Places and parishes in Lincolnshire, England

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Aby, Ackthorpe, Addlethorpe, Ailby, Aisby (Coningham), Aisby (Haydor), Aisthorpe, Alford, Algarkirk, Alkborough, Althorpe, Alvingham, Amberhill, Amcotts, Ancaster, Anderby, Anwick, Apley, Appleby, Asgarby, Asgarby (Kesteven), Ashby, Ashby by Partney, Ashby de la Launde, Ashby Puerorum, Ashby with Fenby, Aslackby, Asterby, Asthorpe or Hasthorpe, Aswarby, Aswardby, Atterby, Aubourn, Audleby, Aunsby, Austindyke, Authorpe, Aylesby


Bag Enderby, Bardney, Barholme, Barkstone or Barkston le Willows, Barlings, Barnetby le Wold, Barnoldby le Beck, Barrow upon Humber, Barrowby, Barton upon Humber, Bassingham, Bassingthorpe cum Westby, Baston, Baumber or Bamburgh, Bayard Leap, Beckingham, Beelsby, Beesby in the Marsh, Belchford or Belshford, Belleau, Beltoft, Belton (Grantham), Belton (Isle of Axholme), Benington, Bennington Grange, Benniworth, Bicker, Bigby, Billingborough, Billinghay, Bilsby, Binbrook, Birthorpe, Biscathorpe or Beskerthorpe, Bishop Bridge, Bishop Norton, Bitchfield, Blankney, Bleasby, Bloxholme or Bloxham, Blyborough, Blyton, Bolingbroke, Bonby or Bondeby, Bonthorpe, Boothby, Boothby or Boothby Graffoe, Boothby Pagnell, Boston, Bottesford, Boughton, Boultham, Bourne, Braceborough, Bracebridge, Braceby, Brackenborough, Bradley, Brampton, Brandon, Bransby, Branston or Branson, Brant Broughton, Bratoft or Braytoft, Brattleby, Brauncewell, Bridgend, Brigg or Glanford Brigg, Brigsley, Brocklesby, Bromby or Brumby, Brothertoft, Broughton, Broxholme, Bucknall, Bulcamp, Bullington, Burgh in the Marsh, Burgh upon Bain or Brough on Bain, Burnham (Haxey), Burnham (Thornton Curtis), Burringham, Burtoft, Burton by Lincoln, Burton Coggles, Burton Gate, Burton Pedwardine, Burton upon Stather, Burwell, Buslingthorpe, Butter Bump, Butterwick, Butterwick, West, with Kelfield, Bytham Castle


Cabourn, Cadney cum Howsham, Caenby, Caistor, Castor, or Caster, Calceby, Calcethorpe, Cammeringham, Candlesby, Canwick, Careby, Carlby, Carlton Castle, Carlton le Moorland, Carlton Scroop, Carrhouse, Carrington, Casewick, Casthorpe, Castle Dykings, Castle Thorpe, Cawkwell, Cawthorpe, Caythorpe, Chapel Hill, Chapel Mumby, Cheal, Claxby (Walesby), Claxby (Well), Claxy Pluckacre, Claypole, Claythorpe, Cleatham, Clee, Cleethorpes, Clixby, Coates by Stow, Cold Hanworth, Coldstead, Coleby, Coleby (Burton upon Stather), Collow, Colsterworth, Coningsby, Conisholme, Copping Syke, Corby, Corringham, Cotham, Counthorpe, Covenham St Bartholomew, Covenham St Mary, Cowbitt, Cranwell, Creeton with Counthorpe, Croft, Crofton, Crosby, Crowle, Croxby, Croxton, Croyland or Crowland, Culverthorpe, Cumberworth, Cuxwold


Dalby, Dalderby, Deeping St James or East Deeping, Deeping St Nicholas, Dembleby, Denton, Derrythorpe, Dexthorpe, Digby, Doddington Pigot, Dogdyke, Donington, Donington on Bain, Dorrington, Dowdike, Dowsby, Drainage Marsh, Driby, Drove End, Dry Doddington, Dunholme, Dunsby, Dunstall, Dunston, Dyke


Eagle, Eagle Hall, Eagle Woodhouse, Ealand, East and West Allington, East Barkwith, East Butterwick, East Ferry or East Kinnards Ferry, East Firsby, East Graby, East Halton, East Keal, East Kirkby, East Ravendale, East Stockwith, East Torrington, East Wykeham, Eastoft, Easton, Eastville, Eaudyke, Eaugate, Edenham, Edlington, Elsey, Elsham, Elsthorpe, Epworth, Eresby, Evedon, Ewerby


