List of surnames in the Phillimore Marriages database beginning with the letter L

L'Oste La-faver laac Laake Labadg Laban Laband Labb Labbage Labber Laber Labeson Labidge Labidges Labon Laboone Labord Laborn Laborne Labouhe Labram Labron Laburn Labye Lacanna Laccy Lace Lacells Laceter Lacey Lach Lachaster Lache Lachford Lachmode Lacie Lack Lackall Lackbury Lacke Lackes Lacket Lackey Lackington Lackson Lacoare Lacock Lacocke Lacombe Lacon Lacy Lacye Lad Ladar Ladbrook Ladbrooke Ladd Ladde Ladds Ladell Lademore Lader Ladiman Ladlay Ladlei Ladler Ladley Ladlow Ladly Ladnam Lador Ladson Lady Ladyman Ladyman-alias-Sparks Laene Lafberry Lafbery Lafbury Lafeit Laffar Laffer Lafferd Laffill Lafford Lafforde Laffryd Laffters Lafiyn Laford Lafty Lagdon Lagge Lagget Laggett Laggington Lago Lagrove Lahutter Laice Laicock Laighle Laight Laighton Lailey Lain Lainchbury Laine Lainfor Laingfare Laining Lains Laisei Laish Laister Lait Laite Laiton Lakane Lake Laken Lakes Lakey Lakin Lakinboth Laking Lakings Lakins Lakyn Laloiiel Lam Lamas Lamb Lambal Lamball Lambard Lambarde Lambart Lambden Lambdon Lambe Lambell Lamberd Lamberen Lambern Lamberne Lambert Lamberte Lamberth Lambeth Lambheard Lambird Lamble Lambley Lamblie Lambly Lamboate Lambol Lambold Lambole LambolI Lamboll Lambolt Lambome Lambord Lamborn Lamborne Lambort Lamborth Lambourn Lambourne Lambrome Lambs Lambshead Lambson Lambton Lamburn Lamburne Lamdan Lamden Lamdin Lame Lameman Lamer Lamfere Lamiman Lamin Laming Laminge Lamkin Lamkyn Lamley Lamly Lamlye Lamm Lammaman Lammas Lammeman Lammiman Lammin Lamming Lamminge Lammyman Lammyn Lamont Lampard Lampart Lampen Lamper Lamperd Lampere Lampert Lampery Lampet Lampett Lampey Lamphier Lampier Lampin Lampit Lampitt Lamplough Lampny Lamporne Lamport Lampree Lamprey Lampry Lampsey Lampson Lampy Lampyn Lamson Lamton Lamyn Lamynge Lan Lanam Lanater Lancard Lancashire Lancastell Lancaster Lance Lancefield Lanceky Lanceley Lancelot Lancelow Lancely Lancesly Lancey Lancford Lanchard Lanchbery Lanchburg Lanchbury Lanchestar Lanchester Lanchford Lancister Lanckerstaff Lanckton Lanclarck Lancy Land Lande Lander Landers Landever Landford Landforte Landgridge Landick Landle Landman Landon Landor Landridge Landsdale Landsdon Landsdown Lane Lane alias Rowe Lane alias Tularye Lanebury Laneman Lanes Laney Lanfaw Lanfear Lanfeare Lanfere Lanfield Lanfier Lanforth Lang Langam Langan Langar Langashell Langber Langbrady Langbridge Langcaster Langcastle Langcastrell Langclarcke Langdale Langdall Langden Langderd Langdon Lange Langebridge Langebrooke Langeford Langefore Langeley Langendad Langer Langesdale Langfare Langfeild Langfeld Langfield Langfoard Langford Langforde Langg Langhall Langham Langhame Langharne Langher Langhill Langhly Langhorn Langhorne Langhton Langington Langler Langley Langleye Langlie Langlorde Langly Langlye Langman Langmead Langmeade Langpard Langport Langran Langreg Langrek Langridge Langrish Langsford Langshaw Langstaff Langston Langstone Langswell Langthier Langthom Langton Langtree Langtry Langwith Langworth Langworthil Langworthy Langwyth Lanham Lanige Laninge Lanion Lank