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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Anne Ashworth 1730 Moulton, Lincolnshire Franciscus Thacker
Cicely Ashworth 1594 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Edward Mather
Elizabeth Ashworth 1804 Weston St Mary, Lincolnshire Thomas Brown
James Ashworth 1786 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Alice Askew
James Ashworth 1829 Weston St Mary, Lincolnshire Eleanor Pepper
Jane Ashworth 1774 Devizes St. John the Baptist, Wiltshire John Goldsmith
Jo'sua Ashworth 1718 Moulton, Lincolnshire Sara Johnson
John Ashworth 1724 Spalding, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Stanton
John Ashworth 1744 Weston St Mary, Lincolnshire Dorothy Jackson
John Ashworth 1798 Moulton, Lincolnshire Sarah Bembridge Bell
John Ashworth 1800 Stone, Gloucestershire Catherine Allen
John Ashworth 1813 Cowbitt, Lincolnshire Sarah Wilson
Joseph Ashworth 1744 Moulton, Lincolnshire Mary Freeman
Joseph Ashworth 1767 Spalding, Lincolnshire Mary Jackson
Joseph Ashworth 1803 Spalding, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Parkinson
Laurence Ashworth 1803 Fordington St. George, Dorset Mary Pasmore
Martha Ashworth 1776 Spalding, Lincolnshire William Dracott
Mary Ashworth 1750 Moulton, Lincolnshire James Tompson
Sara Ashworth 1728 Moulton, Lincolnshire Johannes Thorndike
Sarah Ashworth 1820 Weston St Mary, Lincolnshire John Boyall