List of surnames in the Leicestershire Marriages database


Abale, Abbason, Abbat, Abbot, Abbots, Abbott, Abell, Able, Abney, Adames, Adams, Adcock, Adcocke, Adcok, Adcook, Addams, Addenbrook, Addersyah, Addisse, Addy, Adey, Adinet, Adkin, Adkins, Adkinson, Adnall, AEton, Ainge, Akerly, Akerman, Akers, Alcocke, Alcot, Aldrich, Aldridg, Aldridge, Aleband, Alefounder, Alen, Alenn, Alexander, Alfree, Aliinson, Alin, Aline, Aling, Alister, Allam, Allan, Alland, Allard, Allat, Allatt, Allcock, Allcocke, Alldridge, Allen, Allenson, Allin, Alline, Alling, Allinson, Allister, Allmy, Allocke, Allom, Allot, Allott, Allsager, Allsop, Allsope, Allsopp, Allsoppe, Allwood, Allyn, Allyne, Allynsone, Alman, Almee, Almemy, Almey, Almon, Almond, Alphin, Alsape, Alsop, Alsope, Alsopp, Alsoppe, Alton, Alvez, Alyn, Aman, Amay, Amgilsall, Amon, Ancelet, Anchor, Ancote, Anderson, Anderton, Andress, Andrew, Andrewe, Andrewes, Andrews, Andye, Aney, Angrave, Angrive, Anice, Ankers, Annes, Annice, Annis, Anslay, Anstill, Anstin, Appleton, Aprichard, Archer, Arden, Argill, Argoll, Argyle, Argyll, Arland, Armeson, Armesone, Armeston, Armestone, Armestrong, Armson, Armston, Armstone, Armstrong, Armstronge, Arnald, Arnold, Arnolde, Arnoll, Arnswell, Arpurd, Arson, Arvey, Asberye, Aschton, Ascough, Ascue, Ash, Ashbey, Ashbie, Ashbishawe, Ashby, Ashbye, Ashebye, Asher, Ashlin, Ashtin, Ashton, Ashton or Astin, Ashton-alias-Saunders, Ashwell, Askew, Askewe, Askill, Askue, Aslen, Aslin, Asline, Aslyne, Asome, Aspital, Asston, Astall, Astel, Astell, Asten, Astill, Astlin, Astlyn, Aston, Atherson, Atkin, Atkins, Atkinson, Atkyn, Attenborough, Atterey, Atterton, Attkine, Attkines, Attkineson, Attkinson, Atton, Aucocke, Aucot, Auger, Augerre, Augorre, Aulcocke, Aulsope, Aument, Aumy, Ausin, Austen, Austin, Auswin, Auwood, Avery, Avins, Awcocke, Awden, Awfeild, Awlcocke, Awood, Awsope, Ayre, Ayres


B., Baal, Baal-alias-Bale, Baalle, Backster, Bacon, Badman, Badshaw, Bagby, Baggalie, Baggely, Baggelye, Baggerley, Baggley, Bagguley, Bagley, Bagnal, Bagnale, Bagshaw, Baguley, Bagworth, Bailey, Baily, Baines, Bains, Bakar, Bakeley, Baken, Baker, Bakewell, Bakman, Bakster, Bal, Balaie, Baldin, Baldock, Baldocke, Baldwin, Bale, Baley, Baliff, Ball, Ballard, Ballarde, Balle, Balm, Balson, Balston, Baly, Balye, Bamfield, Bamford, Bamkin, Bampkin, Bampton, Banbriche, Banbrooke, Banburie, Banbury, Bancroft, Band, Banes, Banester, Banister, Bankes, Banks, Bannaster, Bannister, Banon, Baracluff, Baradell, Barbar, Barber, Bardley, Bardslye, Barefoot, Barefoote, Barefote, Baresbee, Baresbie, Baresby, Baresbye, Barfeild, Barffotte, Barfield, Barfoot, Barfoote, Barfot, Barham, Barkar, Barke, Barker, Barkes, Barks, Barlay, Barley, Barlie, Barlow, Barnacle, Barnard, Barnarde, Barncastell, Barncastle, Barnden, Barnes, Barnesbye, Barnet, Barnett, Barnisbye, Barnit, Barnns, Barns, Barnsley, Barnwell, Baron, Barons, Baros, Barraclough, Barracluff, Barrass, Barrat, Barratt, Barret, Barritt, Barron, Barrones, Barrons, Barrot, Barrow, Barrowdale, Barrowe, Barrows, Barrs, Barry, Bars, Barsbee, Barsbey, Barsbie, Barsby, Barse, Barsebee, Barsebie, Barsly, Barson, Barten, Barthrum, Bartle, Bartlett, Barton, Bartop, Bartram, Bartrum, Barwel, Barwell, Barysbe, Baseless, Bass, Basset, Bassett, Bassfor, Bassford, Bastock, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Batler, Batling, Batlinge, Batts, Baudrick, Baul, Bauldricke, Baum, Bawdin, Bawley, Baxster, Baxter, Baxtor, Bayard, Baye, Bayley, Baylie, Baylis, Bayly, Baylye, Beadman, Beahy, Beal, Beale, Bealey, Bealie, Bealle, Bealy, Beamont, Bean, Beane, Beanebriig or Bembricke, Beaner, Beanly, Beardful, Bears, Bearye, Beasey, Beasley, Beaumont, Beavens, Bebe, Bebeye, Bebie, Beby, Bebye, Beck, Becket, Beckett, Beckewith, Beckley, Beckwell, Beckwith, Becrofte, Becrofte or Beecraft, Bedford, Bedle, Beebe, Beebee, Beebey, Beebie, Beeby, Beech, Beecraft, Beecroft, Beel, Beele, Beemont, Beeresley, Beesely, Beeson, Beeston, Beet, Beho, Bekroft, Beldin, Beldon, Belgrave, Belie, Belk, Bell, Bellamy, Bellears, Bellgrave, Bellomy, Belomay, Belshar, Belton, Belye, Bembridg, Bembridge, Benbrook, Benbrouke, Bench, Bend, Benet, Benett, Benford, Benge, Benitt, Benn, Bennet, Bennett, Bennit, Bennitt, Bennytt, Bens, Benskin, Bensly, Bent, Bente, Bentley, Bently, Benyon, Beresford, Beriffe, Berige, Bernard, Berrey, Berridge, Berrie, Berrige, Berry, Berrydge, Berrye, Berryfe, Bery, Berye, Beseley, Besely, Beson, Besson, Bessone, Bet, Bett, Betteridge, Betts, Beulle, Bevens, Bewby, Bickerstaff, Bickley, Biddel, Biddell, Biddies, Biddle, Biddles, Biddulph, Bidle, Bidley alias Clemens, Biges, Bigg, Bigges, Biggins, Biggs, Bigley, Bigworth, Biles, Bill, Biller, Billers, Billing, Billingham, Billings, Billington, Billitt, Bills, Billson, Bilson, Binckes, Bindley, Bing, Binge, Bingham, Bingley, Binkes, Binks, Binley, Binly, Binn, Birch, Bird, Birde, Birkett, Birrige, Bish, Bishel, Bishop, Bishope, Bishoppe, Bissett, Bittle, Blabie, Black, Blackbourne, Blackburn, Blackburne, Blacke, Blackley, Blackly, Blacknoll, Blackstone, Blackwell, Bladesmith, Blagg, Blake, Blakemore, Blakesly, Blakley, Blan, Blanckeley, Blanckley, Bland, Blankley, Blanklie, Blankly, Blanklye, Blankney, Blasbroke, Blastock, Blewet, Blick, Blicke, Blisett, Bliss, Blith, Blocklee, Blockley, Blocksomme, Blomfield, Blood, Bloodsworth, Bloodworth, Bloomefeild, Bloor, Blount, Blounte, Blower, Blowre, Bloxham, Bloxholm, Bloxum, Blundee, Blunt, Blunte, Blurton, Blyth, Bneedon, Boatfish, Bocatt, Bockesom, Bockin, Bocking, Bodden, Boddington, Bodel, Boden, Bodicoat, Bodicoate, Bodicote, Bodin, Bodington, Bodle, Bodycoat, Boier, Boiles, Boise, Bold, Bollard, Bollens, Bollesworth, Bollston, Bolsworth, Bolt, Bolton, Bolye, Boman, Bomber, Bon, Boncer, Bond, Boner, Bonner, Bonney-alias-Bunney, Bonnor, Bonsar, Bonsaw, Bonsell, Bonser, Bonsor, Boolton, Boonam, Boone, Boonham, Boor, Booswell, Boot, Boote, Booth, Boothby, Booton, Bootsworth, Bordeman, Boreman, Bornesbye, Borow, Borowe, Borowes, Borras, Borrough, Borrow, Borrowbridge, Borrows, Borton, Boscoe, Bose, Bosham, Boss, Bosse, Bostern, Bostock, Boston, Boswell, Bosworth, Botfishe, Botfyshe, both, Botham, Bothamley, Bothamly, Bothomelye or Bottamley, Bothomley, Bott, Bottam, Bottamley, Bottemly, Botterel, Botterill, Botterrill, Botthomeley, Botthomelie, Bottom, Bottomeley, Bottomley, Bottomly, Botton, Bottrell, Bottril, Botts, Boughton, Bouldby, Boulds, Boulter, Boulton, Boun, Bound, Boune, Bourley, Bourn, Bourne, Bowar, Bowden, Bower, Boweren, Bowler, Bowls, Bowman, Bown, Bowne, Bowner, Bownham, Bows, Bowserant, Bowserante, Bowyer, Boyard, Boydell, Boyer, Boyfield, Boyleson, Boylson, Boylston, Brabson, Bracefield, Bradbury, Bradburye, Bradford, Bradgate, Bradhack, Bradley, Bradlye, Bradsale, Bradshaw, Bradshowe, Bragshaw, Bramhall, Bramley, Brammeche, Bramore, Bramphing, Brand, Brandard, Brandon, Brandreth, Branson, Bransone, Branston, Brason, Bratfield, Braughton, Braunsone, Braunston, Brawnson, Bray, Braye, Brayrsley, Brazen, Breading, Breaks, Breawood, Brecks, Breden, Bredges, Bredon, Bree, Breeden, Breedon, Breeks, Breeton, Breett, Breffit, Breton, Brett, Bretten, Brettn, Brewan, Breward, Brewer, Brewet, Brewin, Brewing, Brewit, Brewitt, Brewster, Brex, Breylesford, Brian, Brians, Briant, Briar, Briars, Brice, Brickwood, Bridall, Bridgeman, Bridges, Bridgman, Brier, Brierley, Briers, Briges, Brigges, Briggings, Briggis, Briggs, Bright, Brightman, Brigs, Brigstock, Brigstocke, Brion, Briscoe, Britt, Brittain, Brittaine, Brittell, Britton, Broadhurst, Broadwell, Brocke, Brockelby, Brocksbye, Brodegate, Brodgate, Brodhurst, Brokehouse, Bromage, Bromfield, Bromich, Bromitch, Bromley, Bromwich, Bronck, Bronks, Brook, Brooke, Brookes, Brookesbie, Brookesbye, Brookhouse, Brooks, Broom, Broome, Broomeby, Broomhall, Broosbie, Brooxby, Bropson, Brothell, Broughton, Brouksbye, Broum, Broune, Browett, Browge-or-Brough, Browks, Browme, Brown, Browne, Browning, Broxam, Broxamm, Broxbie, Broxby, Broxbye, Broxonn, Bruan, Bruarton, Bruce, Bruckhouse, Brudnel, Brudnell, Bruerne, Bruerton, Bruin, Brumige, Bruon, Brushfield, Bruster, Brutenal, Brutnal, Brutnall, Bruton or Burton, Bruxby, Bruxbye, Bruxe, Bryan, Bryans, Bryars, Bryaus, Bryce, Brydges, Bryers, Bryghtmore, Bryon, Buck, Buckberry, Buckett, Buckingham, Buckle, Buckley, Bucknell, Buckner, Buckston, Budd, Budgie, Buffrie, Bug, Bugby, Bugg, Bull, Bullamoor, Bullar, Bullard, Bullers, Bullimore, Bullivant, Bullock, Bullyett, Buney, Buning, Bunney, Bunnie, Bunnies, Bunning, Bunninge, Bunny, Bunnys, Bunshire, Bunyan, Burbadge, Burbage, Burbid, Burbidge, Burbige, Burch, Burchess, Burchnall, Burde, Burden, Burdet, Burdett, Burdit, Burditt, Burgamot, Burges, Burgess, Burgin, Burgis, Burgish, Burgoine, Burgoland, Burkett, Burleigh, Burley, Burly, Burma, Burman, Burnaby, Burnham, Burnley, Burrey, Burroughs, Burrowes, Burrows, Burrye, Burstale, Burstall, Burt, Burten, Burton, Bury, Burye, Bush, Bushby, Bushopp, Buss, Bust, Busular, Buswell, Buszard, Buszell, Butesfisce, Butler, Butlin, Butlyn, Buto, Butteler, Butteris, Buttery, Buttler, Buttlin, Button, Buttris, Buxton, Buxtons, Buzbee, Byard, Bybye, Byfield, Bylson, Bynd, Byngham, Byrd, Byrde, Byshe, Byshop, Byshopp, Bywater


