Transcript of the description for Dorchester from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851

DORCHESTER, the county town, also a borough, both corporate and parliamentary, is in the division of its name, and hundred of Uggscombe, 16 miles S.W. from Blandford, 8 N. from Weymouth, 18 S. from Sherborne, 16 E. from Bridport and 120 S.W. by W. from London, by the old mail coach road, but 140 by the Dorchester and Southampton railway, this being the terminus of that line; the town comprises three parishes, viz. St. Peter's, All Saints, and Holy Trinity, and stands on the south bank of the Frome, which river discharges itself into Wareham harbour, about 7 miles from Poole.

By the Romans this town was called Durinum and Durnovaria, signifying the passage of the Varia, now the Frome, these sons of Mars strongly fortified it, and made it one of their most formidable stations, it was equally valued by the Saxons for its security, as King Athelstan had two mints established here. In 1003 the town was laid siege to by Sweyne, King of Denmark, in revenge of the Saxon attempt to exterminate the Danes; and in 1595 it suffered severely from the plague; serious fires have also occurred here, particularly that in 1613, when property, valued at £200,000, fell a prey to the devouring element. During the contentions between Charles I. and his parliament, it was the scene of some deadly conflicts, but eventually succumbed to the parliamentarians. At the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion, in 1685, the assizes were held here before that murderous-minded official, unparalleled in the annals of atrocity, Judge Jefferies, when on the first day, out of 30 persons tried, 29 were found guilty and condemned, and on the second day it is recorded that 292 pleaded guilty, 80 of whom were executed. At the day of trial, this diabolical monster in the garb of man, as if glorifying in his gory propensities, ordered that the hall should be covered with red cloth, the chair from which this inhuman Judge condemned his unfortunate victims is now in the Assembly Rooms at the Town hall.

This ancient and highly-respectable town, is somewhat in the shape of an irregular quadrangle, composed principally of three streets, which are lighted with gas and well-paved; the houses, generally good erections, are of brick and stone, and are placed with considerable regularity; it stands upon a gentle eminence, and the environs are extremely pleasant, the town being nearly encircled with agreeable walks, planted with noble trees, thus forming a delightful promenade, well sheltered from the heat of 'summer suns' by the umbrageous canopy of the wide-spreading branches of sycamores, chesnuts and elms, these and the walks are kept in perfect order, at the expense of the corporation. Adjoining the town, in a south and also a westerly direction, are extensive downs, where sheep and lambs unnumbered, browse upon the delicious herbage, There are 110 manufactures here, but malt liquors are brewed extensively, 'Dorchester beer' having obtained a high degree of celebrity, both as regards strength and flavour. This, a local writer attributes to the water of the river - from which it is brewed - running in a chalky channel, which is universally admitted, so to meliorate the water as to render it peculiarly efficacious in extracting the virtues of malt and hops.

The principal public buildings independent of those set apart for divine worship are the county hall, a spacious structure, fronted with Portland stone, in which are held the assizes, quarterly and petty sessions. The new town hall, erected in the Elizabethan style of architecture, contiguous to the site of the old one, (and for which several houses were taken down and the neighbourhood much improved), this building, which is a great ornament to the locality, comprises a coin exchange, a store room for corn, justice rooms, with their accompanying offices, and a large assembly room, immediately contiguous to the hall, is a new and spacious market house, suitably fitted up for the sale of meat, poultry, vegetables, &c. The County Hospital, supported by voluntary contributions, is also a recent erection, in the Tudor style, and completed in 1841; it is delightfully situate, adjacent to some nursery grounds, is suitably fitted up for its inmates and provided with the highest medical skill, to assist those who suffer from the 'various ills that flesh is heir to.' On the north side of the town, overlooking the river Frome, and on the site of the ancient castle, stands the County Gaol, erected in 1793 (but considerably enlarged and improved since that period) upon the plan of the philanthropist Howard, the general arrangement of its internal economy is well calculated to promote strict discipline and a complete system of classification is adopted.

