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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Arrowsmith 1720 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Samuel Parker
Ann Arrowsmith 1735 Swinderby, Lincolnshire Thomas Nicholson
Anne Arrowsmith 1671 Wantage, Berkshire William Gregory
Anthony Arrowsmith 1685 Eagle, Lincolnshire Mary Preston
Anthony Arrowsmith 1738 Swinderby, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Searson
Charles Arrowsmith 1761 Heytesbury, Wiltshire Hannah Wormell
Dorothy Arrowsmith 1677 Dronfield, Derbyshire John Spray
Elizabeth Arrowsmith 1719 Bassingham, Lincolnshire John Rogers
Hester Arrowsmith 1728 Kemerton, Gloucestershire William Richards
Huge Arrowsmith 1721 Dursley, Gloucestershire Elizabeth Robins
Jane Arrowsmith 1748 Eagle, Lincolnshire William Ward
John Arrowsmith 1720 Eagle, Lincolnshire Susannah Andrew
John Arrowsmith 1770 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire Sarah Leeman
Margery Arrowsmith 1550 Spalding, Lincolnshire Arthur Baynbreg
Margret Arrowsmith 1596 Bracebridge, Lincolnshire William Plumtre
Mary Arrowsmith 1714 North Scarle, Lincolnshire Thomas Clifton
Sarah Arrowsmith 1759 Eagle, Lincolnshire Richard Carter
Sarah Arrowsmith 1761 Eagle, Lincolnshire John Donston
Thomas Arrowsmith 1550 Spalding, Lincolnshire Agnes Brow
Thomas Arrowsmith 1679 Wantage, Berkshire Katherine Belcher
Thomas Arrowsmith 1741 WIlloughby, Lincolnshire Elizabeth Ellis
William Arrowsmith 1669 Wantage, Berkshire Lettice Wallington
William Arrowsmith 1684 Swinderby, Lincolnshire Sarah Wimprey
William Arrowsmith 1690 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Ann Sibsey
William Arrowsmith 1728 Bassingham, Lincolnshire Martha Casby