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Lyme Reg

LYME REGIS a seaport, municipal and parliamentary borough, and market town in Bridport division of the county, hundred of Whitchurch Canonicorum, and liberty of Loders and Bothenhampton, situate at the western extremity of Dorsetshire, bordering upon Devonshire, 24 miles W. from Dorchester, where is the terminus of the London and Southampton railway 30 miles S. from Taunton, where is a station of the Bristol and Exeter railway, and 28 miles E. from Exeter. A communication is maintained daily with Dorchester by means of a mail, and with Taunton by coach, while an omnibus plies to Charmouth, where coaches run from Exeter to Dorchester daily.

This admired watering place derives its name from the little river; and the adjunct Regis, when it became the property of the Crown. Lyme Regis, before erected into a borough, 12 Edward I., had a charter granted to the abbey of Sherborne, A.D. 774 of land, of one mansion, that salt might be boiled for the wants of that Church. In Domesday, Lyme is surveyed in three parcels: one belonging to the bishop of Sarum; another to Glastonbury Abbey, and the third to William Belet, one of the officers of the Conqueror. About the time that Lyme became a borough, the ancient Cobb or Conners, the harbour, so called was constructed. Its destruction in the reign of Richard II., together with great part of the town is on record. It had furnished Edward III. with four ships and 62 mariners for the siege of Calais.

In the time of Camden, Lyme had declined, but it again flourished, and was incorporated in the reign of Elizabeth. During the great contest between Charles I. and the parliament, it early took part with the latter. It sustained a memorable siege in 1644, at the hands of Prince Maurice at the head of a royal army, who did not succeed. Lord Poulett was severely mulcted for his exertions against Lyme. On the evening of the longest day, 1685, the Duke of Monmouth landed at Lyme and set up his standard; when a bloody rebellion commenced, which ended with the battle of Sedgemoor and caused the memorable assize, over which Judge Jefferies presided. The remarkable events of early ages and the events of Monmouth's rebellion have been published by Mr. George Roberts, the antiquary, in the "History of Lyme Regis and Charmouth" and "The Life of the Duke of Monmouth," 2 vols. 8vo.

Lyme, from an ancient sea-port town has been converted into a fashionable place of residence and resort. It contains about 3000 inhabitants, and is situated upon the slope of two high hills at the deepest part of the great West Bay, whose extreme points are Portland Bil and the Start. Invalids with chest complaints find the climate more genial than that of Italy in the winter, and much less moist than that of Cornwall. The Assembly Rooms are well known and contain a splendid ball room, card, billiard room, &c. Provisions are very reasonable, the shell-fish is reckoned particularly good. The Cobb or harbour, half-a-mile west of the town at the end of the marine promenade, is a striking object of interest, together with the ship-building yard; Much activity is displayed in the shipping off blue lias lime-stone for making the best hydraulic lime. The Cobb was originally constructed of large rocks and tall oak trees, but now of solid masonry. It is the only port of shelter in a gale for the start to Portland roads. The ancient government allowance has been withdrawn; but the Lyme vessels are exempted from payment to the harbours of Dover and Ramsgate.

The Church, dedicated to St. Michael, is very near the precipitous cliff which is continually falling into the sea. It is of the reign of Henry VII. and is much admired. The living is a vicarage, a peculiar of Sarum in the gift of the Prebendary. The Roman Catholics, Baptists, Independents and Methodists, have places of worship. The Mayor and Aldermen sit in the ancient Court of Hastings for the recovery of debts, &c. There is one member sent to parliament. The fairs are the first Tuesday after Candlemas and Michaelmas. The Market days are Tuesdays and Fridays. A fire in 1803 consumed 40 houses and a large fire in 1844 occasioned some disputes about an Improvement Act, so that the ruins are not yet removed.

The base of the splendid cliffs near Lyme and to some elevation, is composed of blue lias, rich with fossil remains. Five hundred acres of ledges are uncovered at low water. From this store house the late Miss Mary Anning drew remains of the Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Pterodactyle, Ammonite, Belemnite, &c., which now enrich the great museums of the world. The summits of the hills are capped with green sand, these being outliers of the Blackdown hills. Near the town to the eastward appears the Oolite, and westward the chalk and red marle. The meeting of so many formations is a great source of pleasure to a geologist. Elephant's and rhinoceros teeth have been found in the gravel near the Church. A tusk, nine feet long, was deposited in the Geological Museum by Sir H. T. De la Beche,

POST-OFFICE & MONEY ORDER OFFICE. Horse-street. Postmistress, Elizabeth Lock. Letters are delivered at 9 a.m. & 7 p.m.