Lankashire Lankcaster Lankester Lankey alias Lancombe Lankford Lanks Lankshear Lankshire Lanktern Lankton Lanktry Lanley Lann Lannam Lannan Lanne Lanne or Laune Lannem Lannen Lannforde Lanning Lanninge Lannom Lannyng Lannys Lanom Lanonx Lanor Lansbury Lanscott Lansdal Lansdale Lansdall Lansdell Lansden Lansdon Lansdown Lansdowne Lansedall Lansey Lanshard Lansley Lanson Lant Lantey Lanton Lantrowe Lantt Lantton Lanxebery Lany Lanye Lanyer Lap Lapham Lapin Lapley Lapowtree Lapp Lappe Lappun Lapshere Lapthorn Lapthorne Laranc Larance Larans Laranse Larard Laraunce Larcey Larcn Larcom Larcomb Larcombe Larcome Larcumb Larcumbe Larcume Larcy Lard Larde Larder Lardner Larenc Larence Larens Larg Largden Large Largen Largin Larham Larimer Lark Larkam Larkcom Larkcomb Larkcombe Larkcum Larke Larken Larkham Larkin Larking Larkins Larkman Larkom Larkum Larment Larmer Larmeth Larmor Larnard Larnbden Larner Larnorde Larnynge Larrance Larranes Larrard Larrence Larret Larrond Lart Larter Larthy Larton Larty Laruance Larves Larvis Larwill Larwins Lasa Lasallie Lasborough Lascelles Lascells Lascomb Lascombe Lase Laser Lasey Lash Lashbrook Lashe Lashelye Lashion Lashlye Lashmore Lashon Lasibee Lasie Laskey Lasky Lason Lassell Lassells Lassels Lassenbye Lasser Lasseter Lassey Lassille Lassin Last Laste Lasteed Laster Lasy Lasye Latch Latcham Latchet Latchmor Latchmore Latchwill Late Lately Lates Latewood Latey Latey alias Cox Latham Lathburie Lathbury Lathe Lathen Lathes Lathey Lathom Lathorp Lathrop Lathwell Lathy Latie Latimer Latrop Latsford Latte Lattemore Latter Lattimer Lattimoor Lattimore Lattin Lattocke Latton Latty Laty Lauckfoad Laud Laude Laudit Laue Lauender Lauerance Lauflis Lauflyn Lauford Laugham Laughan Laugher Laughford Laughlin Laughling Laughlyn Laughterton Laughton Launce Launchbury Launder Laundy Laune Launggres Launis Launsdon Launt Launte Laurance Lauranes Laurans Laurence Laurence alias Knappe Laurener Laurens Laurense Laurivier Laurston Laus Lause Laush Lauson Lauton Lauvers Lava Lavage Lavail Lavall Lavance Lavander Lavar Lavareeke Lave Lavell Lavender Lavendor Lavenor Laventon Laver Laverack Laverock Laverocke Lavers Laversage Laversedge Laversuch Lavey Lavice Lavidge Lavie Lavil Lavinder Lavingon Lavington Lavinton Lavis Laviss Lavor Lavorecke Lavour Lavy Law Lawcame Lawce Lawcomb Lawdocke Lawe Lawe or Lane Laweam Lawebarne Laweford Lawell Lawenc Lawence Lawerence Lawes Laweson Lawfall Lawflin Lawfoot Lawford Lawghton Lawgton Lawinder Lawington Lawles Lawless Lawley Lawlyn Lawnce Lawnder Lawne Lawrance Lawrena Lawrence Lawrence alias Barber Lawrence alias Delement Lawrens Lawrenson Lawrett-or-Lawcett Lawrie Lawrrance Lawrum Lawry Lawrye Laws Lawson Lawsone Lawsonne Lawspn Lawss Lawt Lawtell Lawton Lax Laxlon Laxon Laxson Laxton Lay Laychilde Laycock Laycon Layden Laydon Laye Layfield Laykin Layland Layn Layt Laythorp Laythorpe Layton Laywell Laywood Lazenbie Lcnton Le Le Fever Le Fevre Le-pla Lea Lea alias Sanders Lea alias Saunders Leab Leaband Leabetter Leabond Leaborne Leacester Leacey Leach Leach alias Glow Leache Leachman Leacli Leacock Leacocke Leacroft