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Grant of Arms to Herbert Westfaling, D.D.

To all and singular aswell Nobles and Gentillz as others to whome these presentes shall come Robert Cooke esquier alias Clarencieulx principall herauld and Kinge of Armes of the Sowth East and west partes of this Realme of England from the Riuer of Trent Southewardes sendeth greetinge in our Lord God euerlasting. Whereas aunciently from the beginning the vertuous actes of worthie persons have ben comended to the world with sondrey monumentes and remembrances of their good deseartes Emongst the which the chiefest and most vusall hathe ben the bearinge of Signes in Shieldes called Armes which are euident demonstracons of prowes and valoir diuersly distributed accordinge to the quallites and desertes of the persons ; to thintent that such as by their vertues do shew foorthe the advancement of the comon wealth, the shine of their good lyfe and conuersation in daily pratise of thinges worthie and comendable may both receaue due honor in their lyues and also deriue the same successiuely to their posteritie. And beinge credibly informed not only by the reporte of sondry Gentilmen worthie of Credit, but also by mine owne knowledg, that Herbert Westfaling of the vniuersity of Oxford Doctor of diuinitie hath longe continued in vertue and in all his affairs actons and doings hath so well behaved hymself (to his great comendacon) that he hath well merited and is worthie from hencefoorth to be renouned accepted and taken into the nomber and fellowship of other auncient gentillmen, for remembrance whereof I the said Clarencieulx Kinge of Armes by power and aucthoritie vnto my office annexed and graunted by letters patentes vnder the great seale of England haue assigned geuen and graunted vnto and for the said Herbert Westfaling the Armes hereafter following videlizt, asur a crosse betwen fower Galthropes golde: To haue and holde the Saide Armes vnto and for the saide Herbert Westfaling Gentilman and his posteritie, he and they the same to vse and euioy according to the lawe of Armes without impediment lett or interupton of any person or persons. In witnes wherof I the said Clarenceulx Kinge of Armes haue sett hereunto my hand and seale of the first daye of march A° doi 1576 and in the xxith yere of the reigne of Quene Elizabethe &c.

ROBERT COOKE, Clarensieulx Roy Darmes