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BROADWINSOR, a village 3 miles W.N.W. from Beaminster. The church (St. John the Baptist), is a structure of the olden time having a square tower. The living, a vicarage, is in the patronage of the Bishop of Sarum; there is also a Dissenting Chapel and two public schools. The parish, with the hamlets of Birdsmore gate, Blackdown, Dibberford, Drimpton. and Little Winsor, comprises about 5700 acres, and had in 1841, 1661 residents. Post Office at John England's, Letters arrive at 10 30 a.m, and are despatched at 3 p.m.

Bartlett Mr. ThomasHoggan Rev. Chas. Adam (curate)
Jones Mr. Israel
Jones Mr. Robert, Hursey
Langdon Rev. Thomas, B.A. Birdsmore gate
Malan Rev. Solomon C. M.A. (vicar)
Pinner John A. esq. Blackdown
Smith Mr. John A. Causeway
Stockdale Mr. Chas. Jean, Drimpton
Bartlett Samuel, miller, Little Winsor
Bellamy Samuel, farmer
Bently Isaac, farmer, Castle wood
Bishop Harriet. milliner & dress maker
Bishop John, parish clerk
Bishop Robert 'White Lion'
Bishop Robert, baker
Bishop Thomas, farmer, Drimpton
Bond Wm. Mead, farmer, Netherhay
Bowdage Robert, draper & grocer, Blackdown
Bowyer John, dairyman, Birdsmore gate
Bugler Elizabeth, farmer, Honeycombe
Bugler Robert, beer retailer
Creed Samuel, farmer, Drimpton
Crocker Benjamin, ditto, do.
Clift John, blacksmith & baker
Clift Wm. W. blacksmith & parish clerk, Blackdown
Cox Benjamin, farmer, Dibberford
Cox John, farmer, Childhay
Crofts Chas. dairyman, Childhay
Davis Eliza & Amelia, drapers & grocers, Birdsmore gate
Davis Joseph, blacksmith and carpenter, Birdsmore gate
Davis Wm. carpenter, Birdsmore gate
Davy John, farmer, Horn park
Davy Joseph, for the Netherbury district
Davy Wm. maltster & merchant
Edwards James, blacksmith
Elliott Geo. carpenter, Drimpton
England John, draper & grocer, & agent to the Royal Farmers' Fire and Life Office
Foan Thos. 'New Inn', Drimpton
Galpin James, butcher
Genge William, farmer
Gerrard Lydia, farmer, Childhay
Gibbs Charles, blacksmith
Greening John, draper & grocer
Hallett John, tailor
Hampson William, hair dresser
Hodder Robert, dairyman
Hopkins Thomas, dairyman
Hill Arthur, brick & draining pipe manufacturer, farmer & miller Childhay farm
Jeffery Henry, grocer, &c.
Johnson Martha, farmer, Childhay
Johnstone Samuel, tallow chandler
Kerslake John, saddler
Lane Robert, farmer, Drimpton
Legg David, farmer, West Dibberford
Major John, butcher and stock dealer
Major Robert, farmer
National School, Coombs, Jeremiah, master, Hardy Elizabeth mistress
Neal John, dairyman
Norton William Brooks, farmer, Drimpton
Pery John, cooper
Phillips John, baker and grocer, Drimpton
Priest Charles, farmer
Reed Thomas, beer retailer
Rendell Geo. shoemaker, Drimpton
Salter John, farmer, Black down
Samson Gerrard, 'George Inn'
Sampson Jos. farmer, Court wd.
Sibley Mary Ann, milliner and dress maker
Slade Elias, carpenter & grocer
Slade John, carpenter, Blackdown
Smith John, farmer, Birdsmore gt.
Smith Robert, farmer, Racedown
Stanton William, 'Rose & Crown' Birdsmore gate
Strongman Henry, shoemaker, Drimpton
Stuckey Geo. carpenter, Blackdown
Stuckey Peter, stonemason, Blackdown
Studley Arthur, farmer, Little Winsor
Studley Arthur, jun. dairyman, do
Studley John & Son, sail cloth manufacturers & merchants
Studley William, dairyman, Little Winsor
Symes Joseph, stone mason
Symonds Daniel, farmer
Thomas Wm. Crocker, farmer, Sandpit
Turner Wm. farmer, Child hay
Wakly Dav. blacksmith, Drimpton
Wakly George, assistant overseer, Netherhay
Wakly John, farmer, Dibberford
Walden Edward, dairyman
Whitemore, William, farmer
Whitty George, farmer

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851