Transcript of the description for Blandford Forum from Hunt & Co.'s Directory of Dorsetshire, Hampshire, & Wiltshire 1851

BLANDFORD, or Blandford-Forum, anciently known as Cheping Bleneford, is a corporate borough, market town, township and parish, in the north division of its name and hundred of Pimperne, 22 miles S.W. from Salisbury, 6 N.E. from Dorchester, 14 N.W. from Poole, 9 N.W. from Wimborne, where there is a railway station, and 104 S.W. from London. It derives its name from an ancient ford (in the vicinity) over the river Stour; the town being built at an angle or bend of that stream which is here crossed by a handsome stone structure of six arches.

Blandford, like many other towns especially in this county, has been several times the scene of extensive conflagrations, this is attributable to the former prevalence of thatched roofings to the dwellings; the greatest fire that occurred was on June 4th, 1731, when the whole of the town excepting forty houses, was destroyed, and the entire hamlets of Blandford St. Mary, and Bryanston were also totally consumed; this dire disaster is commemorated by a suitable inscription upon a pump in the market place. One calamity it is said generally attends another, for at this period the small-pox made its appearance, happily however it confined itself to but a small portion of the inhabitants, and in a very few instances acted fatally. In 1732 an act of Parliament (expressly forbidding thatched roofs), was passed for rebuilding the town, and almost immediately after it gradually rose from its ruins, like a phœnix from the ashes; it now forms a handsome town the houses mostly of brick are neat and convenient, disposed in regular streets, which are well paved, lighted with gas, and abundantly supplied with pure water. The Town Hall is a handsome edifice in the Doric style, and is constructed of Portland stone: immediately at the back of this is the new market place, a building of great utility and convenience, as before it was opened the market was held in the public streets. Anterior to the 18th century fine point lace, reported to excel that of Flanders, and some of which sold as high as £30 per yard, was made here; at present the only article fabricated is wire shirt buttons, this employs many females, but not near the number it did at former periods; the town is greatly benefitted by the purchases of the numerous gentry that reside in the surrounding neighbourhood, and also derives considerable advantages from its well attended markets and fairs.

Blandford in some old records is styled a borough, but it appears only to have returned members to parliament twice, viz. 23rd of Edward I. and 22nd of Edward III., it was incorporated by James I. By the municipal reform act local affairs are administered by a mayor, 4 aldermen and 12 councillors, who are styled the bailiff and burgesses of the borough of Blandford-Forum in the county of Dorset; this is one of the polling-places at county elections, and the town confers the title of Marquis upon the eldest son of the Duke of Marlborough.

The Parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul, standing in the heart of the town, is a handsome modern structure in the Grecian style of architecture with a tower 80 feet high. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Winchester. There are chapels for persons of the Independent and Wesleyan denominations. The benevolent institutions are various; in 1641 William Williams, Esq. left £3,000 for charitable purposes, and for educating poor children, this sum is invested in land and now produces £300 per annum. George Ryves, Esq. in 1685 founded almshouses for ten aged persons, and gave the residue of his estate, now yielding £120 yearly, for instructing poor boys, there are likewise 6 almshouses belonging to the corporation in the church-yard. Archbishop Wake founded and endowed a Blue Coat school; its yearly revenues now amount to £56 10s., there are also schools upon the British and National systems, as well as an Infant one. At the eastern part of the town are the remains of Damory Court, now a farm house, it was originally the baronial mansion of the family of that name, who were lords of the manor. Near this stood the famous Damory oak, which in 1741, was 45 feet in height, the branches extending 72, the trunk was at the bottom 23 ft. in diameter, and a cavity in the centre was 15 feet wide. It was rooted out for fire-wood in 1753. Blandford, by the poor law amendment act, forms a union of 33 parishes embracing an area of 92 square miles. A weekly market is held on Saturday, and fairs for cattle, cheese, and sheep on March 7th, September 9th, and November 8th; the township contains 920 acres of land, and in 1841 had a population of 3349.

POST OFFICE and MONEY ORDER OFFICE, Market Place Post Master, Wm. Shipp. Letters are delivered at 8 a.m. 2 p.m. and 8 30 p.m., DESPATCHES for London, Wimborne, and all parts at 10 30 a.m. and 8 30 p.m., for Shaftesbury, Wincanton, Bristol and Wales at 2 p.m. box closes at 10 15 a.m. 1 45 p.m. and 8 15 p.m.

