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A Grammar of English Heraldry

What follows is a complete transcript of the book A Grammar of English Heraldry , written by the proprietors' great-great uncle in 1913. We have not included the list of illustrations, nor the index, as they would be superfluous in this format. Each chapter is presented on a single page so as to ease navigation, for which you should use the links at the top of the page.

This book will give the reader a good foundation knowledge of the subject and how items of a heraldic nature are designed, described, and regulated.

The Cambridge Manuals of Science and


The Gatehouse, Christ's College, Cambridge
(From Heraldry for Craftsmen and Designers )


THIS little book is intended to set forth for students the first principles of English Heraldry in such a manner as will enable them to take an intelligent interest in it and to realize its value as the handmaid of history and art.

To this end the original sources of such principles have been appealed to, and every effort has been made to keep clear of the obscurities engrafted in later times upon the older heraldry which have contributed so largely to bring the subject into contempt.

The illustrations have been selected not so much from the pictorial side as to make clear the subjectmatter; and they have for the most part been drawn in outline so that students may colour them for themselves.

The author desires to express his thanks to the Rev. E. E. Dorling, M.A., F.S.A., for reading the text when in manuscript and for several valuable suggestions.

W. H. ST J. H.

October 1913



I. Definitions and Origin of Heraldry
II. The Grammar of Heraldry
III. Differencing and Marshalling of Arms
IV. Lozenges, Roundels, and Banners of Arms
V. Crests, Badges, Rebuses, and Supporters
VI. Rolls of Arms, and Heraldry of the Thirteenth
and Fourteenth centuries
VII. Heraldry of the Fifteenth century
VIII. Grants of Arms
IX. Heraldry in the Sixteenth century
X. Heraldry in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth,
and Nineteenth centuries
XI. Heraldic Nomenclature
XII. The Further Study of Heraldry