Cable, Cademan, Cadman, Cakebread, Caladine, Calamy, Calcraft, Calcroft, Calis, Calisher, Callcraft, Callcroft, Callis, Callize, Callow, Callye, Calo, Calow, Calverley, Calvert, Calvesly, Cam, Cambell, Came, Camp, Campain, Campden, Campion, Candeall, Cane, Cannam, Cannor, Cant, Canther, Capandale, Cape, Capener, Caperhurst, Capstake, Car, Carey, Carickt, Carleton, Carlton, Carnal, Carnall, Carnil, Carnill, Carpendayle, Carpmail, Carr, Carre, Carrick, Carrigood, Carrington, Cart, Cartare, Carter, Carthwright, Cartier, Cartor, Cartwright, Cartwrite, Carvel, Carvell, Carver, Carvill, Cary, Case, Cash, Caslen, Casseldine, Casson, Casswell, Castell, Castle, Castledine, Castledown, Castleton, Castley, Cater, Cattel, Cattell, Caunt, Caunte, Cave, Caverley, Caw, Cawdwell, Cawnt, Cawnte, Cawood, Cawthorn, Cawthorne, Cawverly, Cawyar, Cemme, Chace, Chadburnd, Chadwick, Chain, Chaland, Challand, Challands, Challenor, Challiner, Challinor, Challoner, Chalner, Chaloner, Cham, Chambarlyn, Chamber, Chamberaline, Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberlane, Chamberlayne, Chamberlin, Chamberline, Chamberling, Chamberlinn, Chamberlyn, Chamberlyne, Chambers, Chance, Chandler, Chaner, Channer, Chaplain, Chaplin, Chapman, Chappell, Charchevall, Charetie, Charety, Charitie, Charity, Charitye, Charles, Charlesworth, Charleton, Charlton, Charn, Charnell, Charter, Chartwright, Charytie, Chase, Chatburn, Chatterton, Chattle, Chaunner, Chawnare, Cheadle, Cheaney, Cheatell, Cheatle, Cheaton, Checkley, Cheester, Cheney, Cherry, Cheselden, Chesher, Cheshier, Cheshire, Chesster, Chestar, Chester, Chesterton, Chestor, Chesyldyne, Chetell, Chetland, Chetle, Chettel, Chettell, Chettle, Chetwell, Chetwin, Chetwind, Cheynie, Cheyny, Chidnell, Chinerie, Chipnam, Chiseldine, Chiselldine, Chisnell, Chiswell, Chlinger, Choice, Choies, Choyce, Choyse, Chriechton, Christian, Christye, Church, Churchman, Chynnerie, Claake, Claiton, Clamp, Clancy, Clare, Clarison, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clarson, Claver, Claxson, Claxton, Clay, Claye, Clayton, Cleark, Clearke, Cleaton, Cleaton-alias-Clayton, Cleaveland, Cleaver, Clegg, Clemence, Clemens, Clement, Clements, Clemmens, Clerk, Clerke, Cleter, Clever, Cley, Cleypole, Cliff, Cliffard, Cliffe, Cliffen, Clifford, Cliford, Clifton, Clipsham, Close, Clous, Clouse, Clowes, Clownes, Clows, Cluer, Coalbank, Coales, Coates, Coaton, Cobbley, Cobley, Cockayn, Cockayne, Cocke, Cockerell, Cockerill, Cockes, Cockine, Cocks, Cockyn, Coddington, Coe, Coggen, Coke, Colborn, Colcraft, Colcrofte, Cole, Colebon, Coleman, Coles, Colesonne, Colethread, Coley, Coliington, Colins, Colkin, Colkins, Collaines, Collcraft, Colledge, Collen, Collens, Collenwood, Coller, Collett, Colley, Collier, Collin, Colling, Collings, Collington, Collingwood, Collins, Collishaw, Collison, Collman, Colly, Collyer, Collynges, Collyngwod, Collyngwood, Colman, Colnywood, Colson, Colston, Coltman, Colver, Comberlidge, Compton, Condiut, Conduit, Connington, Cont, Coocke, Coocks, Cook, Cooke, Cookson, Coole, Coolman, Coop, Cooper, Cooper-alias-Tayliar, Coopland, Coote, Coots, Cope, Copeland, Copellande, Copley, Copse, Copson, Corbet, Corbett, Corey, Corfe, Cork, Corkin, Corking, Cornare, Corner, Cornere, Corral, Corrall, Corren, Cortley, Corton, Corun, Cory, Cotes, Cotin, Coton, Cottam, Cotte, Cottingham, Cotton, Cotts, Couley, Coulson, Coulston, Coultman, Coulton, Coultredge, Count, Coupland, Courtis, Coward, Cowarde, Cowdall, Cowdel, Cowdell, Cowell, Cowerd, Cowley, Cowlley, Cowly, Cowp, Cowper, Cox, Coxe, Coxon, Coy, Coye, Crackel, Cracroft, Cradge, Cradoke, Craft, Crafte, Crafts, Crag, Cragg, Cragge, Cragge-alias-Summerbye, Craksall-alias-Milner, Crame, Cramp, Crampe, Crampton, Crane, Crapar, Crapper, Crashton, Craven, Crawley, Craxol, Creakwel, Crecole, Crecroft, Cressey, Cresswell, Crick, Crier, Cripples, Crisp, Crispe, Croake, Crocher, Croe, Croft, Croftes, Crofts, Crook, Crookhorn, Cropall, Cropley, Cropsall, Cropwell, Cros, Crosbee, Crosby, Crosbye, Crose, Crosen, Crosher, Croson, Cross, Crosse, Crossen, Crossland, Croston, Crosun, Crow, Crowdar, Crowder, Crowe, Crowshaw, Crowsheir, Crowson, Crowston, Croxell, Croxon, Crump, Cucson, Cuffing, Cufflin, Cuffling, Cufilin, Culley, Cumberland, Cumberlidge, Cumpton, Cunande, Cundit, Cuninton, Cunnand, Cupper, Cureton, Curling, Curll, Currall, Curson, Curteville, Curtis, Curtise, Curzon, Cusley, Cusslin, Cutbert, Cuthbert, Cutler, Cutt, Cuward, Cuxton


