Transcript of the description for Farnham from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851

FARNHAM, a village, on the confines of Wiltshire. 7 miles N.W. from Cranborne. The Church, a neat edifice, has recently been enlarged and improved. A school upon the National system and an orphan Gipsy Asylum are established here. The parish comprises 1044 acres, and had in 1841 a population of 224.

Good Mrs. Ann
Prother Rev. Edward R. (rector)
Adams Philip, farmer
Barrett Abner, grocery, &c. dealer
Barrett Norton, farmer
Coward Chas. grocery, &c. dealer
Cox John, farmer
Fewett Adam, grocery dealer
Hunt William, farmer
Lane Charles, 'Old Ash'
Morgan Charles, farmer
National School, Robinson Selina, mistress
Orphan Gypsy School, Lenox Eliza superintendent
Oxford James, farmer
Ridout Arthur, carpenter