Leacy Lead Leadall Leadbeater Leadbeatter Leadbeter Leadbetter Leadenham Leader Leadlaye Leadman Leadnam Leadstone Leae Leafchild Leafe Leage Leageard Leager Leagerd Leah Leahair Leak Leake Leaker Leakey Leakie Leakin Leakir Leaky Leal Lealand Leale Lealey Leam Leaman Leamans Leamaws Leamberth Leame Lean Leand Leane Leanes Leanord Leaper Lear Leare Leared Learie Learmit Learn Learner Learnor Leary Leasane Leasey Leasie Leasing Leason Leaster Leastor Leasy Leasye Leat Leatch Leate Leath Leathe Leathem Leather Leatheren Leatherland Leatherne Leathman Leaton Leatt Leaues Leausly Leave Leaver Leaverack Leaverington Leavermoore Leavermore Leavers Leaversidge Leaversuch Leaverton Leaves Leavesley Leavesley. Leavesly Leavey Leaving [Leavings] Leavis Leavoy Leavy Leawes Leaws Leawse Leay Lebber Leber Lebiter Lebourn Leceiter Lecester Leceter Lech Lechlard Leck Lecke Leckett Leckten Lecky Lectur Lecyter Ledam Ledamun Ledbeter Ledbetter Leddenham Leddington Leddoll Leddon Ledds Ledfield Ledford Ledgar Ledgard Ledgate Ledge Ledger Ledgert Ledget Ledgingham Ledgit Ledham Lediard Lediat Ledington Ledley Ledlow Ledly Lednam Ledngham Lednham Lednum Ledome Ledscombe Ledstead Ledsted Ledstone Ledyard Lee Leeboth Leece Leech Leeche Leeck Leecke Leed Leedale Leedam Leedell Leeder Leedes Leedham Leeding Leedom Leeds Leedyere Leef Leefe Leefever Leefsley Leeh Leeigh Leeik Leek Leeke Leekes Leekey Leeland Leeman Leeminge Leening Leenley Leenly Leeper Leer Leer or Lear Leered Leerwood Leery Lees Leese Leeson Leet Leetch Leete Leeth Leetton Leetwood Leevers Leeves Leevesaye Leeveslie Leevesly Leevinge Leevsley Leewood Leey Leeze Lefever Lefevre Leffage Lefranc Leg Legat Legat als. Ayshe Legate Legatt Legbby Legbe Legbie Legbye Lege Leger Legerd Legert Legerton Leget Lege[-] Legg Leggat Leggate Leggatt Legge Legget Leggett Leggit Leggoll Leggs Legit Lego Legress Legroft Legrove Legys Lehellhowst Lehellowes Leicester Leich Leiche Leichfeild Leicye Leidbeater Leide Leidger Leiett Leife Leigerd Leigh Leighe Leighfield Leighler Leight Leighton Leikey Leinnie Leir Leirster Leisam Leischield Leiseter Leison Leister Leiston Leivers Leives Leivne Leivsly Leke Lelagh Leland Leland or Jelande Lelande Lelects Leleye Lellie Lello Lelowe Lely Leman Lemb Lembrel Lembry Lemen Lemin Leming Leminge Lemm Lemman Lemmin Lemminge Lemmon Lemon Lemonon Lemons Lemot Lemphry Lemynge Len Lenard Lenbard Lenbry Lendeein Lendemore Lenden Lendey Lendne Lendon Lene Leneage Lenet Leney Lengard Lenge Leninge Lenmon Lenn Lennard Lennie Lenning Lennington Lennon Lennys Lenord Lenox Lensey Lenster Lent Lentall Lentel Lentell Lenten Lenthall Lenton Leny Leodam Leonard Leoney Leonnard Leonord Leopard Leopholt Leowes Leper Lepington Lepton Lerd Lered Lerewood Lerie Lerkcom lerland Lerner Leroux Lerry Lerse lerstone Lertie Lerwell Lerwill Lerye les Lesant Lesdell Lese Lesenne Leseter Lesie Lesiter Lesle Lessey Lessiter Lesson Lestar Lesteed Lester Lestev Lestock Lestocke Lestor Lestter Lesum Lesy Let Letall Letchbetcher Letchmere Letchmoor Letchmore Lete Letel Letelye Lethaby Letham Lethebie Letheby Lethebye Letheott Letherby Letheren