LONDON (Day mail) at 6 15 a.m.
LONDON (Night mail) AND THE EAST OF ENGLAND at 5 p.m. Box closes at 4 30.
TAUNTON & THE WEST & NORTH OF ENGLAND, at 4 30 p.m. Box closes at 4. Letters may be posted until within a few minutes of sealing the bags, by affixing an extra 1d. stamp.

Gentry & Clergy.
Agar Rev. Wm. Seth, (Catholic priest) Silver street
Alford Mrs. Letitia, Pound street
Ames John, esq. Pinhey house
Aveline Miss Elizabeth, Broad st
Bayly Lieut.-Col. Sir Henry, Bailey villa
Bellingham Mrs. Sidmouth road
Benett Chas. Cowper, R.N. Colway tilhing
Bennett Rev. Hugh, M.A. (curate) Broad street
Bennie Mrs. Rachael, Pound street
Boteler Henry, R.N. Gatesfield
Bourne Frederick Edward, esq. Broad street
Burnett Capt. Uplyme
Carpenter Lieut. Thos. R.N. Belle Vue
Carpenter Mrs. Urenia, the Lawn
Carter Daniel, esq. Silver street
Cartwright George, esq. Westcliff cottage
Clarke Mrs. Mary, Silver street
Cleave Benj. esq. Great hay
Cotton Mrs, Broad street
Daniel Wm. P. esq. Pound street
Ethelstone Rev. Chas. Wicksted, Uplyme
Fewtrell Mrs. Sarah, Belmont
Fieldhouse Misses, Silver street
Fishwick Mrs. Uplyme
Fisher Charles L. Silver street
Follett Thos. Lisle, esq. Monmouth street
Goldwyer Mrs. Rebecca, Silver st
Gorton Mrs. Pound street
Gribble Miss Elizabeth, Uplyme
Hallett W. T. esq. Burley villa
Hayward Misses, Silver street
Heathcote Wm. esq. Axminster rd
Henley Misses, Broad street
Hill John, esq. Fairfield
Hingeston Mrs. Caroline, Pound street
Hodges Capt. Stile lane
Hodges Rev. Frederick Pacey, Portland villa
Holmes Robert, esq. Silver street
Keen Mrs. Silver street
Kelly Capt. Wm. Ware
Lee Edward O. esq. Broad street
Loveridge Mr. James, Sherborne lane
Moore Lieut. J. G. S. M. Stile house
Murley Capt. Wm. R.N. Cobb
Newman Rev. Frederick, (Independent minister) Alfred place
Oliver Mr. John, R.N. Church st
Palmer Geo. esq. Marine parade
Phelps John, esq. Broad street
Philpot Miss Mary, Morley cott
Raven Mrs. Susan, Silver street
Raymond Miss Mary Ann Jane, Broad street
Rhodes Rev. Edward Woodhouse, Uplyme
Risdon Philip, esq. Summer hill house
Shore George N. esq. Broad street
Standbridge Lieut. Wm. J. R.N. Cobb
Stanton Mrs. Ware
Symes Captain, Spring cottage
Symons Chas. esq. Broad street
Talbot Admiral Sir John, Rhode hill
Templer George Denis O'Kelly, esq. High cliff house
Thornley Mrs. F. M. Broad street
Thrupp Charles, esq. Pound street
Travers Mrs. High cliff house
Wayland Rev. Abraham (Baptist minister), Sherborne lane
Younghusband Capt. Thomas, Springfield
Wrey Robert B. esq. Ware

Miscellany of Traders, &c.
Not arranged in the succeeding Lists.