Dabbs, Dacon, Dadesly, Dadsley, Dadslye, Daffarne, Daffe, Daffern, Dafferne, Dafforne, Dafft, Daft, Dafte, Dagley, Dain, Dakin, Dakyn, Dalbie, Dalby, Dalbye, Daldicote, Dale, Dallis, Dallywater, Dalton, Damask, Damaske, Dammaske, Dan, Dand, Dane, Daneforth, Danes, Danford, Daniel, Daniell, Danmaske, Dann, Dansey, Danzey, Darbey, Darbie, Darby, Darbye, Darbyshire, Darell, Darker, Darlaston, Darlison, Darman, Darnel, Darnell, Darnet, Darnford, Dash, Dashe, Dauby, Daues, Daught, Daulby, Daulman, Daulton, Dauson, Davel, Davemport, Davenport, Daves, Davey, Davie, Davies, Davill, Davis, Davison, Davy, Davye, Dawe, Dawes, Dawkin, Dawkins, Dawn, Daws, Dawse, Dawson, Day, Daybanke, Daye, Dayne, Deacon, Deakin, Deakns, Deakon, Dean, Debanke, Deboreaux, Deemen, Deeping, Deken, Delham, Denbie, Dence, Dencher, Denham, Denis, Dennes, Dennett, Dennis, Denniss, Dennyes, Dennys, Denshire, Dent, Deny or Deuy, Derby, Derbyshire, Derrick, Derry, Deuey or Dewey, Deury or Dewy, Devonport, Devonshire, Dewbery, Dewe, Dewey, Dewick, Dewshop, Dexter, Deyne, Dibben, Dickens, Dickenson, Dickhenson, Dickin, Dickinges, Dickingson, Dickins, Dickinson, Dickman, Dickson, Digbie, Digby, Diggbay, Dikes, Dilkes, Dilks, Dimmock, Dimmocks, Dimnocke, Dimock, Dimocke, Dinnesse, Dinnis, Dirham, Dirkins, Disnal, Dison, Divile, Dix, Dixon, Dixson, Dixwell, Dobney, Dobson, Docker, Dodesley, Dodgsley, Dodisley, Dodslee, Dodsley, Dodsly, Dodson, Dolbie, Dolby, Doleman, Doley, Dolman, Dolphin, Dolton, Donington, Donne, Donnisthorpe, Donson, Dooffen, Door, Dorman, Dormon, Doubleday, Doubledie, Douffe, Doughty, Dougthwaite, Douse, Dove, Dovye, Dowell, Dowling, Downes, Downing, Dowson, Doxie, Drackley, Dracord, Dracot, Dracote, Dracott, Drake, Drakeard, Draked, Drakeley, Drakely, Drakford, Drakley, Drakly, Draper, Draycot, Draycott, Drayton, Drewry, Dring, Drinkwater, Drowght, Drurie, Drury, Dubbledaie, Dubbleday, Dubbledaye, Duce, Ducket, Duckett, Duckworthe, Duckyt, Dudley, Dudlye, Duel, Duffeild, Duffen, Duffet, Duffield, Duffill, Duffin, Duften, Dufty, Duick, Duicke, Duik, Duke, Dukes, Dun, Duncan, Dunchley, Dunckley, Duninge, Dunisthorp, Dunisthorpe, Dunkley, Dunkly, Dunmore, Dunn, Dunne, Dunnestrap, Dunnisthorp, Dunnisthorpe, Dunnisthrope, Dunnyesthrop, Dunsmore, Dunstall, Dunstan, Dunton, Durance, Durand, Durant, Durden, Durdes, Durdin, Durham, Durrad, Durram, Durrance, Durrard, Durrod, Dutton, Dyer, Dyett, Dykes, Dymock, Dymocke, Dynnis, Dyson, Dyter


Eades, Eager, Eagle, Eaglefield, Eames, Earba, Earby, Eare, Earl, Earle, Earp, Earpe, Easom, Easome, Eason, East, Easum, Eaton, Eckelston, Ecob, Ecobe, Ecope, Eddenborrough, Eddge, Eddols, Eden, Edenborough, Edenborow, Edenborowe, Edenborro, Edge, Edgeley, Edgerly, Edgge, Edglee, Edinborough, Edins, Edlin, Edmonson, Edmunds, Edridge, Edson-alias-Elson, Edwards, Edwens, Edwin, Edwyn, Egglesfield, Eglesfield, Elam, Eley, Elham, Eliot, Eliott, Elison, Elitt, Elkington, Elkinton, Ella, Ellaby, Elleston, Ellet, Ellett, Ellice, Ellingham, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellitt, Ellot, Ellott, Ellson, Ellston, Ellsworth, Ellyot, Elmet, Elner, Eloye, Elsom, Elson, Elsone, Elston, Elston or Elsonne, Elto, Elton, Emarson, Emenson, Emere, Emerson, Emery, Eminson, Emot, England, Enslin, Enson, Ensor, Ensworth, Enton, Epersone, Eperston, Eperstone, Epperstone, Erby, Ercy, Eringham, Erne, Erp, Erpe, Erpes, Errol, Esem, Essex, Essledine, Essom, Etenfylde, Ettenborough, Ettenborrough, Ettenborrow, Eusar, Evans, Evaratt, Evatt, Evens, Everard, Everatt, Evererd, Everet, Everett, Everington, Everitt, Everton, Eves, Evetts, Evington, Ewardine, Ewins, Exon, Extel, Eyles, Eyre, Eyrl


Facer, Fairbands, Fairbarne, Fairbrother, Fairchild, Fairebarne, Fairwether, Fakenere, Falconer, Falerbarne, Falkner, Fallowes, Fallows, Fancot, Fank, Fann, Fannt, Fantham, Fanton, Farborough, Fardale, Fardell, Farebrother, Farmell, Farmer, Farndon, Farnihough, Faron, Farr, Farren, Farrin, Fatherstone, Faulkner, Faulks, Faunt, Faux, Fauxs, Fawckner, Fawley, Fawnte, Fawrit, Fawsett, Fayerbarne, Fearfield, Fearis, Fearn, Fearne, Feat, Featherstone, Feeld, Feelding, Feilde, Feilding, Feildinge, Feilds, Fel, Felkin, Fellowes, Fellows, Fells, Felstead, Felsted, Felsterd, Felstone, Feneley, Fenley, Fenton, Ferborne, Ferenelley, Ferezby, Feriman, Ferm, Ferman, Fermere, Fern, Fernalaw, Fernelaw, Ferneley, Fernelley, Fernley, Ferriman, Ferryman, Feryman, Feukes, Feuks, Fewkes, Fewks, Fielding, Fieldinge, Fildhowse, Filkes, Fillaps, Fillingham, Fillion, Fin, Finch, Fincher, Finchley, Findeley, Findlay, Findley, Finley, Finn, Finne or Firm, Finney, Finnyes, Fipps, Firmage, Firnula, Firren, Firth, Fishar, Fishe, Fisher, Fitch, Fitze, Fiwet or Fluet, Flabel, Flack, Flamson, Flamston, Flanders, Flaticer, Flavel, Flavell, Flavill, Fleatcher, Flecher, Fleckno, Fleitcher, Flemens, Fleming, Flemings, Fletcher, Fletell, Fleude, Flewitt, Flier, Flinders, Flint, Flinte, Flood, Floor, Flouer, Flour, Flowar, Flower, Flowitt, Flowre, Floyde, Flude, Fluet, Fluid, Fluite, Foarde, Focill, Foister, Folds, Follion, Follow, Followes, Follows, Foone, Footman, Forcil, Ford, Fordham, Forest, Forknall, Forman, Formidge, Forrest, Forsby, Forster, Forvill, Fosell, Foseter, Fosil, Fosill, Fossell, Fossett, Fossil, Fossile, Fostare, Foster, Fotheringham, Foukes, Fouks, Fouldes, Foulds, Foulk, Fourden, Fowcke, Fowkes, Fowler, Fox, Foxe, Foxen, Foxley, Foxon, Foxton, Foyster, Fradsham, Framcon, Frances, Francis, Franciss, Francisse, Franck, Francke, Francklin, Francoate, Franke, Frankes, Franklin, Franks, Frankton, Franncke, Fratsom, Fraunces, Fraustneale, Frear, Freare, Frearson, Freck, Frecke, Freckingham, Freeman, Freen or Freer, Freene, Freer, Freere, Freers, Freeson, Freeston, Freestone, Freland, Freman, French, Freney, Frentche, Frere, Freson, Frestone, Fretsom, Fretter, Fretton, Frewe, Freyer, Freyre, Frier, Friers, Frisbe, Frisbee, Frisbey, Frisbie, Frisby, Frisbye, Friston, Friswell-alias-Frazier, Frith, Froane, Froman, Frone, Frosinail, Frost, Froste, Frostnail, Frostneale, Frostnill, Fry, Fryer, Frysbee, Frysbye, Fryshy, Fryshye, Fuilden, Fukes, Fuller, Fullwood, Fulshaw, Fulsher, Fulson, Funtance, Furborough, Furborow, Furmidge, Furnace, Fylyan, Fyndyne, Fynnie, Fyntch, Fysher, Fyssher


