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Langport Eastover, is a parish and market town, in the hundred of Pitney, 132 miles W.S.W. from London, 5 S. from Somerton, 36 S.W. from Bath, 12 S.E. from Bridgewater, 13 E.N.E. from Taunton, which two last named places are the nearest railway stations. The town is situated on the river Parret, near its junction with the Yeo, over which, and in connection with the town, there is a handsome stone bridge; the navigation within these few years has been considerably increased. The principal street of the town is narrow, but there are some exceedingly well-built and handsome houses, and the whole is well paved and lighted with gas. The church is an extremely fine ancient gothic edifice, and a window of stained glass over the altar is considered rare, and of great beauty, owing to the confined situation only part of the building is seen, near here is also the parish church of Huish Episcopi, a very handsome and beautiful structure, whose lofty and elaborately sculptured tower is one of the most elegant specimens of gothic architecture in the county; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the Archdeacon of Wells, and is annexed to that of Huish; the two parishes are separated by an arched building, which was formerly a place of worship, and at one time a place of execution, called the hanging chapel, but at present it is converted to a far different use, being a museum, in the possession of a gentleman of the town; the government is a corporate body, granted by charter in the time of James the 1st, consisting out of 12 burgesses, a portrieve, a justice and 2 bailiffs; the portrieve is coroner for the borough, and there are also a recorder, town clerk, and serjeant at mace. The county court is held at the town hall, and there is a branch of Stuckey’s Banking company which is the chief branch office of the county. Langport is a pleasant, agreeable, and cheerful town, and a great deal of business is transacted here; the market day is Saturday, and fairs are held on the Monday previous to Lent, the second Wednesday in August, second Monday in September, and last Monday in November, when a superior stock of cattle may be found. In 1841 the parish of Langport contained 1,172 inhabitants.

About two and a half miles from Langport is the extremely pleasant village of Curry Rivel, near which place are some excellent quarries of lime stone, and many of the houses are built of that material. The celebrated Earl of Chatham, who had a residence in the locality, caused a monument to be erected in memory of his friend who left him the estate; not far from here, rumour asserts, is the spot where Alfred the Great took refuge in the Goatherd’s hut; the surrounding country of Langport and Curry Rivel is varied, and at places command extensive and charming prospects, the great respectability of the inhabitants of both places, and the immediate neighbourhood greatly enhance their importance in every respect.

Post-Office, Cheapside, Post-Master, Henry Coggan. Letters are delivered at 7 a.m. and at 7 p.m. Despatches for London, &c. at 6 43 p.m. For the north at 10 15 a.m. and for Sherborne, Yeovil, Ilchester, and Somerton, at 6 a.m. Box closes at 5 50 p.m.; but late letters may be forwarded by affixing an extra stamp until within 5 minutes of the despatch. Money orders are paid and granted from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., and on Saturdays till 8 p.m.

Post Office, Curry Rivel, at George Coate’s. Letters are delivered from London and all parts at 7 a.m., and despatched at 7 p.m.; box closes at 6 30 p.m.

Gentry, Clergy, &c.

Alford Rev. Samuel, Heal House
Alford Thomas, Curry Rivel
Bagehot Thos.W. Herd’s hill
Bond Miss Sarah, Cheapside
Bown William, Curry Rivel
Burt Mrs. Harriet, North street
Coles William B. Stonely
Combe Rd. Thos. Earn’s hill
Dinham Mrs. Peel, Bottom
Farrant John, Curry Rivel
Fry Charles, Curry Rivel
Fry William, Portfield
Grueber Rev. Chas. S. Hambridge
Henslowe Rev. Edward Pering, Vicarage, Huish
Hillard John, Curry Rivel
Hyde Mrs. Aller
Lambert Rev. Richd. W. Swell
Louch John, Stanchester
Luer George N. Langport hill
Michell Octavius, North street
Paul Thomas, Cheapside
Paul William, Cheapside
Prankerd Mrs. Langport hill
Quekett Edward, Cheapside
Richardson Henry, Langford
Roberts Rev. H. Curry Rivel
Sewers Mrs. Senr. Curry Rivel
Shaw Rev. William, Pitney
Sparks Samuel, Huish
Stuckey Mrs. Julia, Hill house
Tilley Lieut. Jas. R.N. Fivehead
Uttermare Mrs. North street
Uttermare Thos. Bamfield, North street
Uttermare William, Curry Rivel
Viney Thomas, Langport hill
Warren Miss Sarah, Langport hill
Webb Wm. Henry, Curry Rivel
Wheller Richard, Curry Rivel
Wolff Rev. Joseph, d.d. Vicarage, Isle Brewen
Wolff Lady Georgiana Mary, Isle Brewen
Young Rev. William, Aller

Architect and Surveyor.

Davis Maurice ( & builder) Bow st

Auctioneers ans Appraisers.

