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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
Ann Arman 1745 Purton, Wiltshire Edward Stratford
Anne Arman 1604 Purton, Wiltshire Charles Fitz-Geffery
Anne Arman 1715 Latton, Wiltshire William Hudson
Anne Arman 1776 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Thomas Clinch
Antony Pethers Arman 1807 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Jane Collett
Edith Arman 1633 Preshute, Wiltshire Robert Jefferyes
Edward Arman 1755 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Hannah Pinick
Edward Arman 1793 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Hannah Walker
Elizabeth Arman 1798 Christian Malford, Wiltshire Charles Box
Jane Arman 1703 Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire Edward Blake
Joanna Arman 1804 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Thomas Ashcombe
John Arman 1759 Preshute, Wiltshire Ann Savage
John Arman 1779 West Hanney, Berkshire Martha Griffin
John Arman 1794 Purton, Wiltshire Martha Stratford
John Arman 1835 Devizes St. John the Baptist, Wiltshire Ann Baldwin
John Savory Arman 1800 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Ann Wait
Martha Arman 1737 Chiseldon, Wiltshire John Wooseman
Mary Arman 1713 Uley, Gloucestershire Thomas Parslow
Mary Arman 1735 Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire William Waters
Mary Arman 1740 Preshute, Wiltshire Benjamin Tarrant
Rachel Arman 1790 Chiseldon, Wiltshire David Wise
Richard Arman 1808 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Mary Bowsher
Richard Arman 1808 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Sarah Collier
Richard Arman 1811 Chiseldon, Wiltshire Catherine Isher
Samuel Arman 1803 Marlborough St Peter and St Paul the Apostles, Wiltshire Elizabeth Knight