Gabel, Gabie, Gadsbey, Gadsby, Gadsbye, Gaft, Gaille, Gale, Gallands, Gallard, Gambel, Gamble, Gambley, Gammage, Gammell, Gandy, Gant, Gardener, Gardenore, Garland, Garle, Garner, Garone, Garrat, Garratt, Garret, Garrett, Garrot, Garson, Garton, Gascon, Gash, Gaskins, Gast, Gaunt, Gaward, Gaynsford, Gaze, Gea, Geal, Geale, Geale or Gale, Geary, Gedeby, Gee, Geesin, Geesing, Geesinge, Geeson, Gelibrand, Geliver, Gelly, Gelson, Gelsone, Genardo, Geneway, Genoll, Gent, George, Gerard, Gerey, Gerie, Gerrum, Gervais, Gerves, Gervice, Gervis, Gery, Gess, Gesson, Gesynge, Ghent, Gibards, Gibbe, Gibbin, Gibbings, Gibbins, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gibsone, Gibsonne, Gibston, Gibyn, Gilbard, Gilbarde, Gilbart, Gilbart-alias-Smisbie, Gilberd, Gilbert, Gilberte, Gilbird, Gilbirt, Gilburne, Gilding, Giles, Gilford, Gill, Gillespie, Gillever, Gilley, Gilliver, Gillson, Gilson, Gilston, Gilstone, Gimard, Gimson, Gimsone, Ginneve, Girton, Gisborne, Glen, Glene, Glenn, Glenne, Glosse, Glover, Goadby, Goatby, Goddard, Goddell, Godebee, Godfrey, Godward, Godwin, Goff, Goffre, Gogwynne, Golby, Golden, Gooch, Good, Goodacre, Goodaker, Goodall, Goodalle, Goodbarne, Goodborne, Goodchild, Gooddicarey, Gooddicary, Goode, Goodeby, Goodecary, Goodfellow, Goodicary, Goodin, Gooding, Goodladd, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodson, Goodwin, Goodwine, Goodyer, Goosey, Gootard, Goowd, Gorton, Goslin, Goss, Gothard, Gottard, Goudbie, Goude, Gouge, Gough, Gould, Goulden, Goulding, Gouldsmith, Gourney, Goutridge, Goward, Gowd, Gowde, Gowin, Grace, Graham, Grainger, Gramage, Granger, Granny, Grant, Graseby, Gratten, Graunnutt, Graunt, Graunte, Graves, Gray, Graycoale, Graye, Grean, Greasley, Greasly, Greathead, Greatorex, Greaves, Greavs, Greeggs, Green, Greenall, Greene, Greenesmith, Greenesmyth, Greeneway, Greenewood, Greenfield, Greenham, Greenhame, Greenhowe, Greenill, Greenne, Greenoe, Greensinith, Greensmith, Greenwood, Greet, Greetam, Greete, Greetham, Greettam, Greffyne, Grege, Gregg, Greggory, Gregore, Gregorie, Gregory, Gregorye, Gregs, Gregson, Grenam, Grene, Greneway, Grenham, Grenhame or Greenahm, Grenn, Gretham, Gretten, Gretton, Greves, Grew, Grewcock, Grewe, Grey, Grey-alias-Norman, Griesly, Griffin, Grim, Grime, Grimes, Grimm, Grimmitt, Grimsley, Grimsly, Gritten, Grocock, Grococke, Grocott, Grodaker, Grokock, Gronbranth, Grooby, Groocock, Groococke, Groos, Groose, Grose, Grosse, Grotten, Grouse, Grove, Groves, Grub, Grubb, Grucock, Grudging, Grudginge, Grudgings, Grudgins, Grudynge, Gruging, Grugins, Grumbold, Grunday, Grundey, Grundi, Grundie, Grundy, Grundye, Grym, Grymes, Grymme, Gudd, Guddecary, Guddin, Gudgeon, Gudginge, Gudicary, Gudtridge-alias-Gutteridge, Guerrat, Guess, Guest, Guile, Guilford, Guilham, Guill, Guin, Guist, Gulliver, Gulson, Gulston, Gumbley, Gumley, Gun, Gune, Gunn, Gunnison, Gunstone, Gurney, Gurrell, Gust, Gutridge, Gutteridge, Guttridge, Guy, Guy or Grey, Guye, Gybson, Gye, Gylis, Gyllever, Gyllson


Habarte, Habell, Hack, Hackel, Hacker, Hacket, Hackett, Hackit, Hackitt, Hackney, Haddon, Hadfeild, Hadnet, Hage, Hague, Hailes, Hails, Haimes, Haines, Haines or Hames, Hains, Hainsworth, Halbie, Halerton, Hales, Halete, Halford, Haliake, Hall, Hallam, Hallan, Halle, Halliday, Halliocke, Halliocke or Holyoak, Hallock or Holyoak, Hallocke, Hallowell, Hallum, Hallut, Halyday, Hamands, Hamans, Hames, Hamford, Hammans, Hammersley, Hammond, Hammonds, Hammons, Hamons, Hamp, Hampson, Hamson, Hamston, Hanbury, Hancock, Hancocke, Hancox, Hand, Hande, Handes, Handlay, Handley, Handlie, Handly, Hands, Handson, Hanes, Hankin, Hankinson, Hankocks, Hankynson, Hanley, Hanley or Stanley, Hannye, Hanson, Hant, Hanwood, Harbe, Harbee, Harbert, Harbie, Harby, Harbye, Harcot, Harcourt, Hardal, Hardall, Harden, Hardgrave, Hardiman, Hardin, Hardinall, Harding, Hardman, Hardware, Hardy, Hardye, Hare, Harford, Hargrave, Hargreeve, Hargreve, Hariman, Hariote, Harison, Harisone, Harisonne, Harker, Harley, Harly, Harman, Harmston, Harold, Harper, Harpur, Harras, Harreis, Harrice, Harries, Harriman, Harrington, Harrington or Carrington, Harris, Harrison, Harrisone, Harriss, Harrisson, Harrold, Harryman, harrys, Harryson, Harrysone, Harston, Hart, Harte, Hartley, Hartop, Hartopp, Hartoppe, Hartt, Hartwell, Harvey, Harvie, Harvye, Harward, Harwood, Haryes, Haryman, Haryson, Harysone, Hasard, Hasel, Haselwood, Hasetings, Haslewood, Hasling, Hassall, Hassell, Hastings, Haswell, Hatchett, Hatfield, Hathis, Hathston, Haton, Hatterley, Hatthway, Hauge, Haughten, Haulie, Haull, Haw, Haward, Hawes, Hawett, Hawghton, Hawit, Hawkeswell, Hawkin, Hawking, Hawkings, Hawkins, Hawle, Hawley, Hawood, Hawton, Hawxlye, Haycock, Hayes, Hayfield, Hayne, Haynes, Hays, Haythe, Haywood, Hazelwood, Hazle, Hazlewood, Hazzlewood, Heacocke, Headley, Heaford, Healey, Healie, Healle or Healey, Healms, Healy, Heams, Heane, Heans, Heanses, Heap, Heape, Heapes, Heard, Heardman, Heare, Hearn, Heart, Hearthcock, Heasell, Heaselwood, Heaslewood, Heatcott, Heath, Heathcote, Heathcott, Heathe, Heawarde, Heawood, Heawuke, Heayes, Heays, Heazelwood, Heb, Hebb, Hecstall, Hector, Hedderley, Hedge, Hedglie, Hedlye, Heedham, Heeford, Heele, Heell, Heeps, Hefford, Hefield, Heggs, Hegs, Heich, Heiford, Heighton, Heley, Hellam, Helmes, Hembsley, Hempsed, Hemsal, Hemsley, Hemsly, Henchman, Henfrey, Henman, Henney, Henphery, Hensman, Henson, Hensun, Henton, Herbert, Herden, Herick, Heriman, Herison, Hern, Herne, Herod, Heron, Herrick, Herricke, Herriman, Herring, Hervey, Hethcott, Hetherly, Heuit, Heuitt, Hewardine, Hewerdine, Hewet, Hewett, Hewit, Hewitt, Hewod, Hewson, Hewthwaite, Hexstall, Hextal, Hextall, Hextol, Hextoll, Hey, Heycoope, Heyes, Heyley, Heyne, Heynes, Heyrick, Heys, Heysyld, Heyward, Heywarde, Heywood, Hicabottome, Hickeson, Hickley, Hicklin, Hickling, Hickman, Hicks, Hickson, Hicson, Hide, Hides, Hidson, Higginbottom, Higgins, Higginson, Higgs, Highton, Hill, Hillame, Hillowell, Hills, Hillum, Hilton, Himmings, Hind, Hinde, Hindeman, Hindman, Hinds, Hingman, Hinkes, Hinkley, Hinkly, Hinks, Hinman, Hinock, Hinson, Hinton, Hippesley, Hipwell, Hitchcock, Hitchin, Hitt or Hill, Hives, Hixton, Hoabie, Hoare, Hobal, Hoball, Hobard, Hobel, Hobell, Hobil, Hobill, Hobley, Hobson, Hoby, Hockasston, Hoddilow, Hoden, Hodes, Hodg, Hodgchkins, Hodge, Hodgekin, Hodges, Hodgeson, Hodgkin, Hodgkinson, Hodgshin, Hodgson, Hodgsonne, Hodskin, Hoe, Hoggins, Hoggs, Holding, Holdinge, Holick, Holiland, Holingshead, Holingworth, Holioke, Holis, Holland, Hollande, Hollands, Hollans, Hollick, Holliday, Hollier, Holliland, Hollin, Holling, Hollingshead, Hollingworth, Hollinworth, Hollis, Hollock, Hollwell, Hollyday, Hollyland, Holman, Holme, Holmes, Holms, Holroide, Holswall, Holt, Holte, Holtun, Holwell, Holwick, Holyday, Holyland, Holyoak, Holyoake, Holyoke, Holywell, Homs, Honey, Honeyman, Honsone, Hoocke, Hood, Hoode, Hook, Hooke, Hooker, Hooley, Hooper, Hoore, Hooten, Hooton, Hopewell, Hopkin, Hopkine, Hopking, Hopkingson, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Hopper, Hoppkin, Hoppwell, Hopwell, Hor, Horaie, Horbal, Horey, Hormet, Horn, Hornar, Hornbuckle, Horne, Horner, Hornson, Horsebrook, Horsepool, Horsepoole, Horson, Horspool, Horst, Horton, Hortone, Hose, Hoskin, Hosse, Hotchkin, Hotterley, Hough, Houghton, Hougton, Houking, Houlden, Houlse, Hoult, House, Hout, Houthwaite, How, Howard, Howaye, Howbie, Howbye, Howcoat, Howcote, Howcott, Howcutt, Howe, Howes, Howet, Howett, Howin, Howit, Howitt, Howkins, Howlcott, Howlet, Howson, Howton, Howyt, Hoyes, Hoyse, Hoyte, Hubard, Hubbard, Hubbarde, Hubbart, Hubberd, Hubbert, Hubbord, Huberd, Huchison, Huckerbie, Huckerby, Hucklings, Hudd, Hudde, Hudderton, Huddleston, Hudson, Hudsonne, Huett, Huff, Huffe, Huffet, Huggin, Huggins, Hugglescoat, Hughes, Hughs, Hulbert, Hull, Hulland, Hulmes, Hulse, Humber, Humberston, Humberstone, Humfrye, Humphreys, Hunn, Hunston, Hunt, Hunte, Hunter, Huntington, Hurd, Hurlbuck, Hurst, Hurste, Hurt, Husey, Huskins, Huskisson, Huss, Hussey, Hussier, Hussuay, Hust, Hust or Hurst, Hut, Hutchens, Hutcherson, Hutchin, Hutching, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchyns, Huthwaite, Huton, Hutt, Hutten, Hutton, Hwitt (sic), Hyarne, Hyche, Hyde, Hydes, Hyginbotham, Hyll, Hynd, Hynde, Hynks, Hynton, Hyott


