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Grant of Arms to John Bolton of Bolton Hill

To all nobles and Jentiles these p'nte l'res Reding hering or seing Sr gylbert Dethicke al's garter knight princypall King of armes sendeth Dew and humble commendacion and greting equitie welleth and Reason ordeyneth that men vertius and of noble corage be by there merets and good Renowne rewarded not allonely. there p'sons in this mortall Lyffe so breffe and transetory but allso after them those that shalbe of there bodies desended to be had in p'petuall memory. And for as mouch as John Bolton of Bolton hill in the county of pembroke gentilman is desended of an auncient howsse bering armes. Never the Lesse he beinge uncertayne under what sorte and manner his predesessores bare the same wth the Dew dyfference hath desiered me the said garter principall king of armes to ordeyne assigne and set fourth his armes wth a create Lefully to be borne. I therefore seing his Request so Juste and Reasonable by thauctory and power annexed attrybuted geven and graunted to me and to my office of garter principall king of armes under the moste noble greate Seale have ordeyned assigned and set fourth his armes wth a creaste Leffully to be borne in manner as hereafter followeth: That is to saye, Silver on a bend geules Thre Lions' hedes caboshed of the felde betwene two flower delyseys asur upon a healme on a Torsse Silver and geules a hindes hed parte p' pale endented Silver and asur holding in his mouth a brod arrowe gold fethered and heded Silver. Mantelled geules Doubled Silver as more playnely appereth Depicted in this mergent. To have and to hold to the said John Bolton gentilman and to his posterytie and they it to usse and enioye for evermore. In witnes whereof I the said garter have signed theis presents wth my hand and set thereunto the Seale of myne armes wth they the seale of my office of garter princypall king of armes. geven and graunted at London the Vth of July in the Second and third yeres of the Reigne of or Sou'aignes phillipe and Mary by the grace of god king and quene of England Spayne ffraunce bothe the Siceles Jerussalem and Ireland Defenders of the faithe Arche Dukes of Austrie Dukes of Burgondy myllayne and brabant Counties of haspurgh maunders and Tyroll.

p' me Gartier principallem
Regem Armorum.