Messengers to all adjacent villages at 6 a.m.

Gentry, Clergy, &c.

Bulgin Mrs. Elizabeth, Salisbury st
Conyers, Mrs. Elizbth. Salisbury st
Cooke Rev. John E. Church yard
Dalrymple Mr. John, New bldgs.
Durdon John, Esq. the Close
Elwasse Mr. Leonard, West street
Fisher Miss Sarah Field, Whitecliffmill street
Godwin Mrs. Rose, Salisbury st.
Hart Rev. William, East street
Hillary Mr. Samuel Evans, New buildings
Keeping Mrs. Elizbth. Salisbury st
Keynes Rev. Richard (Independent Minister), Whitecliffmill st
King Mrs. Caroline, Salisbury st.
Lacey Mrs. Sarah, Market place
Oak Wm Coventry, Esq. East st
Parker Rev. Humphry T. Church yard
Penny Rev. James, East street
Rogers Mr. Harry, East street
Smith Mr. William, Salisbury st
Smith Sir John Wildbore, Bart. Down house
Snow Rev. Thomas, Langton house
Spooner Mr. William, West street
Stuart Francis James, Esq. Salisbury street
Tucker Mr. William, Salisbury st
Woderspoon Miss Maria, East st

Miscellany of Traders, &c.
Not arranged in the succeeding Lists.

Dobell Jno. supervisor, New buildings
Fisher Hen. timber merchant, Bryanstone street
Geall Wm. cutler, Salisbury street
Hunt Hen. Joseph, trunk maker, East street
Lanning Geo. dyer, New buildgs
Pond James and Samuel, tin plate workers, Market place
Ridout Jane L. staymaker, East st
Short Wm. corn dealer and seedsman, Salisbury street
Southey Geo. Wm. wheelwright, Lion yard
Stevens Wm. artist, Salisbury st
Warren Charles, inland revenue officer, New buildings

Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Coles Fras. Ewens, Salisbury st.
Park Thos. Moss (and furniture broker) Salisbury street
Soper James, West street


Alliston Robert, Salisbury street
Cheater Mary, Bryanston street
Davis Stephen, Whitecliffmill st
Kendall Wm. Salisbury street
Meatyard Robert, Market place
Munday James, East street
Nippard George, Salisbury street
Notley Henry, Bryanston street
Selby William, East street
Smart Sylvia & Sarah, New bldgs
White James, Salisbury street
White Laban, New buildings


Blandford Bank, Market place, Oak Wm. and Snow Chas. H, draw on Glyn, Mills, & Co. London.
National Provincial Bank of England, Market place, manager, May Joseph. Draw upon the London Joint Stock Bank Company.
Wilts and Dorset Bank, Market place. Manager, Williams Chs. draw upon Glyn, & Co. London
Savings' Bank, Church yard Secretary, Bartlett James. open on Sat. from 11 to 1 o'clock.

Basket Makers.

Barrett Richard, East street
Stayner Robert, East street

Beer Retailers.

Cheater, Mary, Bryanstone street
Seymour Morgan, Bryanstone st
Stickland Robt. New buildings


Blandford Thos. Bryanstone street
Jay Wm. and James, East street
Kerley William, Salisbury street

Booksellers and Stationers.

Henville Charles, Salisbury street
Hobbs James, West street
Shipp Wm. (& book binder, printer & stamp distributor), Market pl.

Boot and Shoemakers.

Barnett James, Salisbury street
Bishop Daniel Hardy, Salisbury st
Boucher William, Salisbury street
Carter Geo. Sheep market hill
Chatley Daniel, Whitecliffmill st
Cork Henry James, ditto
Dyke George, Salisbury street
Elliott Geo. Augustus, Salisbury st
Freke Edward, West street
Freke George, East street
Hart James, Sheep market hill
Hicks Robert and Samuel, Salisbury street
Maidment Jas. Whitecliffemill st
Maitland Wm. New buildings
Meaden Barnard, Salisbury street
Nesbitt John, Salisbury street
Nesbitt Robert, New buildings
Pointer Chas. Whiteclitfemill st


Kent Jonathan, Whitecliffemill st
Marshall Henry, Salisbury street
Painter Charles, New buildings
Robbins William, Tabernacle
Ridout William, East street
Simmonds John, Salisbury street


Dennett Chas. (pork) Market pl
Dominy Robert, Salisbury street
Frampton Harry, Salisbury street
Puddock Thomas, East street
Park Mark (pork only) Salisbury st
Seymour Morgan, Bryanstone st

Cabinetmakers & Upholsterers.