Iddins, Idwin, Ilif, Iliff, Iliffe, Ilkington, Ilkinton, Illidge, Illson, Illsone, Illston, Ilson, Ilston, Ilyffe, Imeson, Iminges, Immings, Inchle, Inchley, Ind, Inesby, Ing, Inge, Ingle, Inglesant, Inglet, Ingleton, Ingram, Inkley, Innocent, Insley, Iredale, Ireland, Ireson, Irishe, Irland, Irons, Isaac, Isam, Isen, Isham, Isit, Isom, Isome, Ison, Issett, Issott, Ives


Jacham, Jackeson, Jackman, Jackson, Jacob, Jacomb, Jacombe, Jacome, Jacques, Jacson, Jakeman, Jakes, Jalland, Jallings, James, Jameson, Jamson, Jannaway, Jansey, Jaques, Jarman, Jarratt, Jarrett, Jarvais, Jarvase, Jarvice, Jarvis, Jarvis-alias-Redjard, Jaxson, Jealland, Jeays, Jebbit, Jee, Jeelams, Jeeson, Jeffcoat, Jeffery, Jeffes, Jeffison, Jeffrey, Jeffs, Jeliver, Jelley, Jellibrand, Jellice, Jelly, Jellye, Jelson, Jenaway, Jeneway, Jenin, Jenkerson, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Jennaway, Jennell, Jennings, Jenoway, Jephcote, Jephcott, Jepherson, Jerom, Jervaise, Jerves, Jervice, Jervis, Jervise, Jeson, Jessep, Jesson, Jessop, Jeye, Jeyes, Jght (sic), Jhonson, Jilson, John, Johnson, Johnsone, Johnsonne, Johnston, Jolife, Jones, Jonson, Jorda, Jordain, Jordan, Jorden, Jordin, Jowet, Jowit, Joyce, Joyles, Jques, Juce, Jud, Judd, Judde, Judson, Juice, Jukes, Julian, Jurdyn


Kalo, Karrack, Kater, Kathrens, Katline, Keal, Keay, Kebbels, Keelin, Keemp, Keen, Keene, Keeney, Keep, Keightley, Keise, Kelham, Kellam, Kellet, Kellham, Kelme, Kelmes, Kelshaw, Kem, Kemp, Kempe, Kenaby, Kendal, Kendale, Kendall, Kendals, Kendel, Kendell, Kendrick, Keney, Kennee, Kenney, Kennie, Kenny, Kensersonne, Kent, Kerby, Kerchevall, Kerchivall, Kerchivell, Kerk, Kerke, Kerkham, Kerne, Kestian, Kestin, Kestion, Kestor, Ketchen, Kett, Kettle, Kettleborne, Kettleborough, Kettleborow, Kettleborrow, Kettlebourne, Kettleburne, Ketton, Key, Keye, Kibby, Kichinge-alias-Steele, Kid, Kide-or-Kyd, Kidwood, Kilborn, Kilborne, Kilbourn, Kilburn, Kilby, Kilbye, Kilibe, Killamlay, killborn, Killborne, Killinglaye, Killinglee, Killingley, Killingly, Killpack, Killyngley, Killyngly, Kilpack, Kilparke, Kimberley, Kimberlin, Kimbolin, Kimbolton, Kimmish, Kimpton, Kinch, Kind, Kindar, Kinde, Kinder, Kine, Kines, Kiney, King, Kinge, Kingston, Kinsey, Kinsman, Kintch, Kinton, Kirbie, Kirby, Kirchevall, Kirchevar, Kirchin, Kirching, Kirk, Kirkby, Kirke, Kirkham, Kirklam, Kirkland, Kirklande, Kirkman, Kirtchin, Kirtlande, Kirton, Kiss, Kisse, Kitchen, Kitchin, Kitching, Kitchinge, Knap, Knapp, Knappe, Kneland, Knetone, Knight, Knighte, Knighton, Knowles, Koxe, Kyd, Kyett, Kylbie, Kynd, Kynge, Kyrby, Kyrcham, Kyrche, Kyrchin, Kyrke, Kytchen, Kytt


Labadg, Labidge, Laccy, Lace, Lacey, Lacie, Lacy, Lacye, Ladkin, Ladkyn, Ladyman-alias-Sparks, Lago, Lakin, Lakings, Lakins, Lam, Lamb, Lambe, Lambert, Lambley, Lambson, Lame, Lamley, Lamson, Lamton, Land, Landen, Lander, Landsdale, Lane, Laneton, Lang, Langford, Langham, Langley, Langly, Langslow, Langsworth, Langthan, Langton, Langworth, Lansdale, Lard, Lardge, Lardy, Larg, Large, Larner, Laser, Lasie, Lason, Lathbury, Lattimer, Lattimoor, Lattimore, Laud, Launden, Launder, Laundon, Laurence, Lauson, Lavender, Lavers, Lavis, Law, Lawe, Lawless, Lawnder, Lawrance, Lawrence, Lawrie, Lawson, Lawsone, Laxton, Layton, Lea, Leach, Leacy, Leadbeater, Leadbeter, Leadbetter, Leader, Leager, Leah, Leak, Leake, Leaper, Leatherland, Leaver, Leaverack, Leavers, Leavis, Ledbeter, Ledbetter, Lednam, Lee, Leedes, Leedham, Leeds, Leek, Leeke, Lees, Leeson, Leete, Leets, Leftwick, Legge, Leicester, Leich, Leicye, Leigh, Leighton, Leland, Lelande, Lemore, Lent, Lenton, Lepington, Lesson, Lester, Lets, Letts, Leues, Leuis, Leutey, Levers, Levice, Levis, Levys, Lewes, Lewet, Lewien, Lewin, Lewine, Lewis, Lewtey, Lewty, Lewyne, Ley, Leydell, Leyland, Leylande, Leyster, Lickerish, Lickerishe, Lickrish, Licores, Licorish, Liddall, Lidster, Liggins, Light, Lightfoot, Lighton, Lilley, Lilly, Limbard, Limber, Limbert, Lin, Linbe, Linby, Lindsey, Line, Lines, Linfield, Linflight, Linford, Linn, Linne, Linnet, Linng, Linny, Linsdale, Linsdall, Linson, Linthwaite, Liptret, Lissaman, Lister, Litan, Litherland, Lithon, Litle, Littel, Little, Littledyke, Littlefare, Littlewood, Livesay, Livesley, llston, Loader, Loak, Loasby, Lock, Locken, Locket, Lockett, Lockings, Lockley, Lockton, Lockwood, Loddington, Loe, Loesbee, Loesby, Loke, Lole, Lomas, Lomax, Lommax, Lommes, London, Long, Long-alias-Threaves, Longeland, Longlande, Longley, Longmead, Loome, Loomes, Looms, Loon, Loone, Lord, Lorde, Losby, Losebie, Loseby, Losebye, Losibye, Loton, Louth, Louthe, Lovatt, Lovday, Love, Loveday, Loveitt, Loveledge, Lovet, Lovett, Lovit, Lovitt, Low, Lowe, Lowth, Loydell, Loynes, Lubmu, Lubnam, Lubriam, Lucas, Lucey, Luckye, Lucuc, Ludford, Ludlam, Ludland, Ludlow, Ludnam, Luin, Luine, Lukes, Lumbus, Lumley, Lummase or Lomax, Lummax, Lumms, Lun, Lurde, Lussell, Lutey, Luteye, Lutty, Luty, Lycett, Lydall, Lydell, Lydiat, Lyghte, Lyne, Lynefield, Lynes, Lynfeil, Lyngham, Lynn, Lynne, Lynnye, Lynsdall, Lysett, Lytster, Lytyll


Mabbatt, Mabbs, Mabell, Maburne, Mace, Machin, Machine, Mackdougall, Mackley, Macklin, Mackmilian, Macmillian, Madan, Magit, Maiefeilde, Main, Maine, Mainworke, Maison, Maitland, Maley, Malin, Malkin, Malleine, Malley, Malliburne, Mallin, Man, Manchester, Mandeville, Manly, Mann, Manners, Mannsfelde, Mannsfield, Mansfeilde, Mansfield, Manson, Mantle, Manton, Manvyll, Mapletoft, Mapley, Maply, Marcall, March, Marche, Marciall, Marel, Marett or Marriott, Marey, Margetson, Margetts, Mariott, Markehame, Markham, Marks, Marler, Marlett, Marlor, Marlow, Marlowe, Marr, Marrat, Marrate, Marrete, Marrett, Marriot, Marriote, Marriott, Marrit, Marrott, Marryson, Marsh, Marshal, Marshall, Marshiall, Marson, Marsone, Marston, Marstone, Martain, Martan, Marten, Marthas, Martial, Martiall, Martin, Martine, Marton, Martyn, Martyne, Marvin, Mason, Masonne, Masser, Massey, Masters, Mastin, Matchet, Matchett, Matchit, Matchitt, Mather, Mathers, Mathew, Mathewes, Mathrin, Matkin, Matlock, Matlocke, Mats, Matt, Mattack, Matthars, Matthers, Matthew, Matthewe, Matthewes, Matthews, Mattock, Maubel, Mauby, Maubye, Maulson, Maulston, Maunsfeilde, Maure, Maurice, Mauson, Mawbee, Mawbey, Mawby, Mawdelen, Mawer, Mawin, Mawnsfeild, Mawson, Maxye, May, Maye, Mayfield, Mayn, Mayne, Mays, Meacocke, Mead, Meadde, Meades, Meadower, Meadowes, Meadows, Meads, Meadwell, Meakins, Mease, Measure, Measurer, Measures, Meath, Meays, Medborne, Medland, Medowes, Mee, Meeres, Meers, Mees, Meese, Meesure, Melburne, Melles, Melling, Mellors, Mensfyeld, Meredith, Meres, Merick, Merres, Merrick, Merridew, Merrill, Merriman, Merry, Mervin, Mervis, Mesam, Messinger, Mesure, Mesures, Metcalf, Mettcalfe, Mettin, Mew, Mewet, Meyd, Michell, Middleton, Midelton, Midleton, Miles, Millar, Millens, Miller, Milles, Millington, Millner, Millors, Mills, Millson, Milner, Milnes, Milnhouse, Milns, Milson, Mimes, Mineners, Miners, Minor, Minter, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mittin, Miza, Moare, Mobury, Modye, Moggs, Molesworth, Moley, Molson, Molton, Moncke, Money, Monk, Monke, Monks, Moody, Moon or Noon, Moor, Moore, Moorehouse, Moorley, Moorwood, Morbey, Morcote, More, Morebey, Morefeild, Moren, Moreryne or Morin, Moreton, Moretone, Morgan, Morhall, Morice, Morill, Moris, Morley, Morp, Morrel, Morrell, Morrice, Morril, Morrill, Morris, Morrise, Morrisen, Morrison, Morriss, Morryce, Morson, Mortimer, Mortimner, Morton, Morval, Morys, Moseley, Moses, Mosman, Moss, Mossman, Mott, Motte, Moughton, Mould, Moulds, Mouldsworth, Moulsworth, Moulton, Mount, Mounteney, Mourbie, Mourby, Mourbye, Moure, Mourten, Mouseley, Mousley, Mow, Mowbray, Mowsall, Moxon, Moys, Mudford, Mug, Mugg, Mugge, Muggeston, Muggleston, Muglestone, Muglisun, Munck, Muncke, Munckland, Munke, Munks, Munton, Murby, Murcott, Murden, Murdin, Murphy, Murray, Muson, Musson, Muston, Mutton, Muxlo, Muxloe, Muxlow, Mychaell, Myland, Myles, Myller, Mylles, Mylner


