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Headstones in St. Mary's Church graveyard. Stalbridge

Below you will find thumbnail images of some of the grave headstones. Click on the thumbnail to view a page with a larger image and a transcript of the headstone.

dscf0238 dscf0239 dscf0240 dscf0241 dscf0242 dscf0243 dscf0244 dscf0245 dscf0246 dscf0247
dscf0248 dscf0249 dscf0250 dscf0251 dscf0252 dscf0253 dscf0254 dscf0255 dscf0256 dscf0257
dscf0258 dscf0259 dscf0260 dscf0261 dscf0262 dscf0263 dscf0264 dscf0265 dscf0266 dscf0267
dscf0268 dscf0269 dscf0270 dscf0271 dscf0272 dscf0273 dscf0274 dscf0275 dscf0276 dscf0277
dscf0278 dscf0279 dscf0280 dscf0281 dscf0282 dscf0283 dscf0284 dscf0285 dscf0286 dscf0287
dscf0288 dscf0289 dscf0290 dscf0291 dscf0292 dscf0293 dscf0294 dscf0295 dscf0296 dscf0297
dscf0298 dscf0300 dscf0301 dscf0302 dscf0303 dscf0304 dscf0305 dscf0306 dscf0307 dscf0308
dscf0309 dscf0310 dscf0311 dscf0312 dscf0313 dscf0314 dscf0314 dscf0314