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Administration of Frances Heat of Brixton

The Principal Registry

In Her Majesty's High Court of Justice.

BE IT KNOWN, that at the date hereunder written, Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Frances Heat of Flaxham Road, Brixton in the County of Surrey Nurse deceased, who died on the 15th day of April 1895, at Renfrew Road, Brixton aforesaid a Spinster without Parent Brother or Sister and intestate, were granted by Her Majesty's High Court of Justice at the Principal Probate Registry thereof to Stephen Heath the lawful Uncle and only next of kin of the said intestate, he having first sworn well and faithfully to administer the same.

And it is hereby certified that an Affidavit for Inland Revenue has been delivered wherein it is shewn that the gross value of the personal estate of the said deceased within the United Kingdom (exclusive of what the said deceased may have been possessed of or entitled to as a Trustee and not beneficially) amounts to £157-2-0 and that the said Affidavit bears a stamp of £1-10-0.

Dated the 17th day of June 1895.

Extracted by A.W. Richardson, Solicitor Tunbridge Wells.