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Wards in Westmorland

The following is a list of the Wards (equivalent to Hundreds), with the places comprised in each, as at 1914:-

Allerdale Ward (above Derwent)

Arlecdon, Birker and Austhwaite, Beckermet St. Bridget, Beckermet St. John, Blindbothel, Bootle, Borrowdale, Brackenthwaite, Braithwaite, Branthwaite, Brigham, Buttermere, Chapel Sucken, Cleator, Great Clifton, Cloffocks, Cockermouth, Coledale and Portingscale, Corney, Dean, Distington, Drigg, Eaglesfield, Egremont, Embleton, Ennerdale and Kinniside, Eskdale and Wasdale Head, Gosforth, Greysouthen, Haile, Harrington, Hensingham, Irton, Lamplugh, Lorton, Loweswater, Lowside Quarter, Millom, Millom Rural, Moresby, Mosser, Muncastle, Parton, Ponsonby, Preston Quarter, Rottington, St. Bees, Salter with Eskett, Sandwith, Setmurthy, Stainburn, Thornthwaite, Thwaites, Ullock, Ulpha, Waberthwaite, Nether Wasdale, Weddicar, Whicham, Whinfell, Whitbeck, Winscales, Workington, Workington Rural, Wythop, Wythop Mill.

Allerdale Ward (below Derwent)

Abbey Holme, Allhallows, Aspatria and Brayton, Bassenthwaite, Bewaldeth and Stuttlegarth, Birkby, Blennerhasset and Kirkland, Blinderake, Isell and Redmain, High Bolton, Low Bolton or Bolton Wood and Quarry Hill, Bothel and Threapland, Bridekirk, Briery Cottages, Brocklebank, Broughton, Broughton Moor, High Caldbeck, Low Caldbeck, Caldbeck Haltcliffe, Cammerton, Little Clifton, Crosby, Crosscanonby, Dearham, Dovenby, Ellenborough and Ewanrigg, Flimby, Gilcrux, Hayton and Mealo, Low Holme, Holme St. Cuthberts, High Ireby, Low lreby, Isell Old Park, Keswick, Langrigg and Mealrigg, Maryport, Mosedale, Newlands, West Newton and Allonby, Oughterside and Allerby, Papcastle, Plumbland, Ribton, Rosley, St. John Castlerigg and Wythburn, Seaton, Skiddaw, Stoneraise, Sunderland, Tallentire, Torpenhow and Whitrigg, Oldale, Underskiddaw, East Waverholme, Woodside.

Carlisle City

Carlisle, St. Cuthbert Without.

Cumberland Ward

Aglionby, Aikton, Anthorn, Little Bampton, Beaumont, Biglands and Gamblesby, High Blackwell, Low Blackwell, Blencogo, Bousted Hill, Bowness, Brisco, Bromfield, Buckabank, Burgh-by-Sands, Cargo, Carleton, Castle Town Quarter, Church Town Quarter, Great Corby, Cotehill-with-Cumwhinten, Crofton, Cumdivock, Dalston, Drumburgh, Dundraw and Kilsick, Etterby, Fingland, Grinsdale, Hawkesdale, Houghton, Ivehill or Highhead, Kirkandrews-upon-Eden, Kirkbampton, Kirkbride, Linstock, Longburgh, Moor-House, Orton, Oughterby, Oulton, Parton and Micklethwaite, Raughton and Gaitsgill, Rickerby, Rockliffe, St. Cuthbert Without, Scotby, High Sebergham, Low Sebergham, Stainton, Stanwix, Tarraby, Thursby, Upperby, Wampool, Warwick, Warwick Bridge, Waverton, Wetheral, Wiggonby, Wigton, Woodside Quarter, Wreay.

Eskdale Ward

Arthuret, Askerton, Bailey, Bellbank, Bewcastle, Brampton, Breconhill, Brunstock, Bertholme, Carlattan, Castle Carrock, Little Corby, Crosby-upon-Eden, Cumrew Inside, Cumrew Outside, Cumwhitton, Nether Denton, Upper Denton, Easby, East Farlam, West Farlam, Faugh and Fenton, Geltsdale Forest, Hayton, Hethersgill, Irthington, King Moor, Kingwater, Kirkandrews Middle, Kirkandrews Moat, Kirkandrews Nether, Kirklinton Middle, Laversdale, Longtown, Lyneside, Midgehelm, Moorthwaite, Naworth, Netherby, Newby, Newtown, Nichol Forest, Nixons, Northsceugh, East Scaleby, West Sesleby, Solport, Stapleton, Talkin, Trough, Walby, High Walton, Low Walton, Waterhead, Westlinton.

Leath Ward

Ainstable Alston, Berrier and Murrah, Great Blencow, Bowscale, Bustabeck Bound, Calthwaite, Catterlin, Croglin, Culgaith, Dacre, Edenhall, Gamblesby, Garrigill, Glassonby, Greystoke Johnby, Little Blencow and Motherby and Gill, Hesket-in-the-Forest, How-Bound, Hunsonby and Winskel, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Hutton John, Hutton Roof, Hutton Soil, Itonfield, Kirkland and Blencarn, Kirkoswald, Langwathby, Lazonby, Matterdale, Melmerby, Middlesceugh-with-Braithwaite, Mungrisdale, Nenthead, Newbiggin, Newton Reigny, Ousby, Petteril Crooks, Penrith, Plumpton Street, Plumpton Wall, Renwick, Row-Bound, Great Salkeld, Little Salkeld, Skelton, Skirwith, Soulby, Southernby-Bound, Staffield, Stainton, Stockdalewath-Bound, Threlkeld, Unthank, Watermillock.

Whitehaven Town Ward