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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Allis Keen 1809 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Richard Shrirnpton
Ann Keen 1759 Devizes St. John the Baptist, Wiltshire Richard Baker
Ann Keen 1788 Uley, Gloucestershire Isaac Brooks
Ann Keen 1789 Castle Eaton, Wiltshire James Young
Ann Keen 1804 Bradfield, Berkshire Thomas Garratt
Anne Keen 1698 Minety, Wiltshire Samuel Pitman
Bernard Keen 1732 Minety, Wiltshire Mary Stevens
Betty Keen 1802 North Curry, Somerset William Brewer
Charles Keen 1805 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire Mary Wood
Charlotte Keen 1812 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Frederick Wood
Christopher Keen 1745 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Sarah Ingby
Daniel Keen 1735 Purton, Wiltshire Mary Oadam
Edward Keen 1713 Long Newnton, Wiltshire Jane Pagler
Elizabeth Keen 1679 Stone, Gloucestershire Giles Curnock
Elizabeth Keen 1682 Castle Eaton, Wiltshire John Iles
Elizabeth Keen 1714 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Geo Preston
Elizabeth Keen 1716 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Joseph Butterfield
Elizabeth Keen 1718 Long Newnton, Wiltshire Edward Barnes
Elizabeth Keen 1793 Ratby, Leicestershire William Fairbands
George Keen 1763 Ratby, Leicestershire Elizabeth Bott
George Keen 1801 Stone, Gloucestershire Elizabeth Gainer
George Keen 1805 Ratby, Leicestershire Hannah Pike
Hannah Keen 1806 Mickleton, Gloucestershire Henry Haywood
James Keen 1753 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Ann Buckingham
James Keen 1766 Amersham, Buckinghamshire Sarah Fryar