Beer Wm. cheese dealer, Uplyme.
Boon James, woollen manufacturer, Uplyme
Booth Nathaniel, wheel & sedan chairman, Bridge street
Brown Edward, ironmonger, North street
Cannicott Robert, brush maker, Broad street
Champ Caroline, stamp distributor, Broad street
Custom House, Cobb; collector, Argent William
Harris William, chimney sweep, Church street
Hooke Edwin George, bretoer and maltster, Broad street
Hooke Hen. woolstapler, Broad st.
Mansfield John, ship builder, Cobb

Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Jerrard John, Horse street
Walker Robert Cox, Cobb

Marked thus * are Confectioners also.

*Anning Simeon, Broad street
*Broad Thomas, (confectioner only) Broad street
*case William, Broad street
Davey John, Uplyme
*Davey David, Silver street
Dimon William, Mill green
England Mary, Horse street
Fujge Richard, Monmouth street
Mansfield William, Church street
Pidgeon Henry, Bridge street
Pidgeon Robert, Silver street
Stevens George, Broad street
Webb Thomas, Bridge street


Dorsetshire Bank; Williams R. & H.; agent, Hooke J. T. draw upon Williams, Deacon & Co London
Savings', Colway Tithing, actuary, Benett Capt. Chas. Cowper open on Fri. from 12 till 3,

Baths-Hot and Cold.

England Jane, Marine parade
Jefferd Henry, Butter market

Beer Retailers.

Baker John, Coombe street
Board Elizabeth, Silver street
Coleberd Barrett, Church street
Davy Wm. A. Uplyme
Gage Thos. Sherborne lane
Gibbs William, Sherborne lane
Helliar Gabriel, Uplyme
Horner George, Church street
Lucas William, Mill green
Pike William, Mill green
Quick Henry, Cobb
Stoward Susanna, Church street
Symes Joseph, Church street
Trim James, Church street


Dean Richard, Uplyme
Hockey George, Uplyme
Perrott Thomas. George court
Tucker James, Silver street
Welsman James, Uplyme
Wheeler James, Broad street

Booksellers, Stationers, and Printers.

Dunster Daniel (& music seller & circulating library), Broad street
Landray Susan, Butter market
Locke Henry, (& berlin wool warehouse & circulating library) Broad street
Moore Edward, Horse street

Boot & Shoemakers.

Baker John, Butter market
Booth Philip, Bridge street
Gay Chas. Horse street
Hoare Elias, Broad street
Hoare John, Uplyme
Marsfield Josiah, Monmouth street
Moore John, Coomb street
Moore Mary, Horse street
Quick Wm. Sherborne lane
Salter James, Uplyme
Tencate John E. Butter market
Wescott James, (& leather cutter) Church street
Wood Amelia, Butter market
Wright & Son, Broad street


Bazley John, Uplyme
Bazley Matthew, Silver street
Clarke Walter, Uplyme
Harding John, Butter market
Jerrard John, Broad street
Jerrard Thomas, Broad street
Loud William Henry, Bridge street
Tucker Wm. Butter market
Wheaton John Bowden, Bridge st

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers.

Mansfield Wm. (& paper hanger), Broad street
Radford Robert, Broad street

Carpenters & Builders.
Those marked thus * are Builders

Board Daniel, Silver street
Butcher John, Uplyme
Coombes John, Silver street
*Holman John, Silver street
*Jefferd Henry, Butter market
*Jerrard John, jun. Horse street
Knight John, Church street
Lockyer John, Uplyme
Moore Joel, Uplyme
*Osborne Samuel & Henry, Horse street
Wood George, George square

Chemists and Druggists.

Henley Henry, Broad street
Marder Jas. Wood, jun. Broad st
Thornton Edward, Broad street

China, Glass, &c, Dealers.

Brown Joseph, Broad street
May William, Bridge street

Coal Merchants.

Fowler Eli, (& sailmaker), Cobb
Osborne & England, Cobb
Prosser Thomas, near Cobb gate
Randall John, Cobb
Walker Robert Cox, Cobb

See also Bakers.