Knight Jas. Towill, Langport hill
Palmer John F. Curry Rivel


Baulch John, Bow street
Cable Geo. John, Bow street
Collard Elias, Curry Rivel
Denham William, Bow street
Ellis John, Langport hill
Hartland Wm. Bow street
Hooper James, Langport hill
Long Dorothy, Curry Rivel
Paul George, North street
Vickery John, Langport hill
Weaver Geo. jun. Curry Rivel


Stuckey’s Banking Co. Cheapside, Manager, Paul Thos. draw on Robarts, Curtis, & Co. Lombard street, London

Basket Makers.

Hussey James, Curry Rivel
Richards Joseph, Huish

Beer Retailers.

Barrett Hannah, Curry Rivel
Dean Samuel, Bow street
Denham William, Bow street
Loveridge Heman, Curry Rivel
Lye George, Bow street
Masters Elizabeth, Huish
Wallis Vincent, Curry Rivel
Weaver Solomon, Curry Rivel
West Robert, Bow street


Baker Wm. Curry Rivel
Betty William, Bow street
Billing Joseph, Curry Rivel
Dean Samuel, Bow street
Field James, Bow street
Stacey John, Curry Rivel
Walter Thomas, Bow street
West Orlando, Watley

Booksellers, Bookbinders, Stationers, and Printers.

Barnard Mary, Langport hill
Bennett Ann, North street
Blake George, Bow street

Boot & Shoe Makers.

Burton Francis, Bow street
Butt Leonard, Bow street
Buttle William, Curry Rivel
Churchill Benjamin, Up street
Edwards Sarah, Bow street
Furber James, Bow street
Gillingham Thomas, Bow street
Muncton Anthony, Curry Rivel
Ostler John, North street
Podger Robert, North street
Stacey Charles, Curry Rivel
Weaver Robert, Curry Rivel
Wheller Thomas, Langport hill


Barnard John, Bow street
Cattle Hester, Bow street
Cattle James, Bow street
Churchill Sampson, Bow street
Coggan George, Curry Rivel
Hopkins Thomas, Curry Rivel
Podger George, Bow street
Roberts George, Bow street
Smith William, Curry Rivel


Baker William, Curry Rivel
Brake Dennis, Curry Rivel
Davis Maurice, Bow street
Gillett Benjamin, Bow street
Gillett Maurice, Bow street
Hart Albion, Bow street
Hartnell Henry, Curry Rivel
Lye George, Bow street
Podger John, Curry Rivel
Richards Robert, Curry Rivel
StaceyJohn, Curry Rivel
Talbot Robert, Curry Rivel
Walter Thos. jun. Bow street
Worthy George, Curry Rivel
Worthy James, Curry Rivel
Worthy Walter, Curry Rivel

Chemists and Druggists.

Barnard Mary, Langport hill
Bennett Ann, North street
Coate George, Curry Rivel

China and Glass Dealers.

Cable George and Son, Bow street
Underdown Samuel, North street

Coach Builder.

Isaac James, Langport hill


Crease George, Bow street
Parsons Thomas, Langport hill

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.

Agricultural (cattle), Barnard Mary, Langport hill
Atlas, (F.& L.) Braodmead Nicholas, Huish
Clerical, Medical, and General, (Life) Barnard Mary, Langport hill
County (Hail), Barnard Mary, Langport hill
Crown (Life), Murly George B. Bow street
Farmers and Genaral (Fire, Life, & Hail), Stuckey and Meade Cheapside
Globe (F. & L.), Warren James F.H. Langport hill
Imperial (Fire), Millard James, Langport hill
Law (Life), Warren James F.H. Langport hill
Medical and Invalid (Life), Parsons James, Cheapside
Norwich Union (F. & L.), Broadmead Nicholas, Huish
Phoenix (Fire), Murly George B. Bow street
Sun (F. & L.) Underdown Samuel, North street
West of England (F. & L.), Quekett Edwd. Stuckey’s Bank, Cheapside

Grocers and Tea Dealers.

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
*Brown Joseph C. Curry Rivel
Cattle Martha, North street
*Coate George, Curry Rivel
Dean Samuel, Bow street
Ham James, Curry Rivel
Hartland William, Bow street
*Hills Robert, Bow street
*Knight Jas. Langport hill
*Lock Elizabeth, Curry Rivel
Loveridge Mary, Curry Rivel
*Stuckey Samuel & Meade Francis, ( & cheesefactors) Cheapside
Weaver Geo. jun. Curry Rivel

Inns and Public Houses.

Angel, Bow street, Robbins Edgar
Bell Inn, Curry Rivel, Palmer John Fussell
Black Swan, North street, Sweeting Richard
Dolphin Commercial Inn, Bow street, Mead Isaac
Langport Arms, ( Commercial & posting house) Cheapside, Blake James
New Inn, Westover, Gore Mary
White Lion, North street, Lock Walter


Dyke Richard, Watley

Ironmongers, Braziers, &c.

Major William, Bow street
Underdown Saml, ( and cutler), North street

Linen and Woollen Drapers.

See Grocers and Tea Dealers.


Blake James, & Jas. Dyer, Westover
Young Thomas, Curry Rivel


Cable James, Bow street
Lang Joseph, Hambridge Mills

Milliners and Dressmakers.

