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Martock and South Petherton

Martock is a hundred of itself, 4 1/2 miles S.W. by W. from Ilchester, and 2 1/2 miles from South Petherton, it is a very extensive village, and the high respectability of the inhabitants, and its immediate neighbourhood, combined with the beauties of the surrounding country, render it a most agreeable place of residence, it is situated in an agricultural district, and within a radius of its parish church there are 67 parishes, with an aggregate population acording to the census of 1841, of 5114 inhabitants, its own population being at the same time 3025.

The principal street is wide, at one end is situated the Hall and the fluted stone column - a model of Trajan's pillar - at the other end stands the church; this building is an elegant and handsome gothic structure, possessing a fine tower, nor is the interior less worthy of admiration, its elaborate roof of fretted carved oak, with its splendid altar-piece is very beautiful, it is in exceeding good preservation, and kept in excellent repair, the living is a gift of the Dean and Chapter of Wells.

Opposite the chancel end of the church a handsome stone building has been erected, as a National School for boys and girls, there is also an endowed Grammar School.

The river Parret separates Martock from the neighbouring town and parish of South Petherton, and its north western extremity is bounded by the river Ivel, the former is navigable to Bridgewater, and affords facilities for an extensive trade in coals, timber, slate, &c., in the village are chapels for dissenting congregations; a fair takes place anually on the 21st of August.

Martock hundred consist of an area of 7302 acres of highly productive land, 500 0f which are orchard.

South Petherton, in the hundred and parish of its name, is a small market-town, situated on the River Parret, 135 miles W.S.W. from London, 5 from Ilminster, the same from Crewkerne, 6 from Ilchester, and 17 E.S.E. from Taunton, which is the nearest railway station.

The town is small, and the streets are narrow and confined, the church, which is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, is a spacious and cruciform building, with an octagonal tower surmounted by a spire, it occupies an elevated site and is surrounded by houses; the living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol. The surrounding country is fertile and abundantly productive, and the neighbourhood is chiefly agricultural, being hilly the views are varied and pleasing, and the air pure and salubrious.

There is a Free Charity School for boys, and a National one for girls; also places ofworship for Wesleyans, Independants, and Baptists.

A market is held on Saturday, and there is an annual fair on the 6th of July; the population consisted at the last census of 2597 inhabitants.

POST-OFFICE, South Petherton. - Post Master, John Daniel.- Letters from London and all parts at 8 40 a.m.
Despatches to London and all parts, via Ilminster, at 4 50 p.m. Box closes at 4 30 p.m., but letters may be posted by affixing an additional stamp till 4 45 p.m.
Money Orders granted and paid from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Post Office, Martock, at George Gill's. Letters are delivered from all parts at 9 30 a.m., and despatched to London and all parts via Ilminster and Taunton, at 4 p.m. Box closes at 3 45 p.m. Late letters may be posted by affixing an additional stamp till 3 55 p.m.

Gentry Clergy, & c.

Adams Mrs. Thomas, Martock
Anstice Mrs. Mary, S. Petherton
Axe Samuel, South Petherton
Bond Rev. H. Petherton vicarage
Braund William H. Ash
Bridge Selim, South Petherton
Brown Miss Maria, Martock
Bullen Mrs. Martock
Carr Mrs. Maria, Martock
Catterick Rev.Thos. South Petherton
Chaffey Mrs. Mary, Martock
Clarke Thomas, Martock
Coleman Mrs. Anne Gregory, Martock
Cossins Rev.George, Martock
Daniel James Patten, South Petherton
Elliott Vere R. Coat
Elton Rev. Charles, South Petherton
Garrett Rev. Thos. Martock
Harkness Rev. Robt Martock
Humphreys Mrs. Elizab. Martock
Lyddon Robert, South Petherton
Lucas Christopher, Martock
Partridge Rev. Edw. South Petherton
Patten Misses, Martock
Peppin Arthur B. Ash
Perrin Mrs. Ruth, Martock
Prowse Miss Elizabeth, South Petherton
Richards Thomas, Stapleton
Richards Wm. Haggett, Stapleton
Roach Rev. G. South Petherton
Sharpe Misses, Martock
Slade Mrs. Ash
Vaux Miss Mary, South Petherton

Architect & Land Surveyor.

Wadman William, Martock

Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Johnson John, Martock
Palmer Wm. G. Martock
Tapscott Henry, South Petherton


Anstice George, South Petherton
Anstice Geo. Jun. South Petherton
Anstice John, South Petherton
Anstice Sampson, South Petherton
Best Robt. Willy, Martock
Burt James, South Petherton
Collins John, Martock
Harding Edwin, South Petherton
Lang Joseph, South Petherton
Leech Thomas, Martock
Palmer James, Martock
Palmer Margaret, Martock
Patten Peter, South Petherton
Richards Wm. Martock
Robins James, South Petherton
Vigar William, Martock
Way John C. Martock


Stuckey's Banking Company, South Petherton agent , Daniel John, draw on Robarts & Co. London

Beer Retailers.