Letherland Letherne Lethum Lethwey Lethwick Lethwood Lethy Leton Lets Letson Lettacke Lette Letten Letterbarrow Letters Lettes Lettin Lettine Letting Lettinge Lettle Lettleter Lettocke Letton Letts Leuers Leues Leuins Leuis Leuker Leuns Leut Leutey Leuthal Leuton Levam Levar Levase Leveck Levell Leven Levens Lever Leveret Leveridg Leveridge Leverige Leverit Leveritt Levermore Leverock Levers Leversage Leversege Leversich Leversidge Leversiege Leversitch Leversley Leversuch Leverton Leves Levesely Levesey Levesley Levesly Levestone Levet Levett Levetts Levey Levi Levice Levick Levicke Levieux Levilan Levings Levir Levis Levit Levitt Levy Levys Lewall Lewance Lewarde Lewas Lewcas Lewce Lewcombe Lewcus Lewee Lewell Lewellin Lewelline Lewen Lewenden Lewendon Lewens Lewenton Lewes Lewet Lewhar Lewice Lewill Lewin Lewine Lewing Lewings Lewington Lewins Lewinton Lewis Lewish Lewit Lewitt Lewly Lewndy Lewrey Lewring Lewry Lews Lewse Lewsley Lewsly Lewtey Lewty Lewyn Lewyne Lewys Lewyshe Lexam Ley Leybourne Leycroft Leyd Leyde Leye Leyes Leyfeild Leyfield Leygh Leyghton Leyhood Leyland Leylande Leyman Leynd Leyninge Leyre Leyrie Leyrye Leys Leyster Leytie Leyton Leywood Lezan Leze Lezee Liache liam Libbet Libbey Libbie Libbye Libscom Libscombe Lice licence Licens Licherd Lichfeild Lichfield Lichford Lichington Licke Lid Lidar Lidard Lidbetter Lidbury Lidd Liddal Liddall Liddard Liddeard Liddel Liddell Lidden Lidderdale Liddiard Liddiat Liddiatt Liddington Liddoll Liddon Lidds Liddyard Liddyatt Lide Lideard Lidearde Liden Lidenton Lider Lidford Lidgate Lidgeard Lidget Lidginham Lidgit Lidiard Lidiat Lidsey Lidster Lidwell Lidyard Lidyate Lidyerd Lidyut Lid[---] Lie Liefchild Liell Liery Lies Lieth Lieusley Lieusly Lievers Lievesley Lievesly Liewood Lifchilde Lifelly Liffin Liffolly Liford Liftan Lifton Lifully Lige Ligeat Ligg Liggate Liggens Ligget Liggett Liggit Liggitt Liggot Ligh Lighc Lighe Light Lighte Lighten Lightfoot Lightfoote Lightfote Lighthead Lighting Lightley Lighton Lights Ligo Ligot Lilborn Lilbourn Lilbourne Lilburn Lilburne Lile Liley Lilford Lilian Lilias Lilicke Lilicrap Lilington Lill Lille Liller Lilley Lillfeild Lillicrapp Lillie Lillington Lillor Lilly Lillycrap Lillycrapp Lillye Lillyman Lily Lim Liman Limar Limb Limbard Limbe Limbert LImbery Limbre Limbree Limbrey Limbrick Limbricke Limbrie Limbro Limbry Limbrye Lime Limeburner Limeham Liming Limm Limme Limne Limner Limon Limpas Limpney Limpny Limpus Limur Limyn Lin Linacar Linacre Linard Linbree Linby Linch Linchcombe Linche Linckhorne Lincoll Lincoln Lincolne Lincton Lindal Lindale Lindar Lindell Linden Linder Lindford Lindle Lindley Lindo Lindon Lindop Lindow Lindrey Lindropp Lindsdale Lindsey Lindsly Lindsy Lindy Line Lineard Linebey Lineham Linehill Lineker Linell Lines Linesey Linesley Linet Linett Liney Linfeat Linfield Linfit Linfitt Linford Linforth Ling Lingard Linge Linger Linges Lingh Lingington Lings Lingwood Lingworth Linham Linhold Liniall Linicar Linington Link Linkbide Linke Linkole Linlay Linley Linlington Linly Linman Linn Linnage Linnard Linne Linnekar Linneker Linnelin Linnen Linnes