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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Elizabeth Ayliff 1703 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Robert Dove
Humphrey Ayliff 1672 Norton, Wiltshire Elizabeth Light
Thomas Ayliff 1719 Long Newnton, Wiltshire Elizabeth Clark
William Ayliff 1782 Spalding, Lincolnshire Levina Jarvis
Ann Ayliffe 1809 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Oliver Langley
Anne Ayliffe 1621 Brinkworth, Wiltshire John Spencer
Anthony Ayliffe 1793 Great or Broad Somerford, Wiltshire Sarah Brokenbrow
Charles Ayliffe 1777 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Anne Darter
Charles Ayliffe 1796 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Mary Drew
Edward Ayliffe 1754 Latton, Wiltshire Mary Franklin
Elizabeth Ayliffe 1785 Uffculme, Devon Robert Drew
Elizabeth Ayliffe 1814 Latton, Wiltshire John Keylock
John Ayliffe 1605 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Katherin White
John Ayliffe 1755 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire Elizabeth Stinchcomb
John Ayliffe 1779 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Sarah Parsons
Joseph Ayliffe 1769 Grittleton, Wiltshire Betty Watts
Joseph Ayliffe 1789 Grittleton, Wiltshire Ann Snell
Martha Ayliffe 1773 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Mark Coombs
Mary Ayliffe 1751 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Abraham Millard
Mary Ayliffe 1810 Grittleton, Wiltshire Thos. Noad
Rachael Ayliffe 1772 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Walter Brokenbrow
Sarah Ayliffe 1779 Grittleton, Wiltshire Robert Daniel
Sarah Ayliffe 1790 Brinkworth, Wiltshire Jasper Stratton
Thomas Ayliffe 1772 Luckington, Wiltshire Rachel Bell
Thomas Ayliffe 1784 Grittleton, Wiltshire Hester Hewett