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Name Year Parish Parent Spouse
John Arkel 1796 Quedgeley, Gloucestershire Mary Finch
John Arkel 1802 Quedgeley, Gloucestershire Hannah Holford
Mary Arkel 1753 Aston Somerville, Gloucestershire George Brookes
Walter Arkel 1713 Swindon, Gloucestershire Deborah Print
William Arkel 1705 Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire Esther Gale
Ann Arkell 1768 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire Thos. Jones
Ann Arkell 1785 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire John Greening
Hannah Arkell 1758 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire John Lawrence
Henry Arkell 1712 Kemerton, Gloucestershire Elizabeth Dobbins
Henry Arkell 1754 Rendcombe, Gloucestershire Sarah Clutterbuck
Hester Arkell 1722 Kemerton, Gloucestershire William Cooke
Honour Arkell 1806 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire William Ive
James Arkell 1824 Swindon, Gloucestershire Elizabeth Welch
Mary Arkell 1774 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire John Alsop
Mary Arkell 1780 Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire John Smith
Nathaniel Arkell 1807 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Mary Daniels
Nicholas Arkell 1577 Stonehouse, Gloucestershire Anne Batte
Robert Arkell 1765 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire Mary Freeman
Robert Arkell 1777 Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire Hannah Greenwood
Samuel Arkell 1747 Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire Shushanah Riett
Samuell Arkell 1711 Kemerton, Gloucestershire Mary Clarke
Sarah Arkell 1765 Buckland, Gloucestershire John Laurance
Thomas Arkell 1759 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire Mary Williams
William Arkell 1760 Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire Ester Baylis
William Arkell 1771 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire Hannah Walker