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Fontmell Magna

FONTMELL MAGNA, a village on the main road, between Blandford and Shaftesbury, 8 miles N. from the former town, and 4 S. from the latter. The Church is an ancient building, with an embattled tower; there is a chapel for Wesleyans and also a public school, the latter was built and is supported by Sir R. P. Glyn, who is lord of the manor. The parish comprises 2160 acres, and had in 1841 a population of 876.

Acton Rev. John, Hartgrove
Balls Mr. George
Bishop Misses Frances & Elizbth
Bowls Mr. George
Parsons Mrs. Susanna
Salkeld Rev. Robert, (rector)
Applin Edward, farmer
Baker Robert, tailor
Bishop Richard, farmer
Brown Wm. W. grocer & draper
Cole Stephen, farmer
Dibben James, cheese dealer
Eason Samuel, cowkeeper
Eason Thomas, farmer
Edwards Robert, carpenter
Feltham Ann, grocery, &c. dealer
Feltham John, beer retailer
Gale John, cooper
Garrett John, farmer
Godwin Charles, brewer, farmer, miller & maltster
Hall John, farmer
Hart Charles, farmer
Hart George, boot & shoemaker
Hart Robert, cowkeeper
Haskell John, farmer
Hiscock Edward, stonemason
Hiscock James, farmer
Jenkins John, blacksmith
Lawrence Joseph, miller & farmer
Lodder Uriah, blacksmith
Lush Samuel, boot & shoemaker
Mayo Charles, farmer
Mayo Mary, grocery, &c. dealer
Mayo Thomas, farmer
Miles Joseph, farmer
Monckton Wm. brewer & maltster
Moggeridge William, farmer
Moody Thomas, cowkeeper
Moore James, farmer
Ralph James, farmer
Ralph William, miller
Rebbeck James, farmer, Hartgrove
Rideout Robert, farmer
Rivick James, farmer
Robinson Eleanor, mistress of Infant School
Rose Job, farmer & miller
Russell Methusalem, boot & shoemaker, Hartgrove
Spicer Christopher, carpenter, &c.
Spicer Geo. beer retailer and wheelwright
Spicer James, carpenter, &c.
Spicer Jeremiah, grocery, &c. dealer
Spinney Harry, blacksmith
Stay Robert, farmer and registrar of births and deaths
Stone Robert, farmer
Tapper William, cowkeeper
Upshall Abraham, 'Crown Inn'
Wooller George, boot & shoemaker
Wright James, farmer

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851