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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Alice Ashmore 1768 St Michael's, Derby, Derbyshire Joseph Walker
Ann Ashmore 1600 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire William Morrys
Ann Ashmore 1772 Hault Hucknell, Derbyshire Thomas Coope
Ann Ashmore 1785 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire David Bowin
Ann Ashmore 1803 Melbourne, Derbyshire Edward Wright
Anna Ashmore 1606 Duffield, Derbyshire Nicholaus Claber
Anthonius Ashmore 1607 Duffield, Derbyshire Elizabetha Claber
Edward Ashmore 1636 Tickenhall, Derbyshire Maria Whitinge
Elizabeth Ashmore 1599 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire John Shawe
Elizabeth Ashmore 1721 Duffield, Derbyshire John Moreton
Elizabeth Ashmore 1786 Salisbury St. Martin, Wiltshire Robert Harford
Elizabeth Ashmore 1810 Tickenhall, Derbyshire Thomas Latham
Ellen Ashmore 1719 Parwich, Derbyshire William Brownsort
Fanney Ashmore 1812 St Alkmund's, Derbyshire William Morley
Frances Ashmore 1774 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire William Wells
Francis Ashmore 1699 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Anna Day
Francis Ashmore 1794 Weston-on-Trent, Derbyshire Rebecca Bailey
Franciscus Ashmore 1607 Duffield, Derbyshire Elizabeth Plumtrey
George Ashmore 1702 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Elizabeth Walker
George Ashmore 1752 Derby All Saints', Derbyshire Frances Buxton
George Ashmore 1763 Morton, Derbyshire Hannah Parsons
Hannah Ashmore 1797 Willington, Derbyshire John Horkley
James Ashmore 1808 St. Peter's Derby, Derbyshire Sarah Stables
Jane Ashmore 1800 Hault Hucknell, Derbyshire Richard Saunders
Johannes Ashmore 1607 Duffield, Derbyshire Jane Deane