Naap, Nail, Nalder, Nale, Nap, Narman, Nasbee, Nasby, Nash, Neal, Neale, Neall, Neans, Neath, Neathe, Nedam, Nedame, Nedham, Needam, Needham, Needom, Neele, Neep, Neisone, Nele, Nellson, Nelson, Nelston, Nelsy, Nethercote, Nethercotes, Nettleton, Neuell, New, Newball, Newberie, Newberry, Newbold, Newbould, Newbury, Newby, Newcomb, Newcombe, Newcome, Newcon, Newcum, Newell, Newitt, Newman, Newstead, Newton, Niccolls, Nicholas, Nicholles, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Nicklinson, Nickols, Nicks, Nicols, Niles, Nitingall, Nix, Nixon, Nixone, Noall, Nobel, Noble, Noel, Noell, Noiell, Nonne, Noon, Noone, Norfolk, Norman, Normanton, Normington, Norris, North, North alias Cocke, Northern, Northrene, Nortley, Nortly, Norton, Norwell, Norwell-alias-Gray, Norwin, Noton, Notthly, Nottlie, Nowell, Nuball, Nubon, Nurse, Nut, Nuthall, Nutt, Nutting, Nydd, Nysee


Oakey, Oakley, Oates, Oatts, Oatty, Odam, Odams, Odish, Ogden, Olaye, Oldacre, Oldaker, Oldam, Oldern, Oldham, Oldish, Oldner, Oldrige, Olife, Oliffe, Olive, Oliver, Olldridge, Ollive, Ollyver, Olphin, Olpinch, Olyve, On, Onby, Oneby, Onebye, Onions, Only, Onphin, Ontill, Onylove, Ooneby, Oram, Orcene, Orchard, Ordish, Oreton, Orgell, Orgram, Orland, Orlande, Orm, Orme, Ormyston, Orson, Orston, Orten, Orton, Osborn, Osborne, Osbourn, Osbourne, Osin, Ossen-alias-Oswin, Ossin, Ossinge, Osswinde, Ostin, Ostler, Oswen, Oswin, Oswine, Otes, Otley, Ottes, Ottley, Oughton, Oulackers, Outen, Ouzzin, Overton, Owen, Owne, Ownes, Owres, Oxen, Oxford, Oxon, Oxspring, Oxun, Ozwin


P'son, Pacey, Pachett, Packe, Packwood, Paddimore, Padgaet, Padget, Padgett, Padgitt, Padimore, Padmore, Page, Paget, Pagett, Pagitt, Pain, Paine, Paintar, Painter, Palate, Palen, Palethorpe, Paley, Palin, Paling, Palings, Pall, Pallen, Pallet, Palley, Pallimore, Pallin, Palling, Pallit, Palm, Palmar, Palmer, Palyne, Pampion, Pane, Papp, Par, Par's, Paramore, Paratt, Parberry, Pare, Pares, Parkar, Parke, Parker, Parkes, Parkins, Parkinson, Parks, Parkyn, Parlby, Parley, Parlmer, Parnam, Parneham, Parnel, Parnell, Parnham, Parnom, Parnu, Parr, Parre, Parremore, Parres, Parrish, Parritt, Parrot, Parrs, Parry, Pars, Parson, Parsons, Partic, Partricke, Partridge, Parttricke, Pasmach, Passmidge, Passmig, Patchet, Patchett, Patchit, Patchitt, Pate, Paterson, Pates, Patlin, Patman, Patric, Patrick, Pattchet, Pattisoune, Pattman, Pattricke, Paul, Paulay, Paule, Pauley, Paulmer, Paulmere, Pauly, Paumer, Pawley, Pawly, Pawlye, Pawman, Pawmer, Pawner, Pawson, Paybodie, Paybody, Payn, Payne, Paynter, Peabodie, Peacefer, Peach, Peacock, Peak, Peake, Peal, Peale, Peane, Peapes, Pearcy, Pearnham, Pears, Pearson, Pearson or Person, Peart, Peat, Peate, Pebberdy, Peberdy, Pebody, Pebodye, Peck, Pecke, Peckelton, Peckering, Peckleton, Peeche, Peepes, Peers, Peet, Peete, Peg, Pegg, Peior, Peirson, Pell, Pemberton, Pembutton, Pendleton, Pendock, Penford, Pennel, Penniston, Penter, Penton, Peper, Pepoby, Pepper, Peps, Percival, Percivall, Perine or Perrin, Perken, Perkenson, Perkes, Perkins, Perkyns, Perrin, Perry, Person, Persons, Perston, Pert, Pervin, Perwin, Peters, Petiver, Pettefor, Pettie, Pettifer, Pettifore, Pettye, Pheasand, Pheasant, Phesond, Phibson, Philipps, Philips, Phillip-alias-Wright, Phillipott, Phillips, Phillops, Phipps, Phips, Phyps, Picard, Piccard, Pick, Pickard, Pickarde, Picke, Pickeforke, Pickerin, Pickering, Pickeringe, Pickford, Pickfork, Pickforke, Pickit, Pickrin, Pickring, Pickwell, Pickworth, Picraft, Piers, Pierson, Piggen, Piggin, Piggins, Piggot, Pight, Pighte, Pigion, Pigot, Pike, Piket, Pilgrim, Pilkington, Pillsworthe, Pim, Pimm, Pinch, Pinch-alias-Pinchback, Pindar, Pinder, Pine, Piner, Pipes, Pisley, Pitchfork, Pitman, Pits, Pitt, Pitts, Pizer, Plant, Plante, Plantin, Plates, Platt, Platts, Plomb, Plomer, Plowman, Plumbtree, Plumer, Plummar, Plummer, Plumtree, Pochin, Pocklington, Pointon, Polard, Pole, Pollard, Pollerde, Ponton, Poochin, Pool, Poole, Pope, Porle, Porte, Porteous, Porter, Portwood, Posnet, Posnett, Posser, Possnet, Possnett, Potchin, Poter, Potter, Potterton, Potts, Poudvil, Pougher, Poughfer, Poule, Poulson, Poultney, Poulton, Pounder, Powcock, Powderill, Powdrell, Powdril, Powdrill, Powell, Power, Powere, Powers, Powle, Poyner, Poynor, Poynton, Prat, Pratt, Pratte, Predmore, Preist, Preiste, Presgrave, Presgraves, Presson, Preston, Prewe, Price, Prick, Pride, Pridemore, Pridmore, Priest, Priestley, Priestnal, Priestnall, Prince, Princep, Prine, Prior, Priors, Prise, Prist, Procktor, Proctor, Proudman, Prowdlove, Prowdlowe, Pryor, Puffer, Pullen, Pullet, Pulley, Pullford, Pullin, Pulling, Pultney, Purefaye, Purefoy, Puresey, Purifie, Pursar, Purser, Pursor, Putchen, Putt, Pycott, Pycraft, Pycrcroft, Pycroft, Pye, Pyecroft, Pyke, Pyket, Pykett, Pym, Pynchar, Pynchbecke, Pyne, Pyott, Pywell


