Purse Caundle Dorset Parish Registers

St Peter's Church, Purse Caundle, Dorset

This database contains a transcript of the registers for the parish church of St. Peter, Purse Caundle, Dorset.

The entries have been transcribed exactly as they appear in the register books, with the exception of the dates which have been standardised. We have not sought to replicate the pages, just the individual entries and in later years we have adopted the layout of the standard forms for Baptism, Marriage, and Burial entries.

For some entries of baptism it has not been possible to determine the surname used, because the individual was born out of wedlock and both parents have been named. To assist you with finding the correct record these entries have been indexed under both surnames.

For other entries where the christian name has been contracted e.g. Jos.h in place of Joseph it has been written in the form Jos.h so as to avoid confusion with Josh. (Joshua), although the index has the name in full e.g. Joseph.

The following are currently available:

  • Marriages 1837-1921

The original registers are now preserved at the Dorset History Centre.