Faldingworth, Falkingham or Folkingham, Farforth cum Maidenwell, Farlsthorpe, Farthorpe, Fenton, Fenton (Kettlethorpe), Ferry Corner Plot, Fillingham, Firsby, Fishtoft, Fiskerton, Fleet, Flixborough, Fonaby, Fordington, Fosdyke, Foston, Fotherby, Frampton, Friesthorpe, Frieston, Frieston or Friston, Friskney, Frist, Frith Bank, Frodingham, Fulbeck, Fulletby, Fulnetby, Fulney


Gainsborough, Gandfield, Garrick, Garthorpe, Garwick, Gauntlet, Gautby, Gayton le Marsh, Gayton le Wold, Gedney, Gedney Hill, Gelston, Gibbet Hills and Forty, Girsby, Glentham, Glentworth, Gokewell, Goltho, Gonerby, Gosberton, Goulceby or Goulsby, Goxhill, Graby, Grainsby, Grainthorpe, Grantham, Grasby, Grayingham, Great Beats, Great Carlton, Great Coates, Great Gonerby, Great Grimsby, Great Hale, Great Ponton, Great Steeping, Great Sturton, Greatford or Gretford, Grebby, Greenfield, Greenhill, Greetham, Greetwell, Grimblethorpe, Grimoldby, Grimsthorpe, Gunby St Nicholas, Gunby St Peter, Gunhouse or Gunness, Gunthorpe, Guthram Cote


Habrough or Haburgh, Hacconby, Haceby, Hackthorn, Haddington, Hagnaby, Hagnaby (Hannah), Hagworthingham, Hainton, Hallington, Haltham on Bain, Halton Holegate, Hameringham, Hanbeck, Hanby, Hannah cum Hagnaby, Hanthorpe or Harmsthorpe, Hareby, Harlaxton, Harmston, Harpswell, Harrington, Harrowby, Hatcliffe, Hatton, Haugh, Haugham, Haven Bank, Haverholme Priory, Hawerby cum Beesby, Hawthorpe with Bulby, Haxdwick, Haxey, Haydor or Heydour, Healing, Heapham, Heckdyke, Heckington, Heighington, Helpringham, Hemingby, Hemswell, Hibaldstow, High and Low Santon, Himdon, Hofflet Stow, Hogsthorpe, HoIywell with Aunby, Holbeach, Holbeach Fen, Holbeach Hurn, Holbeach Marsh, Holbeck, Holdingham, Holland Fen, Holme, Holton Beckering, Holton le Clay, Holton le Moor, Honington, Horbling, Horkstow, Horncastle, Horsington, Hough on the Hill, Hougham, Houghton, Howell, Howsham, Humberstone, Humby, Hundleby, Hungerton, Huttoft


Immingham, Ingham, Ingleby, Ingoldmells, Ingoldsby, Irby in the Marsh, Irby upon Humber, Irnham, Isle of Axholme


Keadby, Keal Coates, Keddington, Keelby, Keisby, Kelby, Kelfield, Kelstern, Ketsby, Kettlethorpe, Kexby, Killingholme, Kingerby, Kingsforth, Kirkby Green, Kirkby la Thorpe or Kirkby Laythorpe, Kirkby Underwood, Kirkby upon Bain, Kirkby with Osgodby, Kirkstead, Kirmington, Kirmond le Mire, Kirton, Kirton in Lindsey, Kirtonholme, Knaith


Laceby, Lambcroft, Laneham, Langham Row, Langrick, Langriville or Langrick Ville, Langtoft, Langton by Spilsby, Langton by Wragby, Langton near Horncastle, Langton St Andrew, Langton Woodhouse, Langworth, Laughterton, Laughton by Falkingham, Laughton by Gainsborough, Lea, Leadenham, Leake, Leasingham, Legbourne, Legsby, Lenton, Leverton, Limber Magna, Limber Parva, Lincoln, Linwood, Linwood or Lynwode, Lissington, Little Beats, Little Bytham, Little Carlton, Little Cawthorpe, Little Coates, Little Grimsby, Little Hale, Little London (Long Sutton), Little London (Spalding), Little London (Stallingborough), Little Ponton, Little Steeping, Lobthorpe, Londonthorpe, Long Bennington, Long Sutton, Lound, Louth, Ludborough, Luddington, Ludford Magna, Ludford Parva, Ludney, Lusby


