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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Aaron Awbrey 1738 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire Mary Burt
Ann Awbrey 1656 Mere, Wiltshire Edward Pigott
Anne Awbrey 1734 Boscombe, Wiltshire Michael Gough
Christopher Awbrey 1593 Mere, Wiltshire Dorothy Maudley
Christopher Awbrey 1623 Salisbury St.Thomas, Wiltshire Mary Bayley
Dorothe Awbrey 1606 Mere, Wiltshire John Turner
Dorothy Awbrey 1647 Mere, Wiltshire James Cooke
Edith Awbrey 1591 Mere, Wiltshire Robert Huson
Francys Awbrey 1600 Mere, Wiltshire Jo. Goddard
Grace Awbrey 1597 Mere, Wiltshire James Martyn
Marget Awbrey 1582 Mere, Wiltshire William Swanton
Marie Awbrey 1611 Mere, Wiltshire John Colford
Mary Awbrey 1583 Mere, Wiltshire Gregory Dirdo
Rebecca Awbrey 1608 Mere, Wiltshire Arthure Hartgyll
Thomas Awbrey 1701 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Mary Dunsford