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Grant of Arms to Silvanus and Francis Boycott

To ALL AND SINGULAR as well Nobles and Gentiles, as others to whome these presents shall come, SR Edward Bysshe, Knt Clareucevx King of Armes of the South, East, and West parts of this Realme of England, from the River of Trent Southwards, sendith greeting. Amongst the sundry Monuments devised by our prudent ancestours to com'end the memory of deserving men to succeeding ages, it is observable that the cheifest and most usuall have been the bearing of markes or signes in sheilds, commonly called Armes, both as eminent demonstration's of their virtues, and rewards for the same, and that for this commendable service to their Prince and Countrey, in warre or peace, they may in this life receive due honour and afterwards transmit the same to their successive posterity. In which respect, whereas Silvanus Boycott of Hinton in the County of Salop, and Francis Boycott of Byldwas in the same County, sons to William Boycott late of Byldwas aforesaid deceased, having manifested their loyalty to our now Sovereigne King Charles the second, by sundry services in the times of his great distresses (as the said William Boycott their father had done to his late Matie King Charles the first of ever blessed memory, by furnishing his Army and Garrisons with great Shott, Granadoes, and other necessary Habiliments of Warr). Know ye therefore that I the said Clarenceux in consideration thereof and for the better encouragement of others unto good and virtuous endeavours, by power of my office granted unto me, under the great Seale of England, at the instant request of them the said Silvanus and Francis, have assigned given and confirmed; and by these presents do assigne give and confirme unto them these Armes following: vzt, Upon a Cheife Argent in a Feild Gules three Granadoes proper: And for the Crest, An armed Arme proper issuing out of a Crowne Murall, casting a Granado, as in the margent hereof is more plainly to be scene: So that he the said Silvanus may at all times and upon all occasions use beare and shew forth the same in shield, Coate-Armour, or otherwise ; and he the said Francis with the distinction of a Crescent; and their and each of their descendants, with their due differences, according to the Law of Armes, and laudable custome of this Realme, without the impediment, let, or interruption of any person or persons whatsoever. In witness whereof I the sayde Clarenceiux have hereunto subscribed my name, and affixed the Seale of my Office the twenty-first day of March in the sixteenth yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord Charles the second by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland King Defender of the Fayth, &c. and in the year of our Lord MDCLXIII.

EDWARD BYSHHE, Clarenceux King of Armes