Mablethorpe St Mary, Mablethorpe St Peter, Maiden House, Maidenwell, Maltby, Maltby le Marsh, Manby, Manby (Broughton), Manthorpe, Manthorpe (Witham on the Hill), Manton, Mareham le Fen, Mareham on the Hill, Markby, Market Deeping, Market Rasen, Market Stainton, Marlborough, Marsh Chapel, Marston, Martin, Martin (Timberland), Marton, Mavis Enderby, Mawthorpe, Medlam, Melton Ross, Melwood, Mere or Meer, Messingham, Metheringham, Middle Gonerby, Middle Rasen, Middlethorpe, Midville, Millthorpe, Miningsby, Minting, Moorby, Moorhouses, Moortown or Moorton, Morton, Morton (Gainsborough), Morton (Swinderby), Mosswood, Moulton, Moulton St James, Muckton, Mumby


Navenby, Nethergate, Nettleham, Nettleton, New Bolingbroke, New Holland, New Leake, New York, Newball, Newbigg, Newsham, Newstead, Newstead (Uffington), Newton, Newton by Toft, Newton upon Trent, Nocton, Norlands, Normanby, Normanby (Stow), Normanby on the Wold, Normanby or Normanby by Spital, Normanton, North Carlton, North Coates, North Cockerington, North Elkington, North Forty Foot Bank, North Hykeham, North Kelsey, North Kyme, North Ormsby, North Owersby, North Rauceby, North Reston, North Scarle, North Somercotes, North Thoresby, North Willingham, North Witham, Northbeck, Northorpe, Northorpe (Donington), Northorpe (Thurlby), Norton Disney, Norton Place


Oat Sheaf, Obthorpe, Orby, Osbournby, Oseby, Osgodby (Kirkby), Osgodby (Lenton), Otby, Outgate, Owmby, Owmby (Searby), Owston, Oxcombe


Panton, Partney, Peak Hill, Pelhams Land, Pickworth, Pilham, Pinchbeck, Pode Hole, Pointon, Potter Hanworth


Quadring, Quarrington


Raithby, Raithby cum Maltby, Ranby, Rand, Ravensflat, Raventhorpe, Reasby, Redbourne, Reepham or Repham, Revesby, Riby, Rigbolt, Rigsby with Ailby, Rippingale, Risby (Roxby), Risby (Walesby), Risegate, Riseholme, Ropsley, Rosedale, Rothwell, Roughton, Rowlands Marsh or Pepper Gowt, Rowston or Roulston, Roxby, Roxholme, Roxton, Ruckland, Ruskington, Ryland


Saleby, Salmonby, Saltfleet, Saltfleetby All Saints, Saltfleetby St Clement, Saltfleetby St Peter, Sandtoft, Sapperton, Sausthorpe, Saxby (Market Rasen), Saxby or Saxby All Saints, Saxilby, Scamblesby, Scampton, Scartho, Scawby, Scawby Brook, Scopwick, Scothern or Scothorne, Scotland, Scott Willoughby, Scotter, Scotterthorpe, Scottlethorpe, Scotton, Scrafield, Scredington, Scremby, Scrivelsby, Scunthorpe, Searby with Owmby, Seasend, Sedgebrook, Semperingham, Shillingthorpe, Sibsey, Silk Willoughby or Silkby cum Willoughby, Sixhills, Skegness, Skellingthorpe, Skendleby, Skidbrooke, Skillington, Skinnand, Sleaford, Sloothby, Snarford, Snelland, Snitterby, Somerby (Brigg), Somerby (Corringham), Somerby (Grantham), Somersby, Sotby, South Carlton, South Cockerington, South Elkington, South Fen, South Ferriby, South Hykeham, South Kelsey, South Kyme, South Ormsby, South Owersby, South Rauceby, South Reston, South Somercotes, South Thoresby, South Willingham, South Witham, Southorpe, Southrey or Southrow, Spalding, Spanby, Spilsby, Spittal or Spittal in the Street, Spittlegate, Houghton, and Walton, Spridlington, Springthorpe, Stain, Stainby, Stainfield, Stainfield (Hacconby), Stainsby, Stainton by Langworth, Stainton le Vale, Stallingborough, Stamford, Stapleford, Stenfield, Stenigot, Stenwith or Stenwaites, Stewton, Stickford, Stickney, Stixwould or Stixwold, Stoke Rochford, Stow (Threckingham), Stow or Stowe (Gainsborough), Stow or Stowe (Market Deeping), Stragglethorpe, Stroxton, Strubby with Woodthorpe, Strugshill, Stubton, Sturgate, Sturton, Sturton by Stow, Sudbrooke, Sudbrooke (Ancaster), Surfleet, Susworth, Sutterby, Sutterton, Sutton, Sutton Bridge, Sutton in the Marsh, Sutton St Edmund, Sutton St James, Sutton St Nicholas, Swaby, Swallow, Swallowbeck, Swarby, Swaton, Swayfield or Swafield, Swinderby, Swineshead, Swinethorpe, Swinethorpe with Harby, Swinhope, Swinstead, Syston