Linnet Linnett Linney Linneyman Linng Linnie Linnington Linnis Linnitt Linnsie Linny Linscombe Linsdale Linsdall Linseley Linsey Linsh Linsley Linstead Linswall Linsy Lint Lintall Lintell Linten Lintern Linterne Linthorn Linthorne Linthwaite Lintin Linting Linto Lintoe Linton Lintott Linum Linward Linwhite Linwood Linwoode Linyard Linzey Linzie Lion Lionde Lions liorge Lippet Lippett Lippiard Lippiat Lippiatt Lippiet Lippincott Lippingcot Lippon Lipps Lips Lipscom Lipscomb Lipscombe Lipson Lipton Liptret Lipyard Lipyeat Lipyeatt Liquorish Liquors Liscomb Liscombe Lise Liseley Lisett Lisk Lisle Lisley Lislie Lisons Lissant Lissby Lisse Lisset Lissett Lissetter Lissiter Lisson Lisster Listcome Liste Lister Listles Listrich Listtes Lisulley Liswell Liswill Litan Litchfeild Litchfield Litchford Litchman Lite Litfoot Litgett Lithal Lithall Litham Lithebridg Lithebridge Litherland Litherlands Litilfeild Litldeke Litldick Litldicke Litle Litleburie Litledicke Litledike Litlepage Litler Litleton Litlewood Litleworke Litleworth Litley Litman Litsler Litson Litster Litt Littel Litteldyke Littelfeild Littell Littellpage Littellter Littelter Litten Litter Litterns Littldike Little Little leered Little or Littler Little-John Littleb Littlebury Littlechild Littlecott Littledick Littledicke Littledike Littleditch Littledyck Littledyke Littlefair Littlefaire Littlefeild Littlefer Littlefield Littlejohn Littlejohns Littlel Littleley Littleower Littler Littletar Littleton Littletor Littlewood Littlewort Littleworth Littley Littlle Littman Littmon Litton Littwy Livard Liveley Livell Livelock Livelocke Livelong Lively Liver Liveredg Liveridge Liverland Livermoor Liversuch Livesay Livesey Livesley Livesly Livet Livick Living Livingston Livlocke Livlong Livol Livoll Livsey Livul Livyby Liwood liyman Lizard Llawhelling Llawrence Llewelin Llewellin lley Llollot Llong Lloyd Lloydd llston Lluellin llye lngall Lo Loa Loach Loaden Loader Loading Loadseman Loadsman Loagan Loak Loakears Loalar Loame Loan Loane Loaney Loange Loaring Loasby Loat Lob Lobb Lobbe Lobe Lobin Loblei Lobler Lobley Lobsey Loc Loccow Loch Locheram Lochstone Lock Lock or Lack Lockatt Locke Lockeer Locken Lockeo Locker Lockerain Lockes Locket Lockett Lockettl Lockey Lockhare Lockhart Lockie Lockier Lockin Locking Lockinger Lockington Lockinton Lockit Lockitt Lockley Locko Lockoe Lockor Lockow Lockowe Locks Locksley Lockson Lockstone Lockton Lockus Lockwod Lockwood Lockyeare Lockyer Locock Lococke Locok Loctin Locton Locust Lod Lodare Loday Lodd Lodder Loddinge Loddington Lodell Loden Loder Lodewell Lodge Lodin Lodington Lodor Lodowicke Lodwell Lodwick Loe Loebye Loecock Loes Loesbee Loesby Lofe Loffe Loffenhurst Loffiin Loffiing Loffman Lofler Loflin Loft Lofte Lofting Lofton Lofts Lofty Logan Logane Logazirke Logden Logdon Logett Logg Loggan Logget Loggett Loggin Loggins Loggote Logrove Loid Loikier Loins Lok Lokeer Loker Lokett Lokeyer alias Rogers Lokier Lolice Lolley Lollis Lolly Lom Loman Lomar Lomas Lomass Lomax Lombard Lombart Lombe Lomberd Lombert Lomer Lomes Lomley Lomm Lommas Lommax Lomson Lond Londer Londins London