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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Agnes Askew 1633 Devizes St. John the Baptist, Wiltshire George Daton
Agnes Askew 1641 Devizes St. John the Baptist, Wiltshire Joseph Goldsmith
Agnes Askew 1642 Preshute, Wiltshire Christopher Wilde
Alice Askew 1786 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire James Ashworth
Alice Askew 1788 Swavesey, Cambridgeshire Archibald Wilderspin
Ann Askew 1758 Crudwell, Wiltshire James Ranger
Ann Askew 1835 Mumby, Lincolnshire Thomas Dixon
Anna Askew 1597 Norton, Derbyshire Thomas Lawe
Anne Askew 1615 Bottesford, Leicestershire William Challand
Anne Askew 1713 Spalding, Lincolnshire James Porter
Anthony Askew 1746 Spalding, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Camp
Dorithy Askew 1667 Bottesford, Leicestershire William Charity
Edward Askew 1716 Alford, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Shaw
Elen Askew 1581 Alford, Lincolnshire John Spanning
Elisabeth Askew 1730 Orston, Nottinghamshire Robert Annis
Elizabeth Askew 1631 Somerby, Leicestershire Thomas Orson
Elizabeth Askew 1686 Claypole, Lincolnshire Thomas Newstead
Elizabeth Askew 1698 Spalding, Lincolnshire Robert Smith
Elizabeth Askew 1780 Duffield, Derbyshire William Bates
Elizabeth Askew 1810 Hawksworth, Nottinghamshire William Lowe
Elizabetha Askew 1663 Moulton, Lincolnshire Thomas Fillings
Ellen Askew 1633 Westborough cum Doddington, Lincolnshire William Wilson
Ester Askew 1803 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire Samuel Watson
Esther Askew 1750 Crudwell, Wiltshire Samuel Burges
Francis Askew 1828 Alford, Lincolnshire Eunice Willson