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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Andrew Dinnis 1739 Rigsby with Ailby, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Huison
Andrew Dinnis 1742 Rigsby with Ailby, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Burkit
Andrew Dinnis 1768 Alford, Lincolnshire Sarah Granger
Andrew Dinnis 1800 Alford, Lincolnshire Sarah Clipsham
Ann Dinnis 1650 Sutton-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire Richard Goate
Ann Dinnis 1731 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire Henry Brown
Ann Dinnis 1780 Hannah with Hagnaby, Lincolnshire William Tyson
Ann Dinnis 1793 Alford, Lincolnshire John Wiley
Ann Dinnis 1819 Saleby with Thoresthorpe, Lincolnshire George Lucas
Catherine Dinnis 1781 Huttoft, Lincolnshire John Balderson
Charles Dinnis 1808 Alford, Lincolnshire Susanna Tharrall
Damoris Dinnis 1690 Mablethorpe St. Mary and St. Peter, with Stain, Lincolnshire Robert Fell
Edith Dinnis 1656 Martock, Somerset George Andrews alias Newish
Eleanor Dinnis 1768 Mumby, Lincolnshire David Dandison
Eleanor Dinnis 1799 Hannah with Hagnaby, Lincolnshire William Mountain
Eliz. Dinnis 1744 Scalford, Leicestershire Ralph George
Elizabeth Dinnis 1713 Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire Robert Sewell
Elizabeth Dinnis 1738 Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire John Browne
Elizabeth Dinnis 1756 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Anthony Shaw
Elizabeth Dinnis 1778 Alford, Lincolnshire Thomas Dickinson
Elizabeth Dinnis 1802 Alford, Lincolnshire Samuel Brodel
Elizabeth Dinnis 1807 Bottesford, Leicestershire Robert Bennett
Elizabeth Dinnis 1828 Alford, Lincolnshire Solomon Dales
Frank Dinnis 1711 Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire Easter Bradley
Frank Dinnis 1725 Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire Ann Grococke