Agland Abraham, Church street
Gray John, Uplyme
Hutchings John, Sherborne lane


Clark Walter, Uplyme
Clark William, Uplyme
Davey Benjamin, Uplyme
Davey William, Uplyme
Farrant Samuel, Pound street
Fowler Job & Son, Uplyme
Freeman John, Uplyme
Fudge Robert & John, Uplyme
Game Wm. & Thos. Uplyme
Gay John, Uplyme
Gay Samuel, Uplyme
Gay Thornhill, Uplyme
Gear James, Uplyme
Gratton Edward & William, Uplyme
Gratton William, Uplyme
Holman James, Uplyme
Lemon George, Uplyme
Patterson William, Uplyme
Norris John, Silver street
Reed John, Lower Ware
Sansom William, Uplyme
Seymour James Coles, Church st
Trim James, Church street
Tucker Robert G. Uplyme
Webb William, Uplyme
Symes, Ware farm, Uplyme
Vincent Robert & Son. Pinkey farm

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.
Thus * denotes Fire; thus § Life.

*§Atlas, Penny & Sons, Broad st
*§ Church of England, Hooke Edwin, George street
*County & §Provident, Dunster Daniel, Broad street
*§General, Thornton Edward, Broad street
§Indisputable, Bennett William, Bridge street
*Kent Mutual, Moore Edward, Horse street
*§ Legal & Commercial, Sellers Richard, Broad street
§Merchant's & Tradesmen's, Henley Henry, Broad street
*§Norwich Union, Goddard Theophilus, Bridge street
*§Phœnix, May William, Bridge street
§Professional, Mansfield Joseph, Church street
*§Royal Exchange, Jerrard John, Horse street
*§Royal Farmers', Locke Henry, Broad street
§Scottish Amicable, Hooke Harry, Broad street
*§Star, Wescott James, Church st
*§Sun, Hooke John S. Broad street
§United Kingdom, Moore Edward, Horse street
*§West of England, Drayton Jno Broad street

Grocers and Tea Dealers.

Harvey James, Broad street
Lavars Albion, Broad street
Wayland Abraham Booth, Broad street

Grocery and Sundries - Dealers in.

Baker John, Coombe street
Board Elizabeth, Silver street
Dimon William, Mill green
Dray Sarah, Monmouth street
East Thomas, Sherborne lane
Fowler Job Hezekiah, Uplyme
Gardner George, Uplyme
German John, Butter market
Hiscott Ann, Silver street
Mansfield William, Church street
May Wm. Bridge street
Mounstephens, Joseph, Uplyme
Palmer Anthony, Silver street
Patterson John F. Uplyme
Pidgeon Henry, Bridge street
Pyke William, Mill green
Rugg William, Cobb
Sage George, Uplyme
Singleton John, Mill green
Stevens Geo. Broad street

Hair Cutters.

Bowring John, Broad street
Irish James, Broad street

Inns and Public Houses.

Albert, Coombe street, Garland Joseph
Angel, Horse street, Swain Wm.
Black Dog, Uplyme, Helliar Gabriel
Cobb Arms, Cobb, Whicker Jas.
Cobb Hotel, Cobb, Cleal John
Crown, Coombe street, Slade Jno.
Crown & Anchor, Sherborne lane, Wood Ann
Dove, Silver street, Doutch Mary
George, Horse street, Dollin James
Golden Heart, Butter market, Randall William
Hunter's Lodge, Uplyme, Brockway James
King's Arms, Coombe street, Brown John
Mason's Arms, Silver street, Fowler John
New Inn, (comm, and posting) Broad street, Miller Thomas
Pilot Boat, Bridge street, Sansam Thomas
Ship, Horse street, Gush Robert
Talbot Arms, Uplyme, Randel Charles
Three Cup's Hotel, (inland revenue office), Broad street, Foss Wm
Victoria, Coombe street, Harvey Mary

Lime Burners.

Fowler Job & Son, Uplyme
Jefferd, Walker & Jefferd, Butter market

Linen & Woollen Drapers.

Boon William, River street
Dyke Charles, Bridge street
Mansfield & Son, Church street
Penny & Sons, Broad street
Quick Ann, Broad street
Sellers Richard, Broad street
Upward John G. Broad street

Lodging-House Keepers.

Anning Amelia, Broad street
Baker Catharine, Broad street
Carter James, Cumberland cottage
Darby Edith, Broad street
England Jane, Marine parade
Hodder Lionel, Cobb
Mackey Elizabeth, Pound street
Malbran Elizabeth, Broad street
Mansfield John, Marine villa
Prowse Mary, Middle row
Swan Thomas, Cobb
Stroud Phœbe, Broad street


Edwards -, Uplyme
Wallis William, Town mills

Milliners & Dress Makers.

