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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
William Kimp 1757 Crewkerne, Somerset Jane Palmer
Walter Kimpe 1702 Crewkerne, Somerset Agatha Harbins
Eliz. Kimplin 1645 Broomfield, Somerset George Towills
Piety Kimpson 1730 Ilton, Somerset Michill Hardins
Margery Kimpster 1686 Cannington, Somerset John Biffen
John Kimpthorne 1674 St Breward, Cornwall Marye Harris
Easter Kimpton 1619 Conington, Cambridgeshire Edward Retford
Elizabeth Kimpton 1658 Bottesford, Leicestershire Richard Wellbee
Jane Kimpton 1618 Lolworth, Cambridgeshire Edward Peuerill
Mary Kimpton 1792 Cambridge St. Sepulchre, Cambridgeshire George Clay
Richard Kimpton 1627 Cambridge St. Sepulchre, Cambridgeshire Jane Burnstedd
Sarah Kimpton 1754 Over, Cambridgeshire John Ellard