Gardiner George, Martock
Gayland Sarah, Martock
Jeanes David, South Petherton
Latty James, Watergore


Banbury John, South Petherton
Burford George, South Petherton
Godden Joseph, South Petherton
Haynes Herbert, Martock
Richards John, Martock
Richards Robert, Martock
Tapp John, Martock

Booksellers and Stationers.

Bennet Edwin ( & printer ), South Petherton
Daniel John, South Petherton

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Barns Joseph, South Petherton
Brice Benjamin, South Petherton
Cross Thomas, South Petherton
Gear William, South Petherton
Gibb William, South Petherton
Gould William, Martock
Gould William, jun. Martock
Inder Jacob, Martock
Isaac John, Martock
Lock James, Martock
Needs Thomas, Martock
Neville George, South Petherton
Parker William, South Petherton
Prideaux Josiah, South Petherton
Robins Samuel, South Petherton
Robins William, South Petherton
Spratt Samuel, Martock
Squires John, Martock
Vagg John, South Petherton
Worthy Charles, Martock

Brick and Tile Maker.

Rodford John, South Petherton


Banbury Joseph, South Petherton
Chinnock George, South Petherton
Clarke James, South Petherton
Culliford Edward, Martock
Inder Luke, Martock
Inder Simeon, Martock
Inder Walter, Martock
Indoe John, Martock
Paine William, Martock


Marked thus * are also Cabinet Makers

* Bishop Thomas, Martock
Bond Thomas, South Petherton
Cotty William, South Petherton
Garland George, South Petherton
Male John, Compton
* Newton Alfred ( & builder ), Martock
* Passley Wiliam, Martock
* Passley William, jun. Martock
Pitman Charles, South Petherton
Rendall Samuel G. Martock
Rode Robert, Martock
Sandiford James, Martock
Stower John, Martock
Stower Robert, South Petherton
Taylor John, South Petherton
Williams Philip, Martock
Withey Frederick, Martock

Chemists and Druggists.

Gill George ( & grocer &stationer ), Martock
Palmer James, Martock
Wellington William E. ( & grocer ), South Petherton

China and Glass Dealers.

Brice Benjamin, South Petherton
Elliot James, Martock
Lang Joseph, South Petherton
Priddle Samul, , Martock
Whibby Thomas, South Petherton


Chubb John, Martock
Stower Robert, South Petherton
Watts William, Martock
Whale John, South Petherton


Barnes Edward, South Petherton
Perratt George, South Petherton
Prideaux Josiah, South Petherton

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.

Atlas ( F.), Adams Jas.W. Martock
Law ( F.), Leeach Robt. & John, Martock
Legal & Commercial ( F. & L.), Gill George, Church street
Legal & Commercial ( F. & L.), Nichollets John, S.Petherton
London Mutual ( F. & L.), Hebditch Simeon, , S.Petherton
Royal Farmer's & General ( Fire, Life & Hail ), Peren, H.B. South Petherton
Royal Farmer's & General ( Fire, Life & Hail ), Darby Joseph, Martock
Sun ( F. & L), Daniel John, South Petherton
West of England ( F. & L.), Hayward J.P. South Petherton
West of England ( F. & L.), Palmer William, Martock

Glove Manufacturer.

Dicks Henry, Martock

Grocers and Drapers.

Anstice George, South Petherton
Daniel John, South Petherton
Dicks Henry, Martock
Hebditch Simeon, South Petherton
McMillan - ( travelling ) South Petherton
Pook & Parker, South Petherton
Welman Robert, Martock

Grocers & Sundries Dealers.

Anstice George, South Petherton
Anstice Sampson, South Petherton
Best Robt. Willy, Martock
Bishop George, Martock
Brain Joan, Martock
Brice Benjamin, South Petherton
Burt James, South Petherton
Clark Simon, South Petherton
Day John, South Petherton
Elliott James, Martock
Foord Lawrence, South Petherton
Gifford George, South Petherton
Glynn John, Martock
Gould Robert, South Petherton
Harding Edwin, South Petherton
Hart George, Martock
Hebditch Mary Ann, S.Petherton
Jeanes David, South Petherton
Lang Joseph, South Petherton
Lock Dinah, Martock
Prideaux Mary, South Petherton
Richards William, Martock
Walker Thomas, M. Martock
Way John C. Martock
Wellington Wm. E. Martock
Worner Octavius, Martock

Hair Dressers.

Parker William, South Petherton
Porter Eli, Martock

Inns and Public Houses.

Bell, South Petherton, Tapscott Henry
Crown Inn ( & posting house), South Petherton, Sherrin Geo.
George, Martock, Symes Thomas
Red Lion, Martock, Couzens Jas.
Wheat Sheaf, South Petherton, Gale George
White Hart ( commercial & posting house), Martock, Johnson John


Day John, South Petherton
Hebditch Simeon, South Petherton
Way Sarah, Martock
Worner Octavius, Martock

Linen Drapers.
See also Grocers and Drapers.