Dorchester was incorporated by Edward II., which grant was confirmed and extended by James I. and Charles II., the charter of the last monarch was acted upon until the passing of the recent municipal act, which decreed the corporation to consist of a mayor, 4 aldermen and 12 councillors, with a town-clerk and the usual subordinate officers, but it appears to have enjoyed the elective franchise as long ago as 23rd of Edward I., since which period it has uninterruptedly returned 2 members to parliament. The County Assizes and quarter sessions are held here, likewise the county court, which meets monthly and takes jurisdiction of all demands not exceeding £50; the mayor, who by virtue of his office is lord of the manor, convenes a court leet annually at Michaelmas.

The places of divine worship are three churches, beside chapels for Baptists, Independents, Unitarians and Wesleyans. In the centre of the town stands the Church of St. Peter, a large, ancient and well-constructed edifice, with a handsome embattled tower, 90 feet high; near this is Holy Trinity Church, a commodious structure, rebuilt in 1821, All Saints in High Street East is an entirely new edifice, finished in 1844, it is constructed of Portland stone, in the chancel is a beautiful stained glass window, executed at the cost of the Bishop of the diocese (Salisbury} whose effigy it represents. A free Grammar School so-called, but the education at which it is said, costs as much at other scholastic establishments owes its origin to Thomas Hardy, in 1579. The Trinity School here is endowed from some of the borough charities; and there are schools both upon the British and National systems. 'Napper's mite,' or almshouses, is handsomely endowed; this is in South street, and contains apartments for 10 men: there are also Whetstone's almshouses for 4 aged men, and Chubb's for 9 women. A small market is held on Wednesday, but the principal one for grain, cattle, and various marketable commodities takes place on Saturday. Fairs, for cattle and sheep, are held on February 14th, called Candlemas fair, July 6th, August 6th, and October the 25th. The one which used to be held on Trinity Monday being superseded by the latter. A new sheep and cattle fair is also held on Poundbury hill, on the 27th of September. In 1841 the borough of Dorchester contained 3249 persons.

The whole of this locality abounds with antiquities and curiosities, of those mighty conquerors the Romans. In the garden wall of Mr. Stone may be seen the only remaining portion of the Roman wall, which at one period encircled the town; there is also preserved on the south side of the gaol, part of a tesselated pavement, and on the Weymouth road, about a quarter of a mile from the town is a Roman amphitheatre, one of the most perfect of its kind in this kingdom, it is better known hereabouts by 'Maumbury rings,' and was discovered by Sir Christopher Wren on his journey to the Isle of Portland, this vast mound it is computed would contain 12,000 spectators, it has been very lucidly described by Dr. Stukely, and others. In 1765, it was the scene of the burning of Mary Channing, who was found guilty of poisoning her husband; it appears that this unfortunate woman sacrificed her own happiness, to satisfy the mercenary wishes of her unnatural parents, by marrying against her will, when it is said, keeping company with her former gallants, they incited her to poison her husband; this presents another melancholy instance of the evil results that may be expected, where 'heart and hand' are not combined. Near the amphitheatre is 'Poundbury,' a large camp, which has been considered an out-post to Maiden Castle, (See Winterborne St. Martin), Both Saxon and Roman coins have been frequently turned up by the ploughshare or spade. A gold ring, half an inch thick, was discovered in the river Frome, and a most valuable relic, a bronze image of a Roman Mercury, was dug up in the garden ground of the Free School.

