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Holland, Parts of, Lincolnshire

Historical Description

Holland, Parts of, a division of Lincolnshire, extending from Wainfleet to the Isle of Ely, and comprising the borough of Boston and the wapentakes of Elloe, Kirton, and Skirbeck. It is bounded on the N by the wapentakes of Candleshoe, Bolingbroke, and Horncastle; on the E by the German Ocean; on the S by Cambridgeshire; on the W by the wapentakes of Ness, Aveland, and Aswardhum. It was at one time covered by the sea, was afterwards mainly a waste of marsh and fen, was partially overgrown with wood and again submerged, and was eventually reclaimed and to a large extent converted into good land by means of embankments and numerous drains. (See LINCOLNSHIRE.) It has a general resemblance to Continental Holland, and thence got its name.

Transcribed from The Comprehensive Gazetteer of England & Wales, 1894-5