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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Abraham Armstrong 1712 Hoby, Leicestershire Anne Huff
Alice Armstrong 1639 Spalding, Lincolnshire Christopher Blunkett
Ann Armstrong 1744 Spalding, Lincolnshire James Cowper
Ann Armstrong 1748 Flintham, Nottinghamshire William Upton
Ann Armstrong 1771 Wantage, Berkshire Michael Fleetwood
Ann Armstrong 1797 Wantage, Berkshire Richard Cox
Ann Armstrong 1801 Heath alias Lownd or Lund, Derbyshire Thomas Green
Ann Armstrong 1812 Spalding, Lincolnshire Nathaniel Fawsitt
Ann Armstrong 1827 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire Joseph Cartwright
Anthony Armstrong 1701 Hault Hucknell, Derbyshire Mary Shipstone
Benjamin Armstrong 1727 Sulham, Berkshire Jane Sharpe
Betty Armstrong 1741 Curry Rivel, Somerset John Brown
Catherine Armstrong 1803 Hoby, Leicestershire John Spencer
Christiam Armstrong 1767 Car Colston, Nottinghamshire William Marshall
Cicely Armstrong 1630 Wantage, Berkshire Yearly Dowie
Dorothy Armstrong 1578 Spaxton, Somerset Walter Collard
Dorothy Armstrong 1714 Granby, Nottinghamshire Robert Green
Edith Armstrong 1810 Flintham, Nottinghamshire William White
Edward Armstrong 1763 Brailsford, Derbyshire Ann Meats
Elizabeth Armstrong 1576 Long Bennington and Foston, Lincolnshire Raffe Somner
Elizabeth Armstrong 1642 Spalding, Lincolnshire John Coulson
Elizabeth Armstrong 1646 Wantage, Berkshire John Gregory
Elizabeth Armstrong 1681 Kneeton, Nottinghamshire Edward Hubberd
Elizabeth Armstrong 1694 Thrussington, Leicestershire Charles Welles
Elizabeth Armstrong 1703 Evington, Leicestershire John Jelley