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Blandford Poor Law Union

The Blandford Poor Law Union was officially formed in 1835, under the terms of the Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834.

The table below provides a list of the parishes and places contained within this Union. Where there is no To date it should be assumed that the parish or place was in this union until the Poor Law Unions were disolved in 1930.

Town or ParishFromToNotes
Almer 1835 1894  
Blandford Forum 1835    
Blandford St. Mary 1835    
Bryanston 1835    
Charlton Marshall 1835    
Chettle 1894    
Durweston 1835    
Farnham 1894    
Hilton 1835    
Iwerne Courtney 1835    
Iwerne Steepleton 1835    
Langton Long Blandford 1835    
Milborne St. Andrew 1835    
Milborne Stileham 1835    
Milton Abbas 1835    
Pimperne 1835    
Spetisbury 1835    
Stourpaine 1835    
Tarrant Crawford 1835    
Tarrant Gunville 1835    
Tarrant Hinton 1835    
Tarrant Keyneston 1835    
Tarrant Launceston 1835    
Tarrant Monkton 1835    
Tarrant Rawston 1835    
Tarrant Rushton 1835    
Turnworth 1835    
Winterborne Anderstone 1835    
Winterborne Clenston 1835    
Winterborne Houghton 1835    
Winterborne Kingston 1835    
Winterborne Stickland 1835    
Winterborne Tomson 1835    
Winterborne Whitechurch 1835    
Winterborne Zelston 1835