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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Awcock 1570 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire John Goodbarne
Alce Awcock 1546 Claypole, Lincolnshire William Greene
Joanna Awcock 1659 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Peter Browne
Margaret Awcock 1547 Claypole, Lincolnshire Thomas Johnson
Margaret Awcock 1583 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire Wm. Creame
Roger Awcock 1605 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Isabell Bowles
Sarah Awcock 1689 Spalding, Lincolnshire Adam Orgainer
William Awcock 1668 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Poiner
Alce Awcocke 1552 Claypole, Lincolnshire Raphe Sheepe
Alice Awcocke 1600 Bottesford, Leicestershire John Cradge
Fence [sic. ? Sence] Awcocke 1547 Claypole, Lincolnshire Peter Marshall
Isott Awcocke 1561 Claypole, Lincolnshire Anthony Hobbe
John Awcocke 1549 Claypole, Lincolnshire Alce Hudson
John Awcocke 1578 Claypole, Lincolnshire Joan Jackson
Katherine Awcocke 1563 Bottesford, Leicestershire Thomas Cotes
Margaret Awcocke 1581 Claypole, Lincolnshire John Graye
Richard Awcocke 1539 Claypole, Lincolnshire Sara Browne
Robert Awcocke 1568 Claypole, Lincolnshire Jane Baumforth
Robert Awcocke 1588 Claypole, Lincolnshire Isabel Arslie
Thomas Awcocke 1592 Claypole, Lincolnshire Margaret Burdyt
William Awcocke 1551 Claypole, Lincolnshire Issott Senyard
William Awcocke 1591 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire Alice Harvey