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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alice Austine 1646 Withern, Lincolnshire Mark Preston
Ann Austine 1677 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Nicholas Morris
Elizabeth Austine 1637 Wantage, Berkshire William Castle
Joan Austine 1625 Uffculme, Devon Jo. Rowlings
John Austine 1595 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Alis Snapp
John Austine 1612 Harwell, Berkshire Joan Loder
John Austine 1660 Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Elizabeth Ludwell
Jonathan Austine 1687 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Ann Foxhill
Katherine Austine 1649 Withern, Lincolnshire William Maure
Lydiah Austine 1701 Uley, Gloucestershire Thomas Whithorne
Mary Austine 1684 Uffculme, Devon William Woodroffe
Marye Austine 1604 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Richard Hill
Richard Austine 1578 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Jone Robbartson
Roebert Austine 1662 Cambridge St. Sepulchre, Cambridgeshire Suesan Cocksell
Sarah Austine 1676 Swavesey, Cambridgeshire Robert Shippey
Thomas Austine 1576 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Margret Thorp
Thomas Austine 1590 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Mary Gaye
Thomas Austine 1626 Salisbury St.Thomas, Wiltshire Margeritte Croome
William Austine 1724 Uffculme, Devon Willmott Munday