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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Abigaile Avison 1638 Maltby, Lincolnshire Waters Hansard
Alice Avison 1678 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Thomas Kime
Anne Avison 1658 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire John Clarke
Elizabeth Avison 1725 Duffield, Derbyshire Richard Shipley
Francis Avison 1658 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Amy Wood
George Avison 1589 Alford, Lincolnshire Anne Haman
George Avison 1653 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Mary Paine
Hugh Avison 1603 Alford, Lincolnshire Margaret Prestlei
Humphrey Avison 1665 Withern, Lincolnshire Ellen Buston
James Avison 1733 Mumby, Lincolnshire Mary Eyeon
James Avison 1767 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Mary Milner
John Avison 1629 Alford, Lincolnshire Anne Basse
John Avison 1658 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Joan Clayton
John Avison 1685 Allestree, Derbyshire Elizabeth Sexton
John Avison 1720 Mumby, Lincolnshire Lucy Baker
John Avison 1776 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Frances Hammerton
Judith Avison 1782 Allestree, Derbyshire John Evans
Mary Avison 1661 Sutton-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire John Kid
Mary Avison 1730 Mumby, Lincolnshire John Cheffings
Richard Avison 1648 Huttoft, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Dickinson
Richard Avison 1781 Risley, Derbyshire Mary Eaton
Robert Avison 1563 Alford, Lincolnshire Alice Tomson
Robert Avison 1776 Church Broughton, Derbyshire Mary Lees
Robertus Avison 1664 Alford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Dods
William Avison 1610 Withern, Lincolnshire Isabel Stones