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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Abigal Atkinson 1721 Norton Disney, Lincolnshire Andrew Draper
Agnes Atkinson 1593 Spalding, Lincolnshire James Coats
Agnes Atkinson 1611 Spalding, Lincolnshire Matthew Woodes
Alce Atkinson 1568 Claypole, Lincolnshire John Dickson
Alice Atkinson 1593 South Hykeham, Lincolnshire Hugh Howe
Alice Atkinson 1713 Eagle, Lincolnshire John Bellamy
Alyce Atkinson 1576 Spalding, Lincolnshire Thomas Barrand
Amie Atkinson 1614 Claypole, Lincolnshire Anthony Jackson
Ann Atkinson 1656 Claypole, Lincolnshire William Baker
Ann Atkinson 1659 Westborough cum Doddington, Lincolnshire Michael Dalton
Ann Atkinson 1701 Claypole, Lincolnshire John Bagilla
Ann Atkinson 1745 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire Richd. Parkes
Ann Atkinson 1768 Weston St Mary, Lincolnshire John Sheepherd
Ann Atkinson 1775 Muston, Leicestershire Robert Camp
Ann Atkinson 1776 Maltby, Lincolnshire William Husbands
Ann Atkinson 1780 Granby, Nottinghamshire Thos. Fairchild
Ann Atkinson 1784 Heckington, Lincolnshire Edward Stray
Ann Atkinson 1790 Spalding, Lincolnshire Thomas Molson
Ann Atkinson 1797 Heckington, Lincolnshire Joseph Reynolds
Ann Atkinson 1805 Foston, Lincolnshire Francis Lane
Ann Atkinson 1808 Eagle, Lincolnshire Thomas Lister
Ann Atkinson 1814 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire Francis Busling
Ann Atkinson 1817 Claypole, Lincolnshire Samuel Hill
Ann Atkinson 1836 Westborough cum Doddington, Lincolnshire Joseph Stevenson
Anne Atkinson 1620 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire William Lamb