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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Kitching 1766 Somerby, Leicestershire William Egglesfield
Anthony Kitching 1772 Somerby, Leicestershire Katherine Oswin
Dorrathy Kitching 1627 Eagle, Lincolnshire George Unwin
Edmund Kitching 1687 Stubton, Lincolnshire Mary Towers
Fanny Kitching 1832 Dronfield, Derbyshire William Ashmore
Henry Kitching 1640 Heckington, Lincolnshire Jane Huff
John Kitching 1661 Car Colston, Nottinghamshire Margret Burges
John Kitching 1698 Harmston, Lincolnshire Margaret Metheringham
John Kitching 1793 Alford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Jackson
Margaret Kitching 1713 Harmston, Lincolnshire John Ward
Mark Kitching 1778 Hannah with Hagnaby, Lincolnshire Susanna Thew
Mary Kitching 1649 Westborough cum Doddington, Lincolnshire Henry Listles
Mary Kitching 1725 Aubourn, Lincolnshire John Kent
William Kitching 1708 Spalding, Lincolnshire Jane Staplefoot
William Kitching 1798 Spalding, Lincolnshire Frances Partridge
William Kitching 1832 Harmston, Lincolnshire Maria Edwards
Wm. Kitching 1721 Scalford, Leicestershire Ann Mason
Daniel Kitchinge 1611 Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire Mary Bolsworth
Elizabeth Kitchinge 1591 Ab-Kettleby-cum-Holwell, Leicestershire Henry Shepperson
Roger Kitchinge 1666 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Burch
Easter Kitchingham 1661 Over, Cambridgeshire Willobey West
Elizabeth Kitchingman 1806 South Kelsey St. Mary, Lincolnshire Charles Broughton