London alias Jones Londy Lone Lonedall Lonedaye Lonen Loney Lonford Long Long alias Thrave Long-alias-Threaves Long-Bottom Longbotham Longbottham Longbottom Longbottome Longbottoms Longbridge Longcastell Longcraft Longcroft Longdal Longdale Longdell Longden Longdin Longdon Longe Longear Longeare Longebotham Longedall Longeland Longeman Longerussell Longfield Longfoot Longford Longhe Longland Longlande Longlands Longlee Longley Longly Longmaes Longmaid Longman Longmat Longmate Longmead Longmette Longmire Longmon Longmore Longney Longnor Longrnead Longsonn Longsreth Longstaff Longstaffe Longstocke Longston Longstone Longstraeth Longstreet Longstretch Longstreth Longthorn Longthorne Longton Longworth Longworthe Longyear Longyeare Longyears Longyer Longyere Longyre Lonn Lonnen Lonnge Lonnon Lonsdale Lonsdill Lont Lony Lonye Loo Loocker Looies Look Looke Looker Lookman Looks Looman Loomer Loomes Looms Loon Loongwoorth Loop Looring Loorry Loosely Loosemore Looson Lopes Lopis Loplee Lopsee Lopsey Lopus Lorain Loram Lorance Lorands Lorani Lord Lord. Lorde Lordson Loreing Loren Lorens Lorin Loring Loringe Lorington Lorinton Loris Lorner Lorpen Lorrad Lorrance Lorrens Lorridge Lorringe Lorrington Lorry Lorsey Lorsnet Lort Lorte Lorthe Lorton Lorwinge Lory Loryn Lorynge Loscomb Loscombe Loscome Losebie Loseby Losiam Losibye Losleys Lostie Lot Lote Lothymore Loton Lott Lotta Louch Louche Loucier Loucouke Loud Louder Loudlin Loudye Loue Louedell Loueden Loueell Loueioy Louer Loueridge Louering Louerne Loufden Louffe Lough Loughman Loughnous Loughton Louibone Louke Lound Lounde Loung Lount Lountt Lourday Loury Louse Lousse Loutch Louth Louthe Louton Lovaby Lovage Lovat Lovatt Lovdaie Lovday Love Loveage Loveband Lovebone Loveday Lovedaye Lovedee Loveden Loveder Lovedy Lovegrove Loveiaye Loveing Lovel Lovelace Lovelack Lovelake Lovelas Lovelase Lovelass Lovelasse Loveledge Loveles Loveless Lovelesse Lovelick Lovelis Lovell Lovelock Lovelocke Lovels Loveluck Lovely Lovelys Loven Lover Loveredge Loveren Loveridg Loveridge Loverige Loverin Lovering Loveringe Loversal Loversedge Loverseeds Loveryn Loves Lovesay Lovesey Loveseye Lovesy Lovet Loveton Lovett Lovewell Lovey Loveybond Lovgrove Lovibond Lovick Lovidge Loving Lovinge Lovit Lovitt Lovlace Lovlas Lovles Lovlesse Lovlock Lovlocke Lovluck Lovory Lovridg Lovridge Lovsey Lovybon Low Lowage Lowater Lowath Lowch Lowche Lowcock Lowcocke Lowd Lowde Lowden Lowder Lowdey Lowdie Lowdon Lowdy Lowe Lowebun Lowef Loweles Lowell Lowen Lower Loweringe Lowhips Lowington Lowis Lowke Lowle Lowlesse Lowley Lowll Lowlock Lowls Lowly Lowman Lown Lownd Lownde Lownds Lowne Lownerowe Lowraan Lowrey Lowrie Lowring Lowry Lowrye Lowson Lowtchin Lowter Lowth Lowther Lowton Lowye Lowyll Lowyn Loxley Loxly Loxon Loxton Loy Loyal Loyd Loyde Loye Loynes Loyns Loyntan Loyt Loyten Lrdiatt lrishe lsom Luarde Lubbock Lubkin Lubmu Lubnam Lubridg Lubton Lucanar Lucar Lucas Lucass Luccas Luccock Luccocke Luccott Luccus Luce Luces Lucie Luck Luckas Lucke Lucker Luckes Luckes alias Beckey Luckess Luckesse Luckest Lucket Luckett Luckham Luckies Luckis Luckit Lucknam Luckock