Quenby, Quenbye, Quimborowe, Quiney, Quintayne


Radburn, Radford, Radgdall, Radgsdall, Radwell, Ragg, Ragge, Ragsdale, Ragsdall, Ragsdell, Ragsedell, Rainaldes, Rainer, Rainsford, Raley, Ralphe, Ralphin, Randal, Randall, Randan, Randel, Randell, Randle, Randon, Raner, Ranndell, Rapham, Rase, Rask, Ratclife, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Rathbone, Rathborn, Rathborne, Ratliffe, Rauce, Rauthbone, Ravell, Raven, Ravens, Ravill, Rawbone, Rawen, Rawlens, Rawlet, Rawley, Rawlings, Rawlins, Rawlinson, Raworth, Rawson, Ray, Rayner, Raynes, Raynforde, Rea, Read, Reade, Reader, Readly, Reains, Reanols, Rear, Reare, Rearre, Reast, Reaynes, Rebbitt, Reck, Redbone, Reddall, Reddish, Redfern, Redgate, Redhead, Redish, Redmyle, Redwin, Reed, Reedby, Reede, Reene, Reest, Reeve, Reeves, Reffin, Reid, Reinford, Reinoldes, Reinor, Reins, Reive, Reivy, Reldean, Remington, Renaud, Rennolds, Renold, Renolde, Renolds, Rensford, Renshawe, Rest, Reve, Revel, Revell, Revill, Reyall, Reye, Reynalds, Reynals, Reyner, Reynolds, Reynor, Rhodely, Rhodes, Riat, Ricardson, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Richardson or Ritchaseson, Richardsone, Richiston, Richman, Richmond, Richorson, Rick, Rickard, Riddall, Riddell, Riddington, Rider, Ridgely, Ridgeway, Ridgley, Ridgway, Ridg[--], Ridley, Ridlington, Ridout, Ridsley, Ridyard, Riley, Rilie, Rily, Rilye, Rimington, Riminton, Rimmington, Rimore, Ringrose, Rippen, Rippin, Rippon, Ritchardson, Rite, Rive, Rivett, Roadley, Rob, Robardes, Robarts, Robbingson, Robbinson, Robbon, Roberdes, Roberds, Robert, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Robinsone, Robison, Robisson, Robson, Robts, Roby, Robynson, Rochesone, Rocock, Rodely, Rodes, Rodgers, Rodgersal, Roding, Rods, Rodwall, Rodwell, Roe, Roes, Roger, Rogers, Roilye, Rokeby, Rolfe, Rolle, Rolling, Rollings, Rollins, Rollynson, Roo, Roodes, Rooke, Roolston, Room, Roome, Rooms, Roose, Roose or Rose, Roosse, Root, Roote, Roper, Rose, Rosesland, Ross, Rosse, Rothwell, Roudkin, Rouly, Rouse, Row, Rowbothome, Rowbottom, Rowckbye, Rowe, Rowel, Rowell, Rowland, Rowlands, Rowlatt, Rowlesonne, Rowley, Rowlinson, Rowlte, Rowlynsone, Rowning, Rowse, Royle, Roylye, Royse, Rubbins, Ruddall, Ruddell, Ruddle, Rudkin, Rugbye, Rushon, Ruskin, Rusor, Russell, Russian, Rycroft, Ryder, Rydinge, Rydinges, Rydings, Ryley, Rylie, Rylye


S---ing, Sacheveril, Saddington, Sadington, Sadler, Sales, Salisbury, Salisburye, Salkeld, Salmon, Salsbury, Salt, Saltzer, Sammons, Samon, Samons, Samson, Sanderford, Sanders, Sanderson, Sands, Sandy, Sanly, Sannders, Sannderson, Sansam, Sansam or Samson, Sansam-or-Sansam, Sansame, Sansom, Sansome, Sapcoat, Sare, Sarson, Satchell, Satrafax, Saul, Saunder, Saunderns, Saunders, Saunderson, Saunsome, Saunt, Savage, Savege, Saveille, Savidge, Savile, Sawbridge, Sawbrige, Sawell, Sawnsam, Sawnsome, Saxondale, Saxton, Sayre, Scampton, Scarborough, Scarborow, Scarborowe, Scarborrow, Scarcely, Scellet, Scenescall, Scholy, Sclater, Scoale, Scoales, Scofeld, Scoffield, Scoffin, Scoffins, Scofield, Scoles, Scollthrope, Scorer, Scott, Scotton, Scrimshaw, Scrimshire, Scriven, Scrogson, Scull, Sculthorpe, Scut, Scutt, Sead, Seagrave, Seal, Seale, Searcy, Searle, Searson, Seaton, Sedgeley, Sedgely, Sedgley, Seere, Segrave, Seilles, Selby, Selery, Sells, Sercott, Servings, Sessions, Seward, Sewel, Sewell, Shalcrosse, Shap, Sharlock, Sharman, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharpes, Sharples, Sharwood, Shaw, Shawe, Shawwell, Sheakley, Sheale, Sheen, Sheene, Sheepee, Sheepheard, Sheeple, Sheeply, Sheepy, Sheffeeld, Sheffield, Sheifeild, Sheild, Shelborne, Sheldon, Shelton, Shene, Shenston, Shenton, Shepard, Shepardson, Sheperdson, Sheperson, Shephard, Shepharde, Shephearpe, Shepherd, Shepherde, Shepherdson, Sheppard, Shepperds, Shepperdson, Shepperson, Shepperton, Shepston, Sherard, Sheriffe, Sherin, Sherrier, Sherwin, Shetlewood, Shield, Shiers, Shilcock, Shilcraft, Shillcock, Shillton, Shilton, Shipley, Shipman, Shippey, Shipton, Shire, Shirley, Shittlewood, Shooter, Short, Shorthose, Shortland, Shortridge, Shrowsberry, Shrowsby, Shurley, Shuthus, Shuttlewood, Shuttleworth, Shyne, Sibson, Sickes, Siddans, Siddons, Sidwell, Sikes, Silby, Silles, Sills, Silverwood, Simans, Simkin, Simkyn, Simme, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Simnkin, Simns, Simon, Simonds, Simons, Simpkin, Simpkine, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Singleton, Sinkine, Sipson, Sisling, Sison, Sissling, Skampton, Skeath, Skeffington, Skeldon, Skellet, Skellington, Skelson, Skelton, Skelton or Shelton, Skerrett, Skeshley, Sketchley, Sketchly, Sketh, Skill, Skillington, Skiner, Skinner, Skirrett, Skirrit, Skirritt, Skre, Skullthorp, Skullthorpe, Skulthorpe, Slack, Slater, Slawson, Slawson-alias-Dale, Slaymaker, Sleath, Sleats, Sleigh, Sleithe, Slingesby, Slingsby, Slingsbye, Sloesbury, Smalee, Smaley, Smalley, Smallwood, Smally, Smallye, Smart, Smarte, Smauley, Smawby, Smawley, Smawley or Smmallye, Smeeton, Smelley, Smith, Smithe, Smithson, Smyth, Smythe, Snape, Sneap, Sneath, Sneathe, Sno, Snodin, Snow, Snowdin, Snowdun, Snowe, Snutch, Soares, Soars, Soarsbee, Soden, Sodin, Somerbe, Somerbe-alias-Hall, Somerbee, Somerbee-alias-Hall, Somerbey, Somerby, Somerfield, Somerton, Somes, Sommer, Sommerby, Sommerbye, Sommerfield, Somner, Sootherne, Soothwell, Sores, Sotherne, Sothernwood, South, Southam, Southerington, Southern, Southerne, Southernwood, Sowding, Sowerbye, Spakeman, Sparrow, Speakman, Spearry, Speeckley, Speed, Speede, Spell, Spence, Spencer, Spenser, Sperry, Spicer, Spick, Spicke, Spires, Spongue, Sprat, Spray, Spreckley, Spreckly, Sprige, Sprigge, Spriggs, Sprigine, Springthorpe, Sproxton, Spur, Spurr, Spyby, Spycke, Squier, Squire, Squires, Squyer, Sretton, St. Sornson, Stableford, Stables, Stace, Stacey, Stacie, Stacy, Stacye, Stafford, Stafforde, Staford, Stahem, Stain, Staines, Stallocke, Stampe, Stanage, Standige, Standishe, Standley, Standly, Standwych, Stanford, Stanforde, Stanger, Stanhope, Stanidge, Stanley, Stanly, Stanlye, Stannage, Stanton, Stapleford, Staples, Stapleton, Stapletone, Stapley, Staram, Starbuck, Starebuck, Starkey, Starkie, Stary, Starysmore, Stasey, Stasye, Statam, State, Staten, Statham, Staton, Staynes, Staysee-or-Stacy, Stayton, Steadman, Stean, Steane, Steans, Steanton, Steavenson, Steedman, Steeds, Steel, Steele, Steene, Steenson, Steeples, Steers, Steevens, Steevenson, Steevensonne, Stele, Stephans, Stephens, Stephenson, Steveenson, Stevens, Stevenson, Stevenson-alias-Stinson, Stevensone, Steveson, Stevinson, Stevons, Steward, Stewesson, Stiles, Still, Stimson, Stinson, Stirges, Stirgess, Stirley, Stivenson, Stoakes, Stoaks, Stockdale, Stockwell, Stoke, Stokes, Stoks, Stone, Stones, Stonesby, Stoney, Stoone, Store, Storer, Storie, Story, Storyah, Storye, Stout, Stowlye, Stoyt, Strafford, Stratford, Street, Streeton, Stretforde, Streton, Stretton, Strickland, Stringer, Stringfellow, Stripling, Stubbins, Stubbs, Stubs, Stukeley, Sturges, Sturgess, Sturgis, Sturley, Styrke, Suckling, Sudbury, Sudwell, Suel, Suffolk, Sumerby, Sumerfeild, Sumerfield, Summerby, Summerbye, Summerfeild, Summerfield, Summers, Sumner, Surcoat, Surcoate, Sussel, Sussell, Suter, Sutherington, Sutton, Swain, Swaine, Swan, Swaney, Swann, Sweatman, Sweelad, Sweetlad, Swenforde, Sweteman, Swetnam, Swift, Swifte, Swiftee, Swindler, Swinfen, Swinfield, Swinfleld, Swingler, Swingley, Swinney, Swinscoe, Swyfte, Swynfeld, Syckes, Sycks, Sydbown, Sydes, Sykes, Sylles, Sylverwood, Symes, Symken, Symkin, Symkyn, Symkyng, Symmons, Symonds, Symons, Sympkin, Sympson, Symson, Symsonn, Systonne


