In offering the VISITATIONS OF THE COUNTY OF DEVON to my subscribers, I would crave their kind indulgence for errors and omissions, and also for the great delay in the issue of the work caused by circumstances beyond my own control.

The pedigrees have been reproduced from the original drafts contained in the Harleian Collection preserved in the British Museum, the College of Arms, and other sources, and the authorities for each pedigree are given either in the pedigree itself or in the footnotes appended to each. Numerous complaints having been received during the progress of the work as to the spelling of family names, as was also the case with the VISITATIONS OF THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL, I may again remark that the pedigrees printed in italic are exact reproductions of the original Visitations, and the spelling proves that at that time the use of letters, e.g., such as i and y, in names made no real distinction as to the family connection, in fact, the spelling followed no fixed rule.

I cannot conclude these few remarks without acknowledging the obligations I am under to the Clergy with, I am happy to say, few exceptions, for permission to search and make extracts from Parish Registers, to the officials of the Public Record Office, and the Principal Probate Registry, London, Bodmin, and Exeter. To give a complete list of the names of those who have rendered me most valuable advice and assistance during the progress of this work would fill far more space than is at my service, I must therefore confine myself to the mention more particularly of Arthur Burch, Esq.; G. E. Cockayne, Esq.; Norroy King at Arms; H. H. Drake, Esq., LL.D.; the Rev. J. Ingle Dredge; the Rev. S. Baring Gould; Sir Albert W. Woods, Garter, Principal King at Arms, and finally my deceased friends, Robert Dymond, Esq., F.S.A., and Winslow Jones, Esq.

In taking leave of my suscribers, I wish to thank them for their patience at the delay, and to express the hope that they may be pleased with the result of my labours.



London, 22nd October, 1895.




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