Tallington, Tathwell, Tattershall, Tealby or Tevilby, Temple Bruer, Tetford, Tetney, Thealby, Theddlethorpe St Helen, Thetford, Thimbleby, Thoresthorpe, Thoresway, Thorganby, Thornton, Thornton Curtis, Thornton le Fen, Thornton le Moor, Thorpe Latimer, Thorpe le Mire, Thorpe on the Hill, Thorpe St Peter, Thorpe Tilney, Threckingham or Threekingham, Thrunscoe, Thurlby, Thurlby (Bilsby), Thurlby (Bourn), Thurlby (Lea), Timberland, Toft, Toft next Newton, Tongue End, Torksey, Tothill, Tower Moor, Toynton All Saints, Toynton St Peter, Toynton, High, Toynton, Low, Trusthorpe, Tumby, Tumby Wood, Tupholme, Twigmoor, Twyford, Tydd St Mary


Uffington, Ulceby, Ulceby cum Fordington, Upperthorpe, Upton, Usselby, Utterby


Waddingham, Waddington, Waddingworth, Wainfleet All Saints, Wainfleet St Mary, Waith, Walcot, Walcot (Alkborough), Walcott, Walesby, Walkerith, Walmsgate, Waltham, Walton, Washingborough, Weatalby, Weelsby, Welbourn, Welby, Well, Wellingore, Wellow or Welhove, Welton in the Marsh, Welton le Wold, West Ashby, West Barkwith, West Deeping, West Fen, West Firsby, West Halton, West Keal, West Pinchbeck, West Rasen, West Ravendale, West Theddlethorpe or Theddlethorpe All Saints, West Thorpe or Thorpe in the Fallows, West Torrington, West Willoughby, Westborough, Westby, Westgate, Westhorpe, Weston, Westwoodside, Whaplode, Whaplode Drove, Wharton, Whisby, White Pit, Whitton, Wickenby, Wickham, Wigtoft, Wildmore Fen, Wildsworth, Wilksby, Willingham, Willingham Cherry, Willoughby, Willoughby Silk, Willoughton, Wilsford, Wilsthorpe, Winceby, Winsover, Winteringham, Winterton, Winthorpe, Wispington, Witham on the Hill, Withcall, Witherne, Wold Newton or Newton le Wold, Wood Enderby, Woodhall and Woodhall Spa, Woodhouse, Woodthorpe, Woolsthorpe, Woolsthorpe (Colsterworth), Wootton, Worlaby (Glanford Brigg), Worlaby (Louth), Wragby, Wragholme, Wrangle, Wrawby, Wroot, Wyberton, Wyham, Wytche, Wyville with Hungerton


Yaddlethorpe, Yarborough or Yarburgh, Yawthorpe


Aslacoe, East and West, Aswardhurn, Aveland, Barrow Haven, Bayous Manor, Bradley Haverstoe, Car Dyke, Counter Drain, Cowbitt Wash, Cross Keys Wash, Dowsing, Elloe, Five, Foss Dyke, Gartree, Godnow Bridge, Holland, Parts of, Kesteven, Parts of, Knock, Inner and Outer, Lindsey, Parts of, Littleworth, Louth Canal, Louth Eske, Loveden, Macarony Channel, Medge Hall, North Drove, North Fen, Old Leake, Royalty, Silver Pit, Six Hundreds, Skitter, The Ancholme, The Brant, The Glen or Glean, The Rasen, The Slea, The Steeping, The Wolds, Thornton Abbey, Twenty