Taberah, Taberer, Tabes, Tabner, Tacey, Tackell, Taff, Taffes, Taft, Tafts, Tagge, Tailby, Tailer, Taillor, Tailor, Talainoin, Talbon, Talbone, Talbot, Taler, Tales, Talles, Tallington, Tallis, Talor, Tamberlain, Tambleson, Tambling, Tandy, Tanser, Tansur, Tansure, Tant, Tanzer, Tarleton, Tarr, Tarry, Tarzie, Tatam, Tate, Tatenall, Tatom, Tattersall, Tauft, Taverner, Tavernor, Taylar, Tayler, Tayles, Tayliar, Tayliar-alias-Cooper, Tayllcoate, Taylor, Taylour, Tealby, Tealey, Teals, Teat, Teate, Teb, Tebb, Tebbs, Teebye, Teette, Telkotte, Telley, Templeman, Terringgam, Terry, Terynggam, Tetley, Tewson, Teyler, Thacker, Theacre, Thickbroom, Thickpenny, Thirkill, Thirlby, Thomas, Thomasin, Thomasman, Thomasman-alias-Simpson, Thomlinson, Thompson, Thoms, Thomson, Thoreton, Thorkill, Thorn, Thornbarrow, Thornboro, Thornborow, Thornborrow, Thorne, Thorneborow, Thorneborowe, Thorneborrow, Thornelow, Thorneton, Thorniloe, Thornman, Thornton, Thorowgood, Thorp, Thorpe, Thorpp, Thorton, Thosonne, Threive, Threnton, Throne, Throsby, Throssell, Throstle, Throughton, Throusby, Thurlby, Thurman, Thurnby, Tiar, Tiballs, Tibbald, Tibbals, Tibbits, Tibboe, Tiers, Tilecote, Tiler, Tillee, Tillet, Tilley, Tillie, Tillson, Tilly, Tillye, Tilson, Tilsone, Timbrell, Timms, Timpson, Tims, Timson, Tinckler, Tinker, Tinkler, Tinley, Tinnsley, Tinsley, Tinsleye, Tiping, Tippine, Tipping, Tippler, Tiptaft, Tizdell, Toach, Tod, Todd, Todde, Toddington, Todington, Toler, Tolks, Tollington, Tomase, Tombline, Tomes, Tomkin, Tomkins, Tomkynson, Tomlin, Tomling, Tomlinson, Tommas, Tompkins, Tompson, Tompsone, Toms, Tomson, Tomsone, Tomsonne, Tongue, Tonks, Tonllinson, Tonlon, Toogood, Tookey, Tooley, Tooly, Toomes, Tooms, Toon, Toone, Tooty, Tope, Tople, Topley, Topp, Topper, Topps, Torlington, Toughwood, Toun, Toune, Tow, Towell, Towers, Towle, Towndero, Towne, Townesend, Townly, Townsend, Townsheend, Townshend, Tracelove, Trantham, Tranton, Traslar, Treen, Tremyng, Trenable, Trentam, Trentham, Tressler, Trevett, Trevitt, Tribet, Trig, Trigg, Tring, Trivett, Trolley, Trolly, Trottar, Trotter, Trulove, Truman, Truslove, Trussel, Trussell, Tuckey, Tuckler, Tuckwood, Tudberie, Tudbery, Tudberye, Tue, Tuffley, Tufley, Tugby, Tugwood, Tukey, Tunks, Tunnadine, Tupman, Turl, Turland, Turlington, Turnepenye, Turner, Turnere, Turnor, Turnoure, Turnpennye, Turnpenye, Turpin, Turvil, Turvile, Turville, Tutberry, Tutbery, Tutburie, Twelch, Tweltridge, Twelves, Twelvetridge, Twigg, Twiggdon, Twigge, Twigges, Twiggs, Twigs, Twinboro, Twinbury, Twitchel, Twitchell, Twitchill, Twoley, Twychell, Twytchell, Tyars, Tybbals, Tye, Tyers, Tylar, Tyler, Tyllson, Tylly, Tyllye, Tylson, Tynsley, Typpler, Typtapp, Tyres, Tysall, Tyvie


Ugden, Underhill, Underwode, Underwood, Unett, Unwin, Upson, Upton, Usecraft, Usher, Uttin, Utting


Vail, Vaile, Vale, Valence, Valentine, Vallans, Vallence, Van, Vann, Vanse, Varnam, Varnem, Varnham, Vavasour, Vaviser, Veasey, Veasie, Vellam, Venables, Veres, Vermam, Vernam, Verney, Vernon, Vero, Vesey, Vesie, Vesine, Vesty, Vesy, Veysey, Veysye, Vezze, Viccars, Vickers, Villars, Villers, Vincent, Vincentt, Vine, Vinson, Vinsonne, Voils, Vyncent


W, Wackerly, Wadd, Waddington, Waddyngton, Wade, Wadkins, Wadland, Wael, Wagestafe, Waggstaffe, Wagon, Wagstafe, Wagstaff, Waieth, Waight, Wain, Waine, Wainer, Wainwright, Wainwrighte, Wait, Waite, Wakefield, Wakeley, Wakelin, Wakeling, Wakerby, Wakerley, Wakerly, Waklin, Walberton, Waldin, Waldram, Waldrom, Waldron, Wale, Walepole, Wales, Waleseworth, Walkar, Walker, Walklynge, Wall, Wallace, Wallands, Wallans, Walle, Wallin, Walling, Wallins, Wallis, Walls, Wallsworth, Walltham, Wallton, Walsworeth, Walsworth, Walter, Walters, Waltham, Walthoe, Walton, Wand, Wane, Wanes, Wapels, Ward, Warde, Wardel, Warden, Wardle, Waren, Warender, Waring, Waringe, Warington, Warmsley, Warna, Warner, Warren, Warrer, Warrich, Warrill or Warvill, Warrin, Warring, Warrington, Wartenby, Wartnaby, Washbrook, Wass, Wassled, Wasson, Watchehorne, Watchhorn, Watchhorne, Watchorn, Watchorne, Waterfall, Waterfield, Waters, Wates, Watkin, Watkins, Watkyn, Watkyns, Wats, Watson, Watsonne, Watt, Watte, Watter, Wattes, Watthall, Watton, Watts, Waulker, Wayman, Wayne, Wayr[...], Wayte, Wayze, Waze, Weakerly, Weaklin, Weakling, Weakly, Wealby, Weale, Weane, Weaneman, Weast, Weate, Weaver, Webb, Webbe, Webber, Webstarre, Webster, Webstir, Weddesonne, Weet, Weightman, Welbourn, Welby, Welch, Welden, Weldon, Welford, Wellbee, Wellby, Welldon, Welles, Wellford, Wellinger, Wellingnor or Wellinor, Wells, Wels, Welsford, Welsh, Welton, Wesbery, Wesley, Weson, Wesson, West, Westberry, Westbury, Weste, Westley, Westly, Weston, Wetheral, Wetherald, Wetherall, Wetherbed, Wetherel, Wetherell, Wetherill, Wetlie, Wetton, Whait, Whaite, Whale, Whalee, Whaley, Whaleye, Whalley, Whalton, Whartenby, Whartnaby, Wharton, Whateley, Whatnoll, Whattafte, Whatten, Whattoff, Whattofte, Whatton, Whatworth, Wheat, Wheatley, Wheatly, Wheatlye, Wheeler, Wheelhouse, Wheelwright, Whesson, Wheston, Whetston, Whewall, Whewhaw, Whiatt, Whickes, Whight, While, Whiles, Whinyates, Whiot, Whiston, Whitaker, Whitby, White, Whitefoote, Whitefoott, Whitehead, Whiteman, Whiteshed, Whitewell, Whithead, Whiting, Whitinge, Whitle, Whitlock, Whitmore, Whitnell, Whitsbey, Whitsey, Whitt, Whittaker, Whitte, Whittecare or Whittaker, Whittell, Whitticar, Whittington, Whittinton, Whittle, Whitty, Whittye, Whitwell, Whitworth, Whiwan, Whoollot, Whoormer, Whooton, Whyte, Whytt, Wiat, Wiate, Wicam, Wickes, Wicks, Widder, Widdeson, Widdowson, Widowson, Wier, wife, Wiggins, Wigglesworth, Wiggly, Wiggyngton, Wight, Wightman, Wigington, Wigley, Wiglie, Wigly, Wigston, Wike, Wikes, Wikham, Wilband, Wilbone, Wilbourn, Wilbourne, Wilburn, Wilcocks, Wilcox, Wild, Wilday, Wildbore, Wilde, Wildey, Wildman, Wildridge, Wileman, Wiles, Wileson, Wilford, Wilforde, Wiliford, Wilison, Wilkin, Wilkingson, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilkinsone, Wilkison, Willbourn, Willcox, Willdy, Willes, Willett, Willey, Willford, William, Williamete, Williamett, Williams, Williamson, Willimot, Willington, Willis, Willitt, Willkinson, Willmore, Willmot, Willmott, Willoughbie, Willowbed, Willowes, Willows, Willows-alias-Willis, Wills, Willson, Willymot, Wilmore, Wilmot, Wils, Wilsey, Wilshere, Wilson, Wilton, Winckes, Winckles, Wincles, Wind, Winder, Windridge, Windser, Windsor, Winfeild, Winfield, Winfold, Wing, Winge, Winkecles, Winkles, Winnacre, Winnie, Winsell, Winsor, Winter, Winters, Winterton, Wintle, Wise, Wiseman, Wisley, Wister, Wistoe, Wiston, Wistowe, Witeworthe, Witherbed, Witherington, Withers, Wittacary, Wittel, Wittington, Witworth, Woddall, Wodford, Wodforde, Woldron, Wolf, Wolfe, Wollaston, Wolleis, Wollett, Wolley, Wolloey, Wood, Woodal, Woodall, Woodard, Woodbine, Woodburn, Woodcock, Woodcocke, Woodcoke, Woodd, Wooddard, Woodde, Wooddforede or Woodforde, Woode, Wooded, Woodford, Woodforde, Woodful, Woodhouse, Woodin, Woodnet, Woodrofe, Woodroffe, Woods, Woodward, Wooldridge, Woolerton, Woolet, Woolett, Wooley, Woolf, Woolhouse, Woollands, Woollaton, Woollerton, Woolley, Woollort, Woolloton, Woolly, Woolman, Woolmington, Wooloton, Woolridge, Woorrall, Woosdon, Wootten, Wootton, Worell, Worlangton, Wormell, Wormewell, Wormlaton, Wormleighton, Worn, Worne, Worrall, Worrolde, Worsdale, Worship, Worster, Worth, Worthington, Worthyngton, Wortley, Wortly, Wortone, Wotton, Woulds, Wragg, Wragge, Wrath, Wrathburn, Wreast, Wreath, Wreet, Wren, Wrenn, Wrest, Wright, Wrighte, Wroe, Wryght, Wryghte, Wyare, Wyat, Wyatt, Wycam, Wyer, Wyet, Wygley, Wykes, Wyks, Wyld, Wylde, Wyleie, Wyleye, Wylne, Wyndor, Wynter, Wyre, Wythrell, Wyttmore


Yalden, Yalding, Yate, Yates, Yeates, Yeats, Yeoman, Yeomans, Yeomanson, Yerby, Yonge, York, Yorke, Yound, Young, Younger