Luckocke Luckome Lucks Luckscraft Luckston Luckstone Luckum Luckus Luckwill Lucky Luckye Luckys Lucnard Lucock Lucocke Lucoke Lucor Lucre Lucum Lucus Lucy Ludbrook Ludbrooke Ludby Ludbye Ludcock Luddale Ludden Luddington Luddlow Ludford Ludgate Ludge Ludgrove Ludham Ludington Ludkin Ludlam Ludler Ludley Ludlm Ludlo Ludloe Ludlow Ludlowe Ludman Ludnam Ludock Luds Ludwel Ludwell Ludyate Luellin Luelling Luen Luenddon Luenten Luer Lues Luf Lufden Luff Luffe Luffer Luffman Luffmgham Luffnaud Lufman Lufmon Lug Lugar Lugg Luggar Lugge Lugger Luggrove Lugs Luhtley Luice Luies Luin Luine Luington Luinton Luis Luise Lukas Lukcas Lukcock Lukcok Luke Luke alias Etheridge Lukeman Luker Lukes Lukeson Lukins Lukis Lukman Lukson or Lickson Lukys Lullet Lum Lumb Lumbard Lumbart Lumbeard Lumberd Lumberde Lumbert Lumberwere Lumbes Lumbord Lumbrey Lumbton Lumburd Lumbus Lumby Lume Lumen Lumley Lumly Lumm Lummas Lummase or Lomax Lummax Lumming Lummon Lumney Lumpkin Lumrnax Lun Lund Lundan Lunden Lunder Lundon Lune Lunedon Luning Lunn Lunne Lunnen Lunnon Lunon Lunsdale Lunt Lunten Lunton Luntonton Luntun Lupe Lupton Lurd Lurde Lurden Lurgeful Lurges Lurgis Lurgisale Lurkin Lurkman Lurnar Lurrans Lusbie Lusby Luscomb Luscombe Luscome Luscumbe Luse Luset Lush Lushe Lusher Lushmore Lusken Luskie Luskin Luskinge Lustie Luston Lusty Lutare Lute Luter Lutey Luteye Luther Lutie Lutlay Lutley Lutlough Lutly Lutman Luton Lutt Lutterel Lutterell Luttertot Lutther Luttley Luttly Lutton Luttrell Lutty Luty Lux Luxell Luxen Luxmoore Luxmore Luxnore Luxnur Luxon Luxonne Luxsell Luxsen Luxston Luxtone Luxwell Lu[n]ne Lves Lvne Ly Lyal Lyall Lyard Lyas Lybbe Lybbet Lybbie Lyburne Lyceham Lycett Lych Lyd Lydal Lydall Lydard Lydd Lyddal Lyddall Lyddate Lyddeard Lyddel Lyddiard Lyddington Lyddoll Lyddon Lydds Lyddy Lyddyett Lyde Lyder Lydes Lydeyard Lydford Lydget Lydgett Lydia Lydiard Lydiat Lydiate Lydiatt Lydington Lydit Lydy Lydyard Lydyarde Lydyate Lye Lyell Lyells Lyes Lyford Lyftchylde Lyfton Lyghe Lyght Lyghte Lyghtscote Lygo Lygoe Lygor Lylan Lyland Lylborne Lyle Lyley Lyll Lyller Lyllie Lylly Lyllye Lylong Lym Lymb Lymbe Lymber Lymberie Lymbre Lymbree Lymbrey Lymbrie Lymbry Lymbrye Lymbury Lyme Lymen Lymett Lymington Lymm Lymme Lymmett Lympany Lympas Lyn Lynacre Lynage Lynam Lynan Lynch Lynche Lynchecombe Lyncke Lynckes Lynclon Lyncole Lyncon Lynde Lyndey Lyndley Lyndon Lyndor Lyndsey Lyndye Lyne Lyneare Lyneham Lynes Lynfey Lynford Lyng Lyngam Lynge Lyngham Lyngs Lyning Lynley Lynn Lynne Lynnet Lynnett Lynney Lynnington Lynnis Lynnus Lynnye Lynsaye Lynscye Lynsdall Lynsey Lynsie Lynsye Lyntall Lynten Lynton Lyntorne Lynwode Lynwood Lynzey Lyon Lyonell Lyons Lyonson Lypeatt Lyppard Lyppeat Lyppeate Lyppiat Lyppiate Lyppyat Lyps Lypscombe Lyqar Lyqor Lyre Lyred Lyret Lyrnpus Lysett Lyson Lyssen Lysset Lyssett Lyster Lytcot Lyte Lytefoote Lytelton Lyterill Lytford Lyth Lythabie Lytherland Lythgoe Lythier Lythyer Lytster Lyttell Lyttellpage Lyttelton Lytteltor Lytterford Lyttle Lyttleditch Lyttledyke Lyttletor Lyttlewood Lyttlewoode Lyttocke Lytton Lyvely Lyvesen Lyvlock Lyward Lywood Lyze L[easea]