Boon Elizabeth, Silver street
Butcher Ann, Uplyme
Channon & Pyne, Market place
Foss Mary & Louisa, Middle row
Goulton Elizabeth, Bridge street
Jerrard Patience, Broad street
Lee Hannah, & Radford Sarah, Bridge street
Staples Sophia, Broad street
Webb Fanny, Broad street
Wellman Ann & Mary, Pound st

Music Seller.

Moore Wm. (& fossilist & picture dealer), Broad street

Painters, Plumbers & Glasiers.

Baker William, Pickle square
Darby James, Broad street
Munden James, Bridge street
Palmer Anthony, Silver street
Paul Samnel, Marine parade
Woods Thos. N. George square

Plasterers and Slaters.

Curtis Joseph, Linch lane
Radford Robert, Silver street

Professors of Music.

Biddlecombe Wm. (& organist)
Moore William, jun. Broad street


Codrington George F. (births and deaths), Silver street
Thornton Edward (of marriages), Broad street

Saddler & Harness Makers.

Baker Catharine, Broad street
Ball Charles, Pound street

Those marked thus * take Boarders.

British & Foreign, Mill green, master, Hadcock Chas. mistress, Badcock Susan
Infant, Butter market, Stevens Catherine
Lawrence Sarah, Broad street
National, Butter market, master, Stone John
*Roberts George, Broad street
*Turle Harriett Louisa, Broad st


Moore Samuel, (& florist), Rose cottage
Pulsford George, Market place


Hillman Robert, Grove
Hingsston George T. (& town clerk), Broad street
Lee Heu. T. Broad street
Templer Geo. Denis O'Kelly, Broad street
Waring Henry, Butter market

Stone Masons.

Collins Joseph, Church street
Collins William, Church street
Gaitch George, Sherborne lane
Taylor John, Pickle square

Stone Merchants.

Mials & Marshall, Cobb
Osborne & England, Cobb
Jefferd, Walker, & Jefferd, Butter market
Rendall, Fowler & Co. Cobb

Straw Hat Makers.

Bennett Eleanor, Butter market
Moore Kezia, Horse street


Carey John, M.D. Littlepark cottage
Codrington George F. Silver st
Hingeston William, Pound street
Marder Henry, Broad street
Tucker John, Butter market


Drayton John, (timber) Broad street
Jefferd Henry, (building), Butter market
Mansfield Joseph, (timber), Church street
Osborne Samuel Henry, Horse st


Channon David, Market place
Dollin Eli, Broad street
Dyke Charles, Bridge street
Jefferd Edmund, Broad street
Jefferd Luke, Butter market
Langford William, Monmouth st
Larcombe John, Uplyme
Swaffield Thomas, Broad street
Upjohn George, Silver street
Wescott Thomas, Sherborne lane

Timber Merchants.

Drayton John, Broad street
Goddard Theophilus B. Market pl
Mansfield, Joseph (English only and comm. agent for Foreign) Church street
Rendell John, Cobb

Tin-plate Workers.

German John, Butter market
Hicks Henry, Church street

Watch & Clock Makers.

Creese John, Providence place
Farnham James, Broad street


Brown John, Coombe street
Butcher John, Uplyme
Coombs John, Silver street
Lockyer John, Uplyme

Wine & Spirit Merchants.

Drayton John, (& importer) Broad street
Goddard Theophilus B. Market pl

From the Three Cups Hotel.

DORCHESTER, Royal, Mail., at 7 am. and 5 p.m.
TAUNTON, Royal Mail, at 8 30 morning


LONDON, and all parts, Ford & Co., tues, thurs. & sat. and Crocker, mon. wed. & fri
EXETER, Huxford, from Uplyme, on tues. & fri, at 8 morn.
STREET, Edward, mon. & fri.


LONDON, Ann and Emily, from the Cobb, to Gunning's wharf, London, and the Vulcan, and Unity, to Carpenter Smith's Wharf, London
GUERNSEY & JERSEY, the Sarah, from the Cobb, fortnightly

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851