FORDINGTON, an adjoining and extensive parish, derives its name from the ford over the river Frome, but which is now crossed by several bridges; it gives names to a hundred, forms a portion of the borough of Dorchester, and in fact entirely surrounds that town. The major portion of its inhabitants, many of whom derive their support from agriculture, reside at East Fordington, which is a populous locale. Here is the parish church, a large and ancient cruciform structure of various styles of architecture, with a stately embattled tower. West Fordington, which also adjoins Dorchester, lies in an opposite direction, here numbers of new houses have sprung up; and to provide for the spiritual wants of the inhabitants, a new Church or Chapel of ease was erected in 1840, it is a neat building in the pointed style of architecture, the interior is pewed and suitably fitted up, and capable of accommodating about 700 persons. Fordington parish in 1841 was returned as having 2937 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE & MONEY ORDER OFFICE, South street. Postmaster, Francis Lock. Letters are delivered at 7 a.m, and 5 p.m.


BRIDPORT, LYME & CHARMOUTH, at 4 a.m. and at 5 p.m. The box for the latter closes at 4 30 p.m.
LONDON, (Night mail) at 10 p.m. Box closes at 8 45. Letters may be posted to 9 40. by affixing an additional 1d. stamp; (Day mail) at 10 25 a.m. Box closes at 10. Letters may be posted to 10 10. by affixing an additional 1d. stamp.
WEYMOUTH, at 4 a.m. and 4 15 p.m.

Gentry, Clergy, &c.

Arden Misses, South street
Barnes Rev. Wm. South street
Bedloe Mrs, Elizabeth, Fordington
Bedloe Mrs. Jane, North square
Bennett Mr. Thomas, Walks
Besant Capt. Thos. High East st.
Bolls Mrs, High West street
Bristed Mr. John Chs, High East st
Bryer Rev. Edmund, High West st
Buller Rev. Wm. High West st
Burnet Capt. John, High East st
Churchill Mrs. Colliton house
Clemetson Rev. Dacre, A.M. North square
Colson Rev. John M. Fordington
Cooper Mrs. Mary, High West st
Cosens Frederick, esq. (barrister), South street
Cosens Mrs. High West street
Cozens Mr. Solomon, High West street
Cowdell Mr. Chas. M.D. South st.
Creech Mr. Wm. Fordington
Criswick Lieut. Chas. R.N. Back South street
Cutler Rev. Richard, Syward lodge
Davis Mr. Wm. High West street
Davis Mrs. Colonel, West Walks
Devenish Miss Susanna, High East street
Fever Miss, Back South street
Firth Joseph, (adjutant), High West street
Fisher Rev. Osborne, A.M., South street
Fudge Mrs. Mary, Glyde path hill
Gaitskell Mrs, West walks
Garland Mr. Thos. High West st.
Haines Miss, South street
Hammond Rev. James, Dorchester
Handley Rev. Augustus, (incumbent of Christ Church,) West Fordington
Harvey Mrs. North square
Harvey Mr. Robert R. Fordington
Hawkins Mr. Richd. Back South st
Hawkins Mr. Wm. High East st
Henning William Lewis, esq. Frome house
Hunter Mrs. Back South street
Lambert John James, esq. & Sons, High West street
Lambert Mrs. & Miss, High West st
Lock Mr. William, Fordington
Lovell Mrs. Jane, Fordington
Manfield Mrs. South street
Maskew Rev. Thomas, A.H. South street
Middleton Hastings Nathaniel, esq. Woollaston house
Moule Rev. Henry, A.M. (vicar), Fordington
Parminter Mrs. Edith, Fordington
Pearce Edward, esq. Fordington
Pettigrew Mrs. High West street
Raynold Mr. William, Fordington
Read Mrs. G. High West street
Simcox Rev. Stephen, (Baptist minister), South street
Smyth Rev. Thomas, A.M. Back West street
Stallybrass Rev. John Knox, (Independent minister), High East street
Steward Mrs. Louisa R. South wk
Stickland Mrs. Col. South street
Stickland Misses, South street
Swinhoe Col. Samuel, Walks
Tullidge Mr. Thomas, High East st
Wallis John, esq. High West st
Williams Mrs. Wm. High West st
Wright Mrs. High East street
Yeatman Miss, High West street
Yeatman Miss Theophila, do

Miscellany of Traders, &c.
Not arranged in the succeeding Lists.

Barfoot Gipson, second hand clothes dealer, Grove buildings
Barnes Henry, architect, South st
Cosley Thomas, eating house keeper, Back South street
Bryer William Gray, sheriff's officer, Back South street
Geall William, cutler & truss maker, High West street
Hibbs Robert, fishmonger South street
Keats George, cheese & bacon dealer, Pease lane
Knight John James, land surveyor, Glyde path hill
Lake John, frenck polisher, Durngate street
Mutford Thomas, marine store dealer, Fordington
Parmiter Richard, pawnbroker & clothier, Church street
Poynter Richard, butter factor, High East street
Ostler John, hosiery manufacturer, Fordington
Pulman Henry, gunsmith, High East street
Stanton Wm. & Sons, woollen cloth manufacturers, Loud's mills
Tilley Abraham, dyer, Grove buildings
Wells John, poultry dealer, Back West street
White Mary, stay maker, South st
Winter & Hossey, millwrights, Friary lane
Woodford Joseph, engraver, &c. Pease lane

Auctloneers and Appraisers.

Baker Mark, South street Foot John, Fordington


Ansty James John, North square
Ansty John, Fordington
Bartlett Joseph, Fordington
Davis John, Back West st.
Daws William, Grove buildings
Drake James, High East street
Galpin Ann, Fordington
Galpin Charles, South street
Gray Charles, Fordington
Holland John, Grove buildings
Lester Maria, Fordington
Masters Wm. & George, High East street
Nutting Edward, South street
Shorto Job, High West street


Eliot & Pearce, High West street, draw upon Glyn, Mills, & Co. London
Williams Robert & Herbert, High West street, draw upon Williams Deacon & Co London
Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. Cornhill; manager, Shorto Jas. T. draws upon Glyn, Mills & Co. London
Savings' Bank, South street, actuary, Davis George Henry. open on Sat. from 11 till 2.

Basket Makers.

Sheppard Job, Trinity churchyard
Wellspring Joseph, Back South st

Beer Retailers.

Ansty James John, North square
Brown John, Fordington
Cox John, Durngate street
Cox John, Grove buildings
Davis Richard, Fordington
Dufall Mary Ann, Back West st
Franklin Henry, Fordington
Gale Henry, High East street
Galpin Robert, Fordington
Kebby Daniel, Durngate street
Lovelace John, South street
Robins Isaac, Glyde path hill
Sargent Chas. High West street
White John, Fordington
Woodward John, Bell street


Darke William, North square
Day John, Pease lane
Hall Joseph, Fordington
Moody John, Shirehall lane
Spencer James, Grove buildings
Taylor Samuel, Fordington
Wilkins James, Back South st


Mepham Samuel, South street

Booksellers and Stationers.

Barclay Wm. (& news room, circulating library & general newspaper office), Cornhill
Foster James, High East street
Patch Thos. (& fancy repository, circulating library & reading room), High West street
Treves Rebecca, Cornhill

Bone, corn, & Seed Merchant.

Ensor John, High East street

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Bishop Christopher, Fordington
Crocker Charles, High East street
Dawe Benjamin, South street
Jacobs William, (& hat warehouse) Cornhill
Mills Francis, Cornhill
Pouncy Chas. High West street
Vatcher Frederick, High East st


Burdon Arthur, Grove buildings
Hicks John, Back West street
Hooper Charles, Fordington
Hodges Isaac, Shirehall lane
Keech William, Fordington
Mutford William, Fordington
Orchard Henry, Fordington
Oliver James, Fordington
Phelps Matthew, Fordington
Stickland John, Durngate street
Stoodley William, Durngate street
Stroud Robert, Fordington
Symes Joseph, Durngate street
Tilley William, South street
Warren William, Old Greyhound yard

Brewers & Maltsters.

Beasant John James, High East st
Eldridge Sarah, Durngate street
Galpin George, High East street
Galpin Robert, Fordington
Oakley Robert, High East street
Standish John, High East street

Bricklayers & Plasterers.

Davis Richard, Fordington
Dennis Amos, High West street
Maber George, Pease lane
Maber Richard, Pease lane
Voss Thomas, Durngate street


Barnes John, West street
Gregory John & Son, (& surveyors), South street
Lucas George, Shirehall place
Mondey Edward, (& surveyor), South street
Wellspring John, Grove buildings


Fudge Joseph, North square
Hayward Robert, High East street
Keats George, (pork), Fordington
Kellaway Henry, Market
Lock Joseph, North square
Rowe Edmund, North square
Russell James, Market
Scutt Robert, High East street
Smith John, (pork), Friary bldgs
Yearsley John, High East street

Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers.

Bartlett George S. High West st.
Davis William, High West street
Hawkins Henry, High East street
Rogers John, Back West street
Treves William, (& appraiser), Cornhill


Riles George, Fordington
Brown George, Back South street
Davis William, High West street
Lake Henry, Pease lane
Rumsey John, North square
Slade William, High East street
Slade Samuel, High East street

Carver and Gilder.

Pouncy John, (& dealer in oil paintings, prints & paper hangings.) High West street

Chemists & Druggists.

Bascombe John Brown, Cornhill
Davis & Sons, High West street
Froud James, High East street
Lewis John, High East street
Style & James, High East street

China. Glass, &c. Dealers.

Dufall Charles, High West street
Godwin Eliza, High West street

Coach Makers.

Hutchings John, Fordington
Lewer & Son, South street

Coal Merchants.

Dorchester Coal Company, manager, Burt Alfred, Fordington
Fudge Joseph, Pease lane
Gibson John, Grove buildings
Lock Joseph, North street
Street Fabian, Fordington
Tizard Joseph, Back South street


Barnard William, High East street
Barnwell Jas. & Crocker Wm. Trinity churchyard
Galpin George, High East street

Curriers & Leather Sellers.

Andrews Thomas Geo. Fordington
Downe John, Durngate street
Greening Geo. (& tanner), High East street
Lock Joseph, Church street


Bridle Lionel, Fordington
Cull James, Cull's frome
Damon Robert, Fordington
Damon Sarah, Fordington
Elliott Thomas, Fordington
Hayne John, Fordington
Legg John, Fordington
Masters James, Fordington
Masters Thomas, Fordington
Morgan John, Fordington
Slade William, High East street

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.
Thus * denotes Fire; thus § Life.

*§Alliance, Davis George Henry, South street
§Anchor, Froud James, High East street
*§Atlas, Stone Joseph, High West street
*§Church of England, Davis Geo. Henry, South street
*County, Harvey Mary, Cornhill
§Crown, Jacobs Wm. Cornhill
*§Globe, Garland & Fear, North square
*§Guardian, Henning Charles B. High West street
*Hants, Sussex & Dorset, Lock Henry, High West street
§Imperial, Patch Thomas, High West street
§Imperial, Pouncy Charles, Cornhill
*§Legal & Commercial, Fitch John, Cornhill
*§London, Weston Montague Chas. High West street
§Minerva, Ingram F. & F. South street
§*Norwich Union, Bridge Wm. Pease lane
§Norwich Equitable, Froud Jas. High East street
*Phœnix, Barclay Wm. Cornhill
§Provident, Harvey Mary, Cornhill
*§Royal Exchange, Coombs and Son, South street
§Rock, Keats Chas. North grove cottage
§Royal Farmers', Manfield and Andrews, South street
§Standard, Shorto Jas. T. at Wilts & Dorset bank
*§Sun, Mondey Edward, South st
§United Kingdom, Davis & Sons, High West street
*§ West of England, Hodges John Francis & E. High East street
*§Yorkshire, Bishop John, High West street

Grocers, Tea-dealers, and Provision Merchants.

Bennett Thomas, High East street
Bishop John, High West street
Ensor John, High East street
Hawkins George, High West st
Mayne Jno. (wholesale) Fordington
Masters John, High East street
Masters William & George, High East street
Morgan Joseph, High East street
Morgan Joseph, jun. High East st
Phippard Richard, Grove buildings
Stark Ann & Son, High East st
Style & James, High East street

Grocery and Sundries - Dealers in.

Bartlett Joseph, Fordington
Bennett William, High West street
Bird Joseph, South street
Crofts Henry, Durngate street
Davis John, Back West street
Davis William, Fordington
Foster Thomas John, Fordington
Galpin Ann, Fordington
Galpin Charles, South street
Hayter John, High West street
Maber Richard, Pease lane
Nutting Harriett, Back West street
Orchard Richard, Back West street
Pitfield George, Bell street
Tripp William, High West street
Warren Sarah, South street
Winter John, North square
Wright Gideon, Grove buildings

Hair Cutters.

Curtis Charles, (& clothes dealer), High East street
Gibbs William (& perfumer, & sole proprietor of balsam of honey & imperial hair wash) South street
Stickland Henry, Durngate street
White Edwin, Church street

Inns and Public Houses.

Antelope, Hotel (fam, com. & posting) Cornhill, Yearsley James
Bull's Head, Fordington, Hawkins George
Castle, Grove buildings, Raynolds Charles
Chequers, High East street, Stephens John
Dolphin, Church st. Parsons Chs.
George Inn, High West street Durden Thomas
Green Dragon, Durngate street, Longman James
King's Arms (comm. and posting) High East street, Manley Wm.
King's Arms Tap, Friary lane, Pople William
Mail Coach, North square, Parcel John
New Inn, South street, Harris Wm.
Old Crown, Durngate st. Blandemore Joseph
Phœnix, High East street, Oliver Francis
Plume of Feathers, West back st. Topp William
Queen's Arms, Pease lane, Brinson William
Royal Oak, High West street, Bennett Frederick
Three Mariners, High East street Standish John
Union, Fordington, Pearce Philip
White Hart, High East street, Gaulton Richard
Wood & Stone, Durngate street, Tullidge John


Galpin John (& iron founder) High West street
Harvey Mary, Cornhill
Hazel Robert (& wholesale) High West street
Hossey John, High East street

Linen and Woollen Drapers.

Bascombe Thomas & Son, High West street
Fitch John (& agent for Nicholl's paletots) Cornhill
Kerslake Alfred, Cornhill
Phippard Richard, Grove buildings
Robinson Thos. High West street
Steele Edward (& millinery warehouse) High West street
Tassell Chas. High East street
Warland John Wm. Cornhill


Ensor John, West mills
Galpin Ann, Fordington
Smith John, Friary mills

Milliners & Straw Hat Makers.

Dennis Susan & Jane, High West street
Frampton Sarah, High East street
Geall Jane & Elizabeth, High West street
Honeywell Dorcas, Pease lane
Ingram Sarah, Cornhill
Masters Ann, Bell street
Mills Susan, High West street
Newman Elizabeth, High West st
Nutting Susanna, Back West st
Peach Elizabeth & Harriett, High West street
Sly Eliza, High West street
Tarzewell Sarah, Back South street

Music & Musical Instrument Seller.

Robinson Joseph (& pianoforte tuner) High East street


Dorset County Chronicle, published on thursday by Simonds George, South street

Nursery and Seedsmen.

Bishop Jane, Back West street
Harris Samuel, Fordington
Haywood Joseph, Trinity church yard

Painters & Glaziers.
Marked thus * are Plumbers also.

Ames James, South street
*Dewland Henry, Back South st
*Dewland Thomas, Church street
*Durden John, Durngate street
*George William, Fordington
Holloway Henry, Grove buildings
Pouncy John (house & decorative) High West street
*White James, Fordington

Pastrycooks & Confectioners.

Biggs Stephen, Cornhill
Groves Henry, High East street
Shorto Job, High West street


Barclay William, Cornhill
Patch Thomas, High West street
Simonds George, South street

Professors of Music.

Linter Richard, North square
Patch Thomas, High West street
Robinson Joseph, High East street
Smith Frederick Wm. (& dancing) Cornhill

Saddle & Harness Makers.

Greening George, High East st
Hansford Joseph & Son, High West street
Pouncy Charles, Cornhill
Pouncy Thos. Smith, Cornhill

Those marked thus * take Boarders.Andrews Susan & Julietta, Durngate streetBarnard Elizth. Back West street
*Barnes Rev. William, South st.
British, Greyhound yard, Last Isaac Glanfield
Free Grammar, South street, head master, Maskew Rev. Thos mathemetical do. Hammond Rev. James N.; English master, Meadon William
Goodwin Jane, South street
Lang Ann, South street
National, Pease lane, Nicholson Joseph
*Pearce Ann Elizth. High East st
Parochial, Fordington, Barrett Charles
*Robinson Mary (Miss) South st
Trinity, Trinity churchyard, Bryer William
*Watson William, High West st
West Fordington School, Brown Harriett

Soda Water Manufacturers.

Davis & Sons, High West street


Bridge William, Pease lane
Coombs Thos. & Son, South street
Garland John, & Fear Ezekiel
Evans (& advocates in the county court), North square
Henning Chas. Burt, High West st
Ingram Francis & Frederick, South street
Lock Henry, High East street
Manfield Wm. & Andrews George James, South street
Stone Joseph, & Symonds Giles, High West street
Tooze John Randolph, High West street
Weston Montagne Charles, High West street

Stone Masons.

Lester Edwd. Glyde path hill
Randall John (& marble), Fordington
Slade Geo. & Wm. High East st
Maber George, Railway terrace


Aldridge John P. West walks
Arden Christopher, High West st
Curme George, Cornhill
Edwards John, High West street
Emson Alfred, South street
Panton Geo. High West street
Tapp William, South street

Marked thus * are Drapers also.

*Bascombe Thomas & Son, High West street
Bennett William, High West street
*Bonifas John, Cornhill
Cox John, Durngate street
*Curtis James Robt. High West st
Hayman George, Pease lane
Hopkins John, Back West street
Hutchings Thomas, North square
Marsh William, Fordington
*Newman Thomas, High West st
*Platten Daniel, High East street
*Steele Edward, High West street
*Tassell Charles, High West street
*Warland John William, Cornhill

Tallow Chandlers.

Groves Richard, Pease lane
Hayne John, Fordington

Tea Dealers & Agents.

Browning Joseph, (& dealer in haberdashery & small wares) High East street
Hartley Wm. & John, (& wholesale) High West street
Martin Frederick, Back West st
Mepham Samuel, South street

Tinmen and Braziers.

Davison Roger, Fordington
Wood Thomas, High west street

Toy &c. Dealers.

Platten Daniel, High East street
Lucas John, South street

Veterinary Surgeon.

Goddard Saml. Thomas, Fordington

Watch & Clock Makers.

Hardy James, High West street
Logan Thomas, (& silversmith & jeweller) Cornhill
Saunders Thos. High East street
Scott Joseph, High West street


Harris William, South street
Taylor & Read, South street
Travis William, North square

Wine & Spirit Merchants.

Bishop John, High West street
Bollen William & Bird William, South street
Devenish Matthew, High West st
Eldridge Sarah, Durngate street
Garland William, North square
Hodges John & Francis, High East street
Style & James, High East street

Law and Public Officers.

Bishop Thos. H. relieving officer, Fordington
Bridge Wm. treasurer to the town council, Pease lane
Brown John, clerk to the county lunatic asylum & to the county hospital, Pease lane
Coombs Thos. jun. clerk to the Borough magistrates, South street
Cull George, registrar of births & deaths, Priory lane
Evitt George, surveyor of taxes, Back West street
Lock Henry, superintendent registrar & clerk to the board of guardians, High East street
Manfield & Andrews, clerks to the commissioners of taxes, South st.
Stone Joseph, town clerk of Dorchester & steward of the Island & manor of Portland, High West street
Symonds Giles, county clerk, High West street


CAVALRY BARRACKS, West Fordington. Barrack master, Capt. John Burgoyne; barrack serjeant, Edmond Simonds
COUNTY COURT OFFICE, High West street. Clerk, Joseph Stone; assistant do., Giles Symonds; high bailiff, Wm. Gray Bryer
COUNTY GAOL & HOUSE OF CORRECTION. Chaplain, Rev Dacre Clemetson; governor, Jas. V. Lawrance; deputy do. Wm. Curtis Raynold; matron, Mary Ann Lawrance
COUNTY HOSPITAL, Back West street, consulting physician, Francis Jackson, M.D.; physician, Chas. Cowdell; consulting surgeon, Christopher Arden; surgeons, W. D. Tapp & G. Cume; house apothecary, Francis Edwd. Goldsmith; secretary John Brown; matron, Susan Dancy
GAS WORKS, Bell street. Superintendent, Edward Billows
MUSEUM (Dorset County) High West street. Honorary secretaries, Rev. Wm. Bingham & Rev. Wm. Barnes
POLICE STATION, TOWN HALL. Superintendent, Thos. Smith Pouncy
SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY STATION. Superintendent, Wm. Mears. Goods Department; clerk, R. C. Lavington
STAMP OFFICE., High East street. Distributor, John Ensor
UNION WORKHOUSE, West Fordington. Chaplain, Rev. Richard Cutler; master, William White; matron, Mary Nott

(From the Antelope Hotel and King's Arms.)

BATH, John Bull or Wellington, daily at 9 a.m. via Sherborne, Bruton, Wincanton, &c.
EXETER, Royal Mail, at 4 a.m, and Coronet, at 10 a.m, via Bridport, Axminster & Honiton
LYME REGIS, (Royal Mail) at 5 p.m. via Bridport & Charmouth
SALISBURY, Magnet, mon. wed. & fri. at 11 a.m. via Blandford
TAUNTON, Prince Albert, at 9 30 a.m. via Ilminster & Crewkerne
YEOVIL & SHERBORNE (Royal Mail) at 4 a.m. and South Western at 5 p.m.
WEYMOUTH, Coaches or Busses, at 4 a.m., 10 30 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 45 p.m:, 5 p.m. 5 30 p.m., 6 p.m., 6 45 p.m. & 7 30 p.m. Omnibus, from the Royal Oak, at 4 p.m.


LONDON, Ford & Co. to Blossoms Inn, Cheapside, & 17, Old Change; Lipscombe, to White Horse, Cripplegate, White Horse, Friday street, Cheapside and Gerrard's hall, Basing lane, both daily
BEAMINSTER, Lipscombe, daily; Lawrence, from the Royal Oak, wed, & sat.
BLANDFORD & SALISBURY, Matthews, from the Royal Oak, wed.
BRIDPORT, Crocker, Lipscombe; and Ford & Co., all daily
CERNE, Strange, from the Mail Coach Inn, tues. & sat.
POOLE & BERE, Shaddock, from the Phœnix, wed. & sat.
SHERBORNE, BATH & BRISTOL, Dodimead's Van, from the Royal Oak, mon. wed. & fri. Lipscombe, mon. wed. & frid, Crocker, from the Phœnix, tues. wed. thurs, & frid.
WEYMOUTH, Cox, from his own house daily; Dodimead's Van, from the Royal Oak, tues. thurs. & sat. Lipscombe daily
YEOVIL, SHERBORNE, TAUNTON, EXETER, and all parts of the West, Ford & Co. Crocker & Co., & Lipscombe daily