Transcript of the description for Motcombe from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851

MOTCOMBE, a large village, 1½ mile N.W. from Shaftesbury. The Church, St. Mary, a modern erection, is in the perpendicular style, surmounted with a square tower; the living is united to that of Gillingham. A new Chnrch has also lately been erected at Enmore green. At Motcombe is a large school upon the National plan, built and supported by the lord of the manor, the Marquis of Westminster; this nobleman has a fine mansion here, called 'Motcombe house'. The parish, with the hamlet of Enmore green, comprises 4780 acres, and in 1841, had 1560 inhabitants.

Baverstock Mrs.
Case Mr. George, Enmore green
Parsons Mr. John
Westminster Marquis of, Motcombe house
A'Court Susanna, farmer
Aish John, farmer Enmore green
Arnold William, market gardener Enmore green
Bartley Charles, farmer
Bartley George, shoemaker
Bartley George, farmer
Bartley George, jun. farmer
Bartley Jas. butcher & farmer
Bartley Rice, butcher
Bartley Walter, butcher
Benjafield Frederick, farmer
Benjafield Henry, farmer, Coward st
Benjafleld Uriah, farmer
Blandford William, grocery, &c. dealer
Brickell Charles, market gardener, Enmore green
Brickell James, market gardener, Enmore green
Brickell William, farmer, Enmore green
Broadway Edward, builder
Broadway Wm. boot & shoemaker
Caple Edward, boot & shoemaker, Enmore green
Case George, jun. cheese dealer, Enmore green
Chinn William, tailor, Enmore green
Coombes Joseph, farmer, Sherborne causeway
Cox John, carpenter & grocer, Enmore green
Cox John, jun. carpenter, do.
Cox Josiah, carpenter, do.
Curtis Chas. blacksmith
Davis Robt. grocer, do.
Doggrell William, farmer
Dore James, corn dealer, Enmore green
Dowding John, farmer
Dyke Henrietta, (Mrs.) beer retailer
Extance Elizbh. (Mrs.) grocer, &c.
Flower Robert, farmer
Garrett John, blacksmith, Enmore green
Goddard George, farmer
Goddard William, farmer
Goulden Charles, 'Fountain Inn' & mason, Enmore green
Gray James, cheese dealer, Enmore green
Green Charles, beer retailer
Holloway Thomas, farmer
Honeyfield Robert, farmer
Hunt Lazarus, farmer
Husa Jas. blacksmith, Enmore gr
Kimber Ambrose, cow keeper, &c. Sherborne causeway
King Thomas, grocery dealer
Knapton Benjamin, farmer
Lear Humphrey, farmer, Sherborne causeway
Lear John, boot & shoemaker
Lazenbury Henry, carpenter and wheelwright, Sherborne causeway
Marten Chas. woolstapler & cheese dealer, Sherborne causeway
Maskell Uriah, builder
Mells William, farmer
Miles Edward, market gardener, Nettlebed
Moore Barbara, (Mrs.) grocer, &c.
Moore George, boot & shoemaker
Moore Meshach, blacksmith and parish clerk
Morgan Robert, farmer, Sherborne ca11seway
Norton Thos. cowkeeper & grocer
Parsons John, cheese dealer, Enmore green
Pond Thos. farmer, North Hayes
Read John, farmer
Ridgeley Geo. cheese dealer, Enmore green
Scammell Francis, farmer
Scammell George, farmer
Scammell Mary, (Mrs.) farmer
Seymour Wm. carpenter, &c.
Sharpe John, farmer
Smith James, baker, Enmore green
Spinney Robert, blacksmith
Stacey John, farmer
Stevens Mary, farmer
Timmins Samuel, grocery, &c. dealer
Ullett Samuel, land agent and agent to the Marquis of Westminster, Pensbury house
West John, farmer, North end
West Mary, (Mrs.) farmer
Williams Wm. farmer, North end
Wortley James, farmer
Young George, farmer, Forest
Young Samuel, farmer, Donhead lodge