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WORCESTERSHIRE is an inland shire in the west midlands near the Welsh border and in the basin of the Severn, not far above the reach of the tides, and about 30 miles from the open channel: its shape is very irregular, but it may be looked upon has having four sides, those towards the east and west nearly parallel, and those towards the south and north likewise nearly parallel, but tending southerly, and the northern side being the larger. On the north is Staffordshire: on the north-east and east, Warwickshire; on the south-east and south, Gloucestershire; on the west, Herefordshire; and on the north-west, Shropshire: the length from north to south is about 34 miles, and the breadth about 90 miles.

The county is one of the finest in England, being rich land, in hill and vale, well wooded and well watered. On the south-west border are the Malvern hills, and in a line north from these the Abberley hills; on the east are the Lickey and Clent hills, and in the south are the Bredon hills, which are off-shoots of the Cotswolds.

Transcribed from Kelly's Directory of Worcestershire, 1912