Croom James, Market place
Coles Frans. Ewens, Salisbury st
Greatbatch Daniel, Market street
Park Thos. Moss, Salisbury street
Saunders Thomas, Salisbury street

See also Builders.

Applin William, New buildings
Meech John, Alms house lane
Payne James, Salisbury street
Robbins William, Tabernacle
Simmonds John, Salisbury street
Varner George, Salisbury street

Carriers & Carriers Agents.

Best James, New buildings
Kent Joseph (agent to Ford & Co.) West street
Gould William, East street

Chemists and Druggists.

Groves Simon (& oil & colourman) Market place
Reid John, Market place

China and Glass Dealers.

Baker Robert, Market place
Baker Sarah, Salisbury street

Clothes Dealers.

Bannon Barnard, Salisbury street
Blake James, Salisbury street
Nesbitt John, Salisbury street

Coach Builders.

Ball John and Sons, West street
Reason Thos. George, Market pl.

Coal Merchants.

Geard Eli, East street
Street Fabian, Tabernacle


Kendall Wm. Salisbury street
Meatyard Robert, West street
White James, Salisbury street

Cooper & Sieve Maker.

Seward Jno. Greening, Salisbury st

Curriers & Leather Sellers.

Cadie Chas. (& tanner) East street
George Isaac, East street

Dealer in Horses.

Short Edmund, New buildings


Homer Thomas, Salisbury street
Raxworthy Robert, France
Sharp Robert, Damory farm

Fire & Life Assurance Agents.
Thus * denotes Fire; thus § Life.

§Albion, Bulgin Samuel, East st
§Alfred; and *§ Legal & Commercial, Soper James, West st
*§Atlas, Oak Wm. C. at the Bank, west street
§Catholic, §Law,* Phœnix, §Pelican, and § Western, Moore H. Salisbury street
*County, and §Crown, Williams Charles, Market place
§Economic, Wyatt Wm. Thomas, Market place
*§Guardian, Fincham William New buildings
*§Hand in Hand, Barter Geo. J. Market place
*§ London Assurance, Durden Hen. Market place
§Medical, Invalid & Gen. Elgar Wm. T. East street
*§Mentor, Abbott Henry William, West street
*§Monarch, Lewis John, Whitecliffmill street
*Phœnix, and §Pelican, Croom James, Market pl. & Fry John, Salisbury street
§Professional, Gingell R.H. Market place
*§Royal Exchange, Shipp Wm. Market place
*§Star, Coles Frs. E. Salisbury st
*§Sun, Wellington T. Square
§Victoria, Oliver Matthew, Whitecliffmill street
*§West of England, Fisher M. Market place


Edmunds Henry (and fell-monger and rope-maker) East street
Rolls John, Salisbury street

Grocers and Tea-dealers.
Marked thus*are wholesale & retail, and thus † are Tea dealers only.

*Brown Henry, Salisbury street
*Durden Henry, Market place
George Isaac, East street
*†Gill Henry & Co. Market place
*Lock and Lawrence, West street
†McClymont & Stewart, Salisbury street
†Saunders Thomas, jun. Whitecliffemill street
†Vernon John, Fisher's buildings

Grocery and Sundries - Dealers -n.

Abberline Hannah, East street
Alliston Robert, Salisbury street
Cable Henry, Salisbury street
Coffin Thomas, Salisbury street
Dennett William, Market place
Etheridge Philip, Blandford, St Mary
Kerley William, Salisbury street
Kiddle John, New buildings
Lacey Charles, East street
Loder John, Salisbury street
Meaden William, Bryanston street
Payne James, Salisbury street
Roberts Morgan, New buildings
Smart Sylvia & Sarah, New bldgs.
Stickland Samuel, East street
Wareham George, Salisbury street
White Laban (and bacon factor) New buildings

Gun Manufacturers.

