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RUTLAND is the smallest shire in England, and lies to the north of the river Welland, and is separated from the sea by Lincolnshire. Its shape is very irregular, and it joins on to Leicestershire on the west and north-west; on the north-east it has Lincolnshire; and on the south-east, which is its longest bound, the river Welland, which separates it from Northamptonshire. The Eye is part of the boundary against Leicestershire. The rivers are the Eye, Chater, and the Gwash, or Wash, running into the Welland, which is navigable from Stamford, on the east border, till it falls into the North Sea. Its length from north to south is about 15 miles, and its breadth from east to west the same, its area being 97,273 acres.
Transcribed from Kelly's Directory of Leicestershire and Rutland, 1916