Transcript of the description for Hazelbury Bryan from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851

HASELBURY-BRYAN, a village 5 miles S. from Sturminster Newton, and 10 N. from Blandford. The church, (St. James's) a neat and ancient edifice, has recently undergone considerable repairs, there is a chapel for Primitive Methodists, and a public school has been established and is supported by the rector. The parish comprises 2350 acres and had in 1841, 639 inhabitants. Post Office at George Mitchell's. Letters arrive at 11 a.m. and are despatched at 3 30 p.m.

Dodge Rev. Wm. M.A. (curate)
Walker Rev. Henry, B.D. (rector)
Barnes William, farmer
Bennett William, farmer
Blamfried Joshua, tailor
Bowditch William, blacksmith
Bowsay Peter, farmer
Brown Richard, wheelwright
Caleby Burge, baker
Chapman Edw. boot & shoemaker
Chapman John, farmer
Chapman William, farmer
Collins Robert, farmer
Dowding William, farmer
Drake Edward, farmer
Drake James, farmer
Drake John, farmer
Drake William, farmer
Elsworth Benj. boot & shoemaker
Elsworth Giles, blacksmith
Elsworth James, parish clerk
Gillingham Jas. boot & shoemaker
Gillingham Wm. saddle & harness maker
Goodfellow Theophilus, farmer
Goodfellow William, farmer
Hardy Charlotte (Mrs). farmer
Harris Henry, farmer
Hill Christopher, farmer
Hunt John, farmer
Hutchings John, carpenter
Lush Esau, grocery dealer
Mitchell Geo. plumber, painter, &c.
Munckton John, farmer
Pitcher Wm. 'Antelope'
Ricks Robert, farmer
Shittler Joseph, farmer
Shittler Richard, farmer
Shittler Richard, beer retailer
Shittler Thos. brewer & maltster
Simmons John, carpenter
Snook Mary (Mrs.) farmer
Spicer Joseph, blacksmith
Strange James, beer retailer
Strange Joseph, farmer
Strange Samuel, farmer
Stovey Samuel, bricklayer
Toravill John, farmer
Toravill Margaret, farmer
Upshall David, bricklayer
Upshall Jonathan, farmer
Upshall Michael, grocer, &c.
Upshall Richard, carpenter
Upshall Susanna (Mrs.) farmer
Webber Wm. & John, millers
White Mary, boot & shoemaker
Williams John, baker
Wiltshire John, farmer