Barrett Edward, Salisbury street
Wyatt Wm. Thomas, Market pl.

Hair Dressers.

Beale Henry, East street
Brown James, Salisbury street
Domoney Stephen, Salisbury street
Freke Charles, West street
Haskell James, Salisbury street
Rolls Charles, East street

Inns and Public Houses.

Antelope, Salisbury street, Slade Honor
Bell Tavern (& Commercial Inn) Market place, Gingell Rich. Hn.
Black Bear, Salisbury st. Felton William
Castle, Bryanstone st. Cox Wm.
Crown and Anchor, West street, Soper James
Crown Hotel, West st. Lock Geo.
Fleur de lis, East st. Rose Benjn. George, Salisbury street, Allen Harriet
Grey Hound, Market pl. Rolls Jn.
Half Moon, Whitecliffmill street, Coates Charles
King's Arms (commercial) Whitecliffemill st. Lewis John
New Inn, East street, Witheridge Fanny Maria
Portman Arms, Salisbury street, Botting Charles
Red Lion, Red Lion yard, Argyle John
Star Inn, East street, Sims Geo.
Three Choughs, Market pl. Mullett Michael
White Hart, East st. Horlock Levi
White Horse, New buildings, Long William

Iron and Brass Founders.

Pitney & Hockey, New buildings


Bulgin Samuel, East street
Jones John, Salisbury street
Lindsay John Farmer, Market pl.

Linen and Woollen Drapers.

Abbott Hen. & Wm. Spence Market place
Bennett Thos. Hodges, Salisbury st
Fisher Malachi and Henry Field, Market place
Ford Henry, Market place
M'Clymont & Stewart, Salisbury street

Milliners & Dress Makers.

Biggs Elizabeth, Salisbury street
Brown Ann Kendall (Albert house) East street
Hornsby Caroline, Salisbury street
Hunt Jane, East street
Powell Eliza, Salisbury street
Stevens Harriett, Salisbury street

Nursery & Seedsman

Gill John, (and florist) Salisbury street and East street

Painters & Plumbers & Glaziers

Elgar Wm. Thos. (& paper hanger & carver & gilder) East street
Henville George, Salisbury street
Jackson John, East street
Pond Wm. (plumber) Market pl.
Stickland Henry, Market place

Professors of Music.

Oakley Caroline, New buildings
Spinney Joseph, East street

Saddlers & Harness Makers

Davis Stephen, Market place
Tatchell Samuel J. Market place


Andras Marianne, East street
British, Whitecliffmill street,
Shaw James, & Rowe Sarah Hillyer Jane, East street
Infants', Salisbury street, Bouts Mary
Keynes Rev. Richard, Whitecliffmill street
National & Blue Coat, Damory lane, Griffiths Charles, & Short Eliza
Penny Rev. James (boarding & day) East street
Roe Mrs. (boarding) Salisbury st.

Shirt Button Manufacturers.

Bennett Thos. Hodges, Salisbury street
Fisher Malachi, & Henry Field, Market place


Fincham Wm. Cole, New buildgs.
Johns Henry Wm. & Francis Tregonwell, Bryanston street
King John T. Salisbury street
Moore Henry, Salisbury street
Smith Francis & Edwin Augustus, Square

Stocking & Worsted Manufr.

Southey Peter, East street

Stone Masons.

Allsford James, New buildings
Kent Jonathan, Whitecliffmill st.
Marshall Henry, Salisbury street

Straw Hat Makers.

Blandford Elizth. Salisbury street
Barfoot Sophia, Salisbury street
Cook Catharine, Whitecliffmill st.
Harfoot Jane, Salisbury street
Park Caroline, Salisbury street
Tanner Harriett, Sheep market hill


Daniel Joseph, East street
Dansey John, East street
Ingram Charles, Whitecliffmill st.
Lees Hen. M.D., Salisbury street
Spooner Edwd. Oke, Salisbury st.

Marked thus * are Drapers also.

