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Grant of Arms to Nicholas Johnson


To all and Singular persons as well Nobles & Gentlemen as others to whome these presents shall come Sr RICHARD St GEORGE, Knight Clarenceux Kinge of Armes of the East, west, and South parts of this Reaime of England from the River of Trent Southward sendeth greetinge.
KNOWE yee that whereas antiently from the begininge the victorious acts of worthie persons haue been com'ended to the World with Sundrie monuments and remembrances of their good deserts, amongst which the cheifest and most vsuall hath beene the beareinge of Signs in sheilds called Armes, which are evident demonstrations and testimonyes of prowesse and valour diuerslie distributed accordinge to the qualitie of the persons meritinge the same : To the intent that such as haue done com'endable seruice to theire Prince or Country either in Warre or peace may thereby not onely receiue due honor & reward in their owne lives, but likewise derive the same successively to theire posteritie for euer. IN consideration of ye premisses & beinge requested by NICHOLAS JOHNSON of Milton Bryan in the Countie of Bedford to assigne vnto him some tokens & badges of honor as he may lawfully beare without preiudice to any other. And besides haueinge received credible Information that hee is a man, whoe for his civill life, generous Carriage, and other his good Deportments in his Countrie that well deserueth to bee ranked amongst the bearers of those honorable Ensignes. I have condiscended to his reasonable Request & haue assigned vnto him this Armes and Creast followinge (viz't) Argent vpon a Pile Azure three Ounces heads erashed Argent & for his Crest vppon a Chappeau Gules turned vp Ermyn an Ounces head erashed Argent mantled Gules doubled Argent as more plainlie appeareth depicted in the Margent hereof.† The which Armes & Creast I the said SR RICHARD St GEORGE KNT CLARENCEUX doe give graunt ratifie and confirme vnto the abouesaid Nicholas Johnson and to Francis Johnson and William Johnson brothers of the said Nicholas, and to the seuerall descendants of their bodies for euer beareinge theire differences accordinge to the Lawe of Armes in that case provided. In witnesse whereof I the said CLARENCEUX Kinge of Armes haue signed this present with my hand and haue affixed thereunto the Seale of my Office, Dated at the Office of Armes the Viijth day of Maye Anno D'nj 1632 in the eighth yeare of the Raigne of our most gratious Soueraigne Lord Kinge Charles by the grace of God Kinge of greate Brittayne France and Ireland defender of the Faith &c.


RI. St GEORGE, Clarenceux Kinge of Armes

† In the margin of the grant the Ounces' heads, both in the arms and crest, are langued gules