths & marriages), Fish street
Smith Hen. B. (registrar of births, deaths & marriages) High st.; deputy, Rollings Walter, West street

Rope Manufacturers.

Halston & Co. (& line, twine, fishing net and sail cloth) High street
Major Robert & Son, Longfleet
Penney George (& line, twine, fishing net and sail cloth) Quay
Weeks Chas. & Son, East quay road

Saddle and Harness Makers.

Cordwent Thomas, Longfleet
Meadus Wm. Geo. (&trunk & portmanteau) High street
Munden George, High street

Sail Makers.

Hayter Isaac, Quay
Stone George, Quay
Whittel John, Quay

Marked thus * take Boarders.

*Birkitt Matilda, West street
*Bristow Emma, Parkstone
British, Lagland street, Master. Whicher Henry
Cave Julia, West street
*Jones Martha, Parade
*Judd John, Hill street
*Kemp Frances, Parade
National, Perry Garden, Master, Drew Wm.
Penny Josiah, Old orchard
Pritchett Sarah, Union buildings
*Rowe Lucy, High street
*Travers Frederick, West street
*Wragge Charlotte, Towngate street

Ship & Yacht Builders.

Cox William & Co. Hamside
Meaden & Saunders, Hamside
Meadus & Son, Hamside
Wanhill T. & J. Manlaws, Hamside

Ship Owners.

Adey William & Co. Quay
Bloomfield John B. Quay
Brown John, High street
Conway George, Quay
Cox William & Co. Fish street
Frampton George, Quay
Fryer, Gosse, & Pack, Quay
Furnell, Joyce & Co. West shore
Lacy John, Quay
Silby Jas. Ferry & Co. West Butts
Slade David & James, Quay
Slade John & Co. Thames street
Slade Thomas & David, Quay
Slade Robert (executors of) Quay
Stone Chas. John, New street
Wanhill Thomas & Jas. M. Quay
Whittle John, Baiter


Aldridge Henry Mooring (& notary & coroner and under sheriff for the Borough, registrar of the Royal peculiar of Gt. Canford and Poole, & clerk of the peace for the Boro' of Poole), Market place
Brine Thomas, C. A. High street
Dickinson Hy. Wm. (& town clerk and clerk of the county court) Weston's lane
Durant John, High street
Durant John Frederic, High street
Durant Thomas, King street
Moore Henry, 27, High street
Parr Robt. Henning, and Richd. Weston (& clerks to the commrs. of land assessed & income taxes) Fish street
Parr Wm. (& clerk to board of guardians) Fish street
Welch Martin Kemp, (clerk to the magistrates) Market street

Stone and Marble Masons.

Collins Richard, West shore
Dunford James, West street
Robbins John, (& statuary), Longfleet

Straw Hat Makers.

Poole Eliza, High street
Trowbridge Ann, Market street
Williams Elizabeth, High street

Surgeon Dentists.

Hamilton Horatio, High street
Raymond De Gustave, High street


Crabb Alfred (& M.D.) High street
Hamilton Augustus P. High st
Lacy Edward, High street
Miller William, Market street
Salter Jas. (& M.D.) High street
Salter Thomas, High street
West John Wickens, New street


Andrews George, New street
Baker William, Fish street
Barnes William, Market street
Boon John, Longfleet
Bridle Eli, Thames street
Clench & Son, High street
Denyer John, Thames street
Gray William, Hill street
Higgins Benjamin, High street
Inkpen Benjamin, High street
Richards John, New orchard
Sansom James, High street

Tea Dealers.

Bryden Archibald, (travelling) West street
Tribbett & Mate, West street
White Robert, Parade

Timber, Deal, and Slate Merchants.

Fisher Henry F. West quay road
Furnell, Joyce & Co. West quay road
Harris Henry & Son, High street
Silby Jas. Ferry & Co. West quay road

Tin Plate Workers.

Budden John, High street
Burt Geo. & Wm. Thames street
Rowthom James, Bowling green alley

Tobacco Pipe Makers.

Dowdell William, East street
Hamer Edward, Strand

Toy Dealers.

Cole Martha, High street
Sharp Harriett, Market street

Watch and Clock Makers.
Marked thus * are Silversmiths also.

*Burgess George, High street
Kemor Ignaz (German clock only) High street
*Lilly Wm. Cooper, 95, High st
*Seltre Henry, High street


Butler Wm. Towngate street
Hardyman Richd. & Harry, Longfleet

Wine & Spirit Merchants.

Adey John jun. Market street
Hoskins Richard, High street
King Jph, and Jas. (spirits only) Towngate street
Wood James, Quay


Custom House, Quay; collector, Wm, Broster; controller & landing surveyor, Thos. O. Barnicott; first clerk, Joseph Short; second clerk, John Reeks; searching, landing & coast waiters, John Bird, & David Pilmore; tide surveyor, Henri Ide; acting locker, Robert D. Young; tide waiters, Samuel Tilley, Robert Cribb, Chas. Williams, Wm. Tucker, Wm. Sharp, Henry Cull & Henry A. Curtiss.
GAS WORKS, Baiter; manager, Harry Watts
HARBOUR & BALLAST OFFICE, Quay; harbour master, John Lander, ballast master, Francis Edwards
LITERARY & SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE, High street; treasurer, John Durant; secretary, J. B. Bloomfield
POLICE OFFICE, Hill street; superintendent, Benjamin Inkpen
PUBLIC LIBRARY, High street; treasurer & secretary, Henry M. Aldridge
STAMP OFFICE, High street; distributor, William Lankester
TOWN GAOL, King street; governor, Joseph Hawkins
UNION WORKHOUSE, Longfleet; master, Richard Bartley


BERE REGIS, Shaddock, 'Crown;' also Tabor, 'Lion & Lamb,' mon. & thurs.
BLANDFORD, Best, from the 'New Antelope,' daily
BRISTOL, Dodimead, 'New Antelope,' tues, thurs. & sat.; also Ings, 'Crown,' on tues.
CHRISTCHURCH, Curll, 'New Antelope,' mon. wed. thurs. & sat., also Sparks, mon. tues. thurs. & sat.
SALISBURY, via FORDINGBRIDGE, Rouse, 'Crown,' mon. & fri.
SALISBURY, via WIMBORNE & CRANBORNE, Gray, 'Crown,' wed. & sat.
WAREHAM, Bartlett, from the 'Crown,' mon. thurs, & sat.


LONDON, from 'Bloomfield's office,' the Catherine, Harmony, and Prince Coburgh; one of these weekly to Cotton's wharf, Tooley street; and from 'Wanhills office' the Anna, Fly, I. O, King George and Rose; one of these weekly to Chamberlain's wharf, Tooley street
PORTSMOUTH, from 'Wanhills office,' James Manlaws or Dove, mon. tues. & thurs.
SOUTHAMPTON, from 'Bloomfield's office,' Duke of Gloster, weekly


CORFE CASTLE, from 'the Portsmouth Hoy,' and 'Kite's office' Quay, mon. and thurs.
PORTSMOUTH, mon. tues. & thurs. and to SWANAGE daily

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851