Bond Samuel, Whitecliff mill street
Collins Samuel, Market place
*Curtis John Saunders & Son, Market place
*Derham Edward, West street
Gibbs William, New buildings
Hodges Angel S. Market place
Jackson James, East street
Rose Joseph, Salisbury street
*Vear James, Salisbury street
Woolley William, East street

Tallow Chandlers.

Lock & Lawrence, West street
Tarver Wm. (& maltster) Whitecliffmill street

Veterinary Surgeons.

Jay John, East street
Mitchell Joseph, Salisbury street

Watch & Clock Makers.

Barrett Edward (& jeweller) Salisbury street
Hood Robt. Whitecliffmill street
Mayer Anthony, Whitecliffmill st.
Wyatt Wm. Thos, (& jeweller) Market place


Ball Wm. Whitecliffmill street
Bulgin Samuel, Market place
Meller Joseph, New buildings

Wine & Spirit Merchants.

Durden Henry, Market place
Oliver Matthew, Whitecliffmill st.
Soper James, West street
Wellington Thomas, Square


Barnes Philip & Jno. East street
Edwards Wm. & Son, New bldgs.
Hillyer Chas. & Wm. New bldgs.

Law and Public Officers.

Fincham Wm. Cole, deputy coroner for the Blandford & Wimbome division, New buildings
Hobbs Jas. registrar of marriages, West street
Johns Francis T. coroner for Blandford S: Wimborne division, & clerk of county court, Bryanstone street
Johns Henry William, deputy registrar of the archdeaconry of Dorset, & joint clerk to magistrates, Bryanstone street
Kendall Wm. apparitor under the archdeaconry of Dorset, Square
King John Tregonwell, clerk to magistrates & to trustees of Harnham, Blandford & Dorchester turnpikes, and to Blandford and Wimborne turnpike trust
Lance Henry, registrar of births & deaths for the Blandford division, Square
Laurie Joseph, governor of union, East street
Oakley Thos. clerk of union & superintendent registrar, New bldgs.
Park Thomas Moss, bailiff of county court, Salisbury street
Pond Edward, manager of gas works, Market place
Roe John Banister, manager of Dorset benefit building society, Salisbury street
Russell William, inspector of weights & measures, East street
Smith Francis, town clerk and deputy registrar of the ancient diocese of Bristol, Square
Southey Peter., inspector of police and collector of market tolls, East street

From the Crown Hotel.

BATH, on tues, thurs. & sat. at 9 morn., through Shaftesbury, Wincanton, &c.
DORCHESTER, on tues. thurs, & sat. at half-past 2 aft.
SALISBURY, on mon, wed. & fri. at half-past 1 aft.
WEYMOUTH, on tues. thurs. & sat. at half-past 2 aft.
WIMBORNE, daily at a quarter past 10 morn.; also on mon. wed. & fri. at 4 aft.


LONDON, Ford & Co., by rail, via Wimborne daily; also Gould
BATH, mail cart for parcels, from King's Head daily, at 2 aft.
BIRMINGHAM, Ford & Co. on tues, thurs, & sat. at 9 morn., via Frome to Manchester and all parts North
BRISTOL, Dodimead, tues. thurs. & sat.; Ford & Co. tues. thurs. & sat. at 9 mom.; also Ings, mon. at 7 morn. through Sturminster, Newton, Stalbridge, Wincanton, &c.
CHILDOAKFORD, Roberts, also Hiscock, both from the Half Moon, on sat.
CRITCHELL, Sims, from Star Inn, on sat.
DORCHESTER, Ford & Co. mon. wed. & fri.; also Matthews, from the Bell Inn, on wed.
GUSSAGE-ALL-SAINTS, King on sat. from the Crown & Anchor IWERNE MINSTER, Hunt, on tues. thurs. & sat. at 4 aft.
POOLE, Dodimead, from Three Choughs, tues. thurs. & sat.; also Ingss, on mon, at 9 morn.; likewise Plowman, on mon. & thurs. at 10 morn.
SALISBURY, Ford & Co., tues. thurs. & sat.; also Matthews, from Bell Inn, on thurs. & sat.
SHAFTESBURY, Ford & Co., tues. thurs, & sat. at 9 morn.
TAUNTON, Ford & Co. on tues. thurs, & sat. at 9 morn. through Sherborne, Yeovil, Ilminster, to Exeter, Plymouth, and all parts West.