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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Eliz. Ashwel 1698 Westborough cum Doddington, Lincolnshire John Oliver
Ann Ashwell 1796 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire James Brand
Ann Ashwell 1797 Surfleet, Lincolnshire John Watson
Ann Ashwell 1808 Surfleet, Lincolnshire William West
Anne Ashwell 1709 Spalding, Lincolnshire William Robinson
Anne Ashwell 1722 Spalding, Lincolnshire Matthew Intin
Awdry Ashwell 1580 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Richard Gulson
Barbara Ashwell 1799 Spalding, Lincolnshire George Chapman Julian
Benjamin Ashwell 1706 Spalding, Lincolnshire Catherine Baldwer
Edmonde Ashwell 1591 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Ellin
Edward Ashwell 1638 Spalding, Lincolnshire Eliza Kitten
Elizabeth Ashwell 1569 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Richard Keyes
Elizabeth Ashwell 1575 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Richard Marser
Elizabeth Ashwell 1653 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Thomas Taylor
Elizabeth Ashwell 1718 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Samuel Fever
Elizabeth Ashwell 1720 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire William Baker
Elizabeth Ashwell 1790 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Joseph Reed
Elizabeth Ashwell 1806 Surfleet, Lincolnshire Thomas Pears
Elyz. Ashwell 1609 Cannington, Somerset Wyllyam Edwards
Esther. Ashwell 1759 Spalding, Lincolnshire Thomas Billington
Frances Ashwell 1722 Spalding, Lincolnshire Robert Wright
James Ashwell 1780 East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire Mary Green
Jane Ashwell 1661 Moulton, Lincolnshire Guilelmus Howit
Jane Ashwell 1673 Surfleet, Lincolnshire John Sanders
John Ashwell 1681 Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Willowes