Applebee Wm. South Petherton
Grigg Edwin ( & clothes salesman) Martock
Major Matthew W. Martock
Whibby Thomas, S.Petherton

Maltsters and Brewers.

Bishop John, Martock
Gale George, South Petherton


Darby John Clark, Martock mills
Dight Thomas, Martock
Patten Peter, South Petherton

Milliners & Dress Makers.

Adams Mary, Martock
Ash Louisa, Martock
Garland Elizabeth, S. Petherton
Major Frances, Martock
Robins Gunilda, , South Petherton
Rodford Martha, Martock
Sandiford Elizabeth, Martock
Vagg Elizabeth, South Petherton

Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers.

Barber John, Martock
Lye James ( glazier only ), South Petherton
Watts Joseph ( glazier only ), Martock
Way Edwin, Martock

Plasterers and Tilers.

Pippard William, Martock
Rodford John, Martock

Professor of Music.

Thorne Ed. ( & organist ) Martock

Registrars of Births & Deaths.

Harvey William, South Petherton
Stuckey George, Martock

Rope and Twine Makers.

Bishop Samuel, Martock
Follett William, Coat

Saddlers and Harness Makers.

Barber William, Martock
Gayleard Elias, South Petherton
Hart George, Martock
Stapleton John, Martock
Stone John, South Petherton


Marked thus * take Boarders.

* Billing Joseph, South Petherton
Charity, South Petherton: master Marks John
Floyd Sophia, Martock
Grammar, Martock; master, Gould Rev. George Masters
* Godden Edwd. South Petherton
* Leversedge Hannah & Mary, South Petherton
National, South Petherton; mistress, Sexey Annie S.
National, Martock: master, Isaac Abraham: mistress, Isaac Elisabeth
* Wadman Mrs. Martock


Adams Jas. White, Martock
Hayward Isaac Buckell, & Peren Henry Burchall, S. Petherton
Leeach Robert & John, Martock
Nicholetts John, South Petherton
Turner James, Martock

Stone Masons.

Gully James, South Petherton
Hallett George, South Petherton
Hallett Samuel, South Petherton
Jeanes David, South Petherton
Jeanes Samuel, Martock
Jeanes William, South Petherton
Rodford John, Martock

Walker Thomas, Martock
Straw Hat Makers.

Ash Mary Anne, Martock
Davies Fanny, South Petherton


Harvey William, South Petherton
Martyn Richd. Westcott, Martock
Norris Henry & Hugh, South Petherton
Stuckey George, Martock
Westcote Thos. Potenger, Martock


Ash John, Martock
Baker John, South Petherton
Bartlett Alfred, Martock
Farrow Fredk. Martock
Hawker Hugh ( & draper ), South Petherton
Hawker John, South Petherton
Hine William, South Petherton
Jeanes John, South Petherton
Parks Samuel, Martock
Trott Daniel, Martock

Tinmen and Braziers.

Duck George, South Petherton
Haines Herbert, Martock
Indoe Samuel, Martock
Slade Simon, South Petherton
Worner Octavius, Martock

Veterinary Surgeon.

Symes Thomas, Martock

Watch and Clock Makers.

Pearce John, South Petherton
Sully William, Martock


Bond Thomas, South Petherton
Garland George, South Petherton
Male John, Compton
Rendall Samuel G. Martock
Stower John, Martock
Stower Robert, South Petherton

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Adams William, Martock
Tapscott Henry, South Petherton


Adams William, Martock


Basket Maker, Baily William, Martock
Brush Maker, Vile John, South Petherton
Cheese Factor, Softly William. Martock
Farrier, Godden William, South Petherton
Gunsmith, Richards Stephen, Petherton
Leather Dresser, Beaton John, Martock
Linen Manufacturer, Guppy Josiah, South Petherton
Sempstress, Priddle Agnes, Martock
Turner, Clarke Robert, Petherton



Engine House, Market Place, South Petherton, keys at S. and J. Godden's
Engine, at the Church, Martock, keys at Herbert Haynes
Hall, Martock; keeper, Sandiford James
Inland Revenu Office, The Crown Inn, Souh Petherton; officer, Richard Ramsden
Market House, Market Place, South Petherton
Stamp Office, Market Place, South Petherton; sub-distributor, John Daniel


Bridgewater, Hunt's Omnibus, from the George Inn, Martock, Mon. and Thurs. at 7 a.m.
Bristol, Perry's Wagon, from the George Inn, Martock, Mon. at 6 a.m.
Taunton, Fairy Mail Coach, daily, from the White Heart, Martock, 9 30 a.m.;
and Ford's Waggon, from the George Inn, Martock, every Tues. Thurs. and Sat. at 10 a.m.
Taunton,Yeovil,Bridgewater,and Petherton, Inder's Omnibus, from North Street, Martock, daily,
at 4 p.m.; Scott's Wagon, from the Crown, South Petherton, Wed. and Sat.
Yeovil, Fairy Mail Coach, daily, from the White Hart, Martock, at 4 30 p.m.; and Crocker's Van, to all parts of the kingdom, from the Crown Inn, South Petherton, (time uncertain).
Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851