Davis Jane, Huish
Hart Mary, Bow street
Howe Jane, Bow street
Preece Harriet, Beard’s Buildings

Painters, Plumbers, &c.

Davis James, Bow street
Jeffery Thomas, Bow street
Lanthall James, Bow street
Lugg William and John, North street
Major William, Bow street
Taylor Thomas, Bow street
Williams Daniel, Curry Rivel

Saddle and Harness Makers.

Bishop Chas. Curry Rivel
Hewett Henry, Curry Rivel
Lock James, Bow street
Lucas George, Langport hill
Vile Timothy, Cheapside


Infant; Mistress, North Anne
Matthews Mary G. Bow street
National, Huish; Master, Bell John; Mistress, Davis Caroline E.
Sewers Charlotte, Curry Rivel
Sewers Samuel Henry, Curry Rivel
Underdown Sarah Ann, North st


Blake Richd. Henry, Cheapside
Broadmead Nicholas, Huish
Louch John, North street
Murly Geo. Bullock, Bow street
Parsons James, Cheapside
Warren James F.H. Langport hill


Atyeo William, Bow street
Champion Walter, Curry Rivel
Denham George, Newtown
Pope Thomas, Curry Rivel
Robbins George, Bow street
Robbins Henry, Bow street
Robbins Richd. Langport hill
Tout George, Bow street
Webb George, Curry Rivel
Wheller James, Langport hill
Worthy Simeon, Curry Rivel

Straw Hat Makers.

Davis Jane & Lucy, North street
Honeyball Jane, Bow street


Hurman Henry P. Curry Rivel
Larcombe John, North street
Munckton Wm. Webber, Curry Rivel
Prankerd John, Cheapside


Edmonds Geo. Curry Rivel
Lock Walter, North street
Meade Walter (& Draper), Bow st
Paul Charles, North street
Payn George, Curry Rivel
Payn Henry Andrew, Cheapside
Payn John, Beard’s buildings
Payn John, Curry Rivel
Pittard James, Curry Rivel


Richards Robert, Curry Rivel
Stacey John, Curry Rivel
Talbot Robert, Curry Rivel
Walters Thomas, Bow street
Walters Thos. jun. Bow street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Blake James, Cheapside
Draper Elizabeth, Bow street


Boat Builder, Heard Charles, Bow street
Chimney Sweeper, Russell Wm. North street
Confectioner, Hart Mary, North street
Cooper, White Charles, North street
Farrier, Whitemore Thomas, Bow street
Genaral Merchants, Wharfingers, & Carriers, Stuckey & Bagehots, Bow street
Glover & Fellmonger, Lewis Samuel, Huish
Hair Dresser, Pomeroy William, Bow street
Seedsman, Young Thomas, Curry Rivel
Tallow Chandler, Coate Thomas, North street
Tanner, Broadmead James, Huish
Tinman & Brazier, Willis George, North street
Watch & Clock Maker, Couzens John, Bow street

Law and Public Officers.

Broadmead Nicholas, clerk to the Parrett navigation company, Huish
Caines Richard P. coroner for the western division of Somerset, North street
Hurman Henry P. registrar of birth, and deaths, Curry Rivel
Munckton William Webber, deputy coroner for the western division of Somerset, Curry Rivel
Murly George Bullock, solicitor to the Langport and Mid Somerset benefit building society, and to the
Langport guardian association, Bow street
Prankerd John, registrar of births, deaths, & marriages, Cheapside
Warren James F.H. clerk to the mayor & corporation of Langport, to the board of guardians, & to the
trustees of Langport, Somerton, & Castle Cary turnpike roads, Langport hill

public buildings, offices, &c.

County Court, Town hall, judge, John Monson Carrow; clerk, Edward Lovell; assistant clerk, James
F.H.Warren; high bailiff, Edward Charles Coles; assistant bailiff, Thomas Denman
Engine House, Langport hill, keys at William Betty’s
Gas Company, Watley
Inland Revenu Office, Langport Arms, Cheapside; officer, George Edwards
Stamp Office, Cheapside, sub-distributor, Francis Meade
Town Hall, Cheapside, keeper, Thomas Denham
Union, Langport, medical officer, John Prankerd; surgeon, John Larcombe, North street; master,
Thomas Dickenson; mistress, Mrs. Dickenson

coaches, omnibuses, and vans

Bridgewater, Hawkin’s Omnibus, from the White Lion, Mon. & Thurs. at 8 30 a.m.; Hunt’s Omnibus,
Mon. Tues. Thurs. & Sat. at 9 a.m.
Bristol, Edward’s Van, from the Black Swan, daily, 8 30 a.m.
Chard, Edward’s Van, from the same Inn, Tues. Thurs. & Sat. 8 30 a.m.
Taunton, Fairy Mail Coach, from the Langport Arms, 10 30 a.m.;
Mitchell’s Omnibus, from the White Lion, at 8 30 a.m.
Yeovil, Martock, & Sherborne, Fairy Mail Coach, from the same inn, 3 30 p.m.

Transcribed from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851