Transcript of the description for Cann from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851

CANN, a village about 2 miles S. from Shaftesbury. The church (St. Rumbold) is in the Gothic style, and was rebuilt upon the site of its predecessor in 1842. The living is a rectory, patron the Earl of Shaftesbury, here is a Dissenting chapel and a school upon the National system. The parish comprises nearly 1000 acres, and had in 1841, a population of 624.

Christie Mrs. Susan, Belmont house
Fanner Mr. George
Garrett Mr. Thomas
Gane Rev Wm. LL.D. (rector)
Williams Mr. James
Arnold Adam, market gardener
Bragg John, maltster
Brickell James, market gardener
Brickell John, market gardener
Brickell William, beer retailer and gardener
Chitty George, solicitor
Cross Mary, market gardener
Davidge Jonah, shoemaker
Feltham William, farmer
Flower Robert, farmer
Foot Eli, blacksmith
Foot Robert, blacksmith
Fricker Harry, farmer
Gatehouse, George, farmer
Gillingham David, farmer
Hunt Joseph, farmer
Hunt Thomas, miller
Keats Sarah, day school
Lodge William, market gardener
Lush Robert, boot and shoemaker
Miles Josiah, farmer
Mullins Richard, market gardener
Mullins Stephen, market gardener
Parsons William, miller
Perry Philip, cowkeeper
Rabbets Charles, farmer and grocery dealer
Scammell William, miller & farmer
Sharp Wm. millwright & miller
Short Rhoda, National school mistress
Stacey Robert, farmer
Talbot Geo. blacksmith and beer retailer
Thorn Chas. 'Half Moon,' and maltster
Thorn Philip, carpenter
Tootell Henry, inland revenue officer
Whitmarsh